Dev (Colors) 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev protects Kinjal

Dev (Colors) 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek us leaving bar when she sees a phone on ground. She takes it and sees a jeep going fast, she looks on.

Dev is in car with Kinjal. Kinjal recalls her prostitution, her father his pimp, her father beating her and calling her a filth, Kinjal killing her father. She looks at her hands and imagines his blood and tries to wipe them. Dev looks on.

Dwani’s father calls Narwekar and says my daughter is missing and your officer doesnt know, I want my daughter back, he ends call.

Dev stops his car and sees Kinjal rubbing her hands in tension. Dev gets down and asks her to come out, she says I want to go home. Dev says this is safest place fro you, trust me. Kinjal looks around in house. He breaks window and enters house. She sees Narvekar’s picture there. Dev

says this is Narvekar’s house. Kinjal recalls how he used to come to her prostitution site. She says I didnt know he was a policeman, Dev says this is a safe house for you, he leaves.

Narvekar asks his men to find Dwani, he leaves with them, He asks where is Dev? officer says his phone is switched off.

Dwani wakes up and sees herself tied in a room. She looks around and sees her pictures everywhere. Her stalker comes there and laughs at her. He glares at her and tries to say poetry to her, he asks how he is looking? Dwani tries to scream but her mouth is shut. Stalker says I am Hardik, we met on online chatting, remember I came to your house as an internet guy, you remain infront of me 24/7, he shows her CCTV footage of her room, Hardik says I used to watch your every move. He makes her sit near a table and says this is your candle date.

Kinjal is in washroom and tries to wash her hands, she cries.

Kinjal is sitting in lounge. Dev brings tea for her and says there was no sugar like Narvekar’s life. she asks how he got to know about them? Dev says I saw him leaving police station when you came there. Kinjal says he was very nice with me, he used to talk to me only, he would cry sometimes. She looks at Meera and Narvekar’s picture and says this is Meera. Dev avoids it and asks how she got stuck with Bhaskar? Kinjal says I fell in love with Bhaskar, he gave attention to me which I never got from my family, I gave my everything to him, I slept with him and he recorded it then used it to sell me out, I couldnt tell my family thinking that my father will be ashamed but I didnt know that it was my father’s pimp business only, when he knew about it, he didnt try to save me, he wanted me to continue it so I killed him, Bhaskar made me a pr*stitute but I became a killer, I dont want to live, I want to die. Dev gives her knife and says cut your pulse, it will finish. Kinjal takes it and tries to cut her pulse but throws it aawy. She cries. Dev says life can be bitter but it is better than death because it gives chance, I promise to not let anything happen to you. Door bell rings, Dev opens it and finds Mahek there. He closes door on her face, Mahek rings bell again and again, he opens door. Mahek says Dwani is in danger.

Stalker says to Dwani that I made your favorite dish, he takes cloth from her mouth, she shouts at him and kicks him. He goes to change the shirt. Dwani opens her ties and tries to run from there.

Mahek says to Dev that Dwani was kidnapped. Dev asks what she is doing here? Mahek says dont waste time. Kinjal says you will leave me alone? Mahek asks who is she? Dev says I wont leave her and I am not trusting you. Mahek says then see this video. She shows him Dwani’s phone in which video of Dwani challenging stalker is shown and stalker coming behind her. Dev says I have seen this stalker before, he recalls how he saw internet guy in Dwani’s house and he was wearing same cape. He calls officer and asks about internet service provider of Dwani. Officer sends him his address. Dev says lets go. Kinjal says soon Bhaskar will find my father’s body, what if Narvekar comes here? Dev calls officer and says dont let Narvekar know I am in his house, he ends call. He says to Kinjal that I promised you nothing will happen to you, go in bedroom. She leaves. Dev takes knife Kinjal used it and wipes it with a handkerchief. Mahek says well done, you have started thinking like me. Dev takes out Kinjal’s father phone which he took from him. Dev messages from his phone. Mahek says will this girl be saved from what you are doing? Dev leaves.

Narvekar gets call from officer and says Dev is at your house and asked me to not tell you. Narvekar says what he is doing at my house?

Stalker comes to his room and doesnt find Dwani there. Dwani is hiding behind a sofa. Dwani takes a vase and is about hit him.

Dev is driving fast, Mahek puts hand on her stomach and says be careful. Dev says stop it, this pregnancy drama is cheap. She says its not a lie. Dev says your everything is a lie, and even if its true, this world is not for innocent people and we cant raise it, this all happening with Dwani and Kinjal because of their families and I dont want we.. Mahek says what do you want to say? do you want this baby or not?

Dwani tries to attack her stalker but Hardik grabs her and slaps her hard.

Mahek asks Dev if he wants baby or not? Dev says I just want Dwani at this time. Mahek looks at him in tears.

Stalker pins Dwani down and says I loved you but now I realize that you dont deserve my love, whats wrong with me? you go out with guys then why no to me? I will teach you a lesson. He takes out razor and brings it near her face.

PRECAP- Dev and Mahek comes to stalker’s house. Dev hits stalker and looks around for Dwani. Stalker grabs Mahek and stabs her in stomach.
Kinjal is in bedroom. Bhaskar comes there and says you are in bedroom like a true pr*stitute? He comes inside and is about to attack her.
Dev will have a new mysterious case to solve.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Show had lost all the charm..
    Missing meera very badly. Their chemistry was awsome and relatable..
    Where is Zohra aapa and Meera’s son? Whet happened to them? What happened when dev went to meet hus father? All the questions are unanswered..
    Previous season was awsome and promising. This time it seems boring.. hope writers bring back all the previous characters..?

  2. How long will they drag a single episode. The show was better as a weekend special!!!

  3. DEV2 is Boring. I mean they’re dragging the story like daily soaps which has no logic. They should bring Meera back and instead kill this irritating dwani character. Just cuz they put a character overly bubbly and dumb doesn’t mean the viewers will like it. Bring back the original characters of season 1.

  4. dev1 was good, bt dev2 is better & more interesting. (strange too!!) very excited to see thapki here bt I dont like it that she date chats with many boys & wears such small cloths. I like it that they made it daily soap. Thanks for the written update : )

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