Detective Didi 27th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty’s New Case Of Acid Attack On Pub Dancer

Detective Didi 27th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

This week on Detective Didi, there is a case of acid attack by the obsessive lover.

The youngsters are dancing in the pub. When a man indisguise of a woman come to the party and stares the girl who is dancing. He goes near the girl and stares her while she is dancing.

The same girl is talking to someone and asks him not to trouble her as she is not interested in him. Gattu comes indisguise of a clown and asks her to buy a band. The girl refuses. A man comes there, pats on her shoulder, when she turns to refuse to Gattu, he pours acid on her face and escapes on the bike after handing bottle in Gattu’s hand. Gattu’s school teacher tells Bheem Singh that he didn’t do anything and tells about the clown, but the teachers and Bheem Singh don’t believe on Gattu. Bheem Singh says

Bunty’s nephew have done the acid attack. He calls Bunty, but she don’t pick his call. Bunty gets other acid attack victim Nalini marry Shyam in the court. Reporter tells that Bunty have got third victim married. Nalini thanks Bunty. Bunty gets Bheem Singh’s call and leaves. Reporter appreciates Bunty for her efforts.

Gattu tells Bheem Singh that he needs a lawyer. Bunty comes there and says real attacker must be sitting out and laughing at you. Bheem Singh says Annie’s brother gave statement against Gattu. Bunty asks him to tell everything. Gattu says everything. Bunty says you must not have enquired about it. She promises that she will take him out till evening and goes. Gattu asks Bheem Singh and others to pose with him, and takes pics with them. He takes the hand cuff and says he has some demands. He asks him to bring snacks, juice. Food and tablet to play. Bheem Singh says he is like his Maasi and asks them to go and bring something.

Bunty sees the news about Annie Guha. She comes to the hospital to meet her, but Nurse tells her that burns are severe and you can’t meet her. Bunty thinks what to do now. Reporter says the accused is Bunty Sharma’s nephew. He says it is yet to be seen how Bunty solves the case when the accused is her own nephew. Gattu have food and tells that he saw A on his attacker’s neck. Bheem Singh checks Annie’s phone as Gattu tells that Annie was scolding some guy on phone. He calls Akash, but the number is switched off. He reads the poetry and says he is loose character lover.

The same man who is indisguise of a girl gets ready. Other girl tells today she has to dance covering her face as audience is waiting for Annie. They go to dance.

They dance with the customers. Bheem Singh comes there and says I wants to enquire about the attack on Annie. Manager asks him to wear casual dress and come as his dancers and customers will get shocked seeing Police. Bheem Singh goes. Bunty sees Bheem Singh coming out from there and thinks he left Gattu in the Police station. She calls Gattu and he informs her that Bheem Singh left him and even fed him burger, pizza, juice etc, and says he is not that bad. Bheem Singh sees Bunty going and thinks he is seeing her everywhere. Munna scolds Gattu and calls him rapist son and a criminal. Gattu tells him that he is like Bunty, who never gets scared of anyone and is running the house, not like him who sits at home and have free food. Munna gets angry and raises his hand on him, but stops. The woman/man comes and dances covering her face.

Bunty comes and talks to Manager and tells that she is private detective and member of NGO who cares for acid attack victim. Manager asks her to come later and says his customer don’t know about Annie and says he asked Rani to do show. Bunty tells that her nephew is blamed wrongly. Manager says he can show her CCTV footage and shows the footage. Bunty looks at the video and sees the male looking woman getting jealous seeing Annie dancing. She asks Manager if he thinks anyone is jealous of her. Manager says Rani was popular before, but after aarti came, she got sidelined. Bunty meets Rani, who tells her that Rani wanted to work for her brother Abhi. She tells that she is sure that Akash did this crime and threw acid on her. She tells that Akash threatened to ruin her face. Annie says she can’t leave her brother. Annie hugs Rani and cries. Bunty asks where is he? Rani says he must be drunk and roaming somewhere.

Bunty gets a call and says Annie got consciousness. Bheem Singh takes her statement. Annie tells him that the attacker was a man and not a boy, and she saw A Tattoo on his backside of neck. Bunty asks Bheem Singh to give her lift as her bike is in garage. Bheem Singh and Bunty are riding on bike. Ishaqzaade song plays….

Akash is drunk and sitting outside marriage registrar office. Bunty tells Bheem Singh that there is no tattoo on his neck. Bheem Singh says may be he got it wiped, to misguide us. Bheem Singh gives interview and says they will get the criminal punished. Bunty watches his interview and thinks he talks so much. She thinks who can be Annie’s criminal. She sees Annie, Rani pics and thinks who could be the attacker. She sees a clown on the terrace and thinks Gattu is there and asks him to change the clothes fast and come. Gattu comes there. Bunty says you changed the clown dress so soon. Gattu says he will not wear it after whatever happened with him. Bnty gets shocked and runs to terrace. The man wearing clown’s costume walks towards Bheem Singh and is about to throw acid on Bheem Singh when Bunty comes and pushes acid bottle on floor. It falls and breaks. Bunty sees his face and A on his neck. Bheem screams. Bunty asks if he is fine and gets worried.

Bunty will see a man’s pic on Rani’s mobile. She will get injured while trying to solve the case.

Update Credit to: MA

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