Destiny (Tashan e Ishq fan fiction) Episode 2

Thank you so much all of your comments made my day ,getting comments like that on the first fan fic i ever wrote is a dream come true for me. This will be Kunjs POV its a bit longer if its boring please do tell me. Your reviews mean a lot.

Kunj [P.O.V]
Hi I am Riya, a girl comes towards me then another girl named Sweetie and then another.

Oh god! I dont understand why all the girls over here are after me today. Now already I am horrified thinking about how to tell dad and mom about Alisha. If dad comes to know about it, I dont know how he is gonna react.

Kunj! come over here please he surprisingly calls me in a soft tone. He only calls me like that if he is happy that he found a new business partner or a perfect life partner for me.

I walk towards him he was talking to a lady and a girl as I come over there the girl turns her back towards me as soon as i come. Mom look Chinki is calling me she tells her mom and runs from there.Twinkle! her mother calls after her. I am really sorry Mr Sarna she doesnt stay in one place the lady tells my dad.

Wow! all the girls over here are after me and this girl doesnt even want to look at me.

My dad tells the lady no problem Kunj will talk to Twinkle later whenever shes free. By the way this is my son Kunj he introduces me to her and he tells me that she is Leela . I wish her.

How cute are you she pulls my cheeks. I couldnt help smiling back at her ,she seems like a nice lady. She told that she will be right back and told us to enjoy.

Now my dads real face comes out. He holds my hand tight and says I want you to be nice to twinkle and talk to her well she is very lucky for us. I release my hand from his hand and say Lucky! who told you this Guruji.

He tells me that today as soon as he met twinkle our companies stock prices increased just like guruji had predicted. Ok then say tomorrow we go past a hippie and suddenly our stock prices increase then will you get me married to a hippie I ask my dad angrily. Stop this nonsense right now he tells me.

Just before i say something Leela aunty comes and asks if everything is alright. My dads face changes again and he says ya everything is just fine . She calls us to join her as the engagement is going to start. We go towards the bride and groom .

Leela aunty asks the bride where is Twinkle. The bride whose name is Chinki says she went up to take a call. Leela Aunty decide to go up but Chinki stops her and says she will come why do you wanna go ,we cannot start without you this is your house.

Then my Dad says yes why do you wanna go to get her. Kunj is here jobless he will go and get her. I turn towards him and say What? Why me? He gives me a death stare. I knew I was going to get busted so I couldnt help agreeing to it. Leela aunty tells that her room is upstairs.

I go upstairs and wondered which room can it be ,there were so many rooms and I didnt even see her face how will i recognise her by her back. I went room by room shouted twinkle in each one of them but no reply.

There was only one room left towards the corner I went in.She threw a rope outside and was going to jump out of the window. What the hell are you doing? I shouted.

She realises that i shouted, she runs towards me and bangs me towards the wall and closes my mouth with her hand and says shhhh… her big eyes looked straight into mine with anger and she says Are you mad? in a low tone to making sure no one hears.

Twinkle! are you okay I am coming up right now Leela Aunty shouts from downstairs.

She removes her hand from my mouth and goes towards the window and says Yuvi run mom is coming and she removes the rope and throws it under her bed.

Leela Aunty comes up and asks Are you both Okay? Kunj what happened you shouted she asks me. Before I even I say anything Twinkle says I thought it was Chinki so I said Boo! and Kunj got scared at shouted she says laughing to her mother. Liar! I thought to myself.

You mad girl say sorry to Kunj right now, Leela Aunty tells her . Twinkle holds her ears and says sorry giving a smile which slowly changes into a grin. Leela Aunty says sorry on Twinkles behalf. I look at Twinkle she murmurs please nodding her head indicating me not to tell her mom about what happened. Its ok aunty I tell her.

The three of us go down.The engagement ceremony had started and had eventually ended.

Then I go to have food. Then Twinkle comes and sits next to me and says why did you shout so loud. You should be thanking me not scolding me like this, I saved you.

If you wouldnt have shouted i wouldnt have even had this situation she scolds me. A waiter comes and offers pakora to twinkle. She takes it and the waiter just goes away without even offering it to me. Oh god! Men! if they see women they forget about other people sitting around.

Leela aunty calls her she keeps one pakora in her mouth and says I will be right back this conversation is not done.

Mad girl I thought to myself. I take one of the pakora from the plate she left. She comes back and takes her plate in her hand and asks did you steal my pakora. No I didnt steal it I took it . Without asking me she says.

Then Chinki comes running towards us and says Dont eat the pakoras !. Twinkle asks why?

Those are Bhang Pakoras! Chinki says trying to grasp her breath.

What! me and twinkle shout at the same time.


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  1. hi harshi… i read both d prt today only… nd i must tell u…. u r doing a brilliant job dear… plzz post d nxt prt soon…

    1. thank you janvi

  2. Amazing girl amazing i couldnt even imagine its ur frst ff its really amazing.. kudoos to u

    1. Thank you Komal

  3. well well well….we have amid us a new ff writer who is going to be the best very soon..she calls it her first ff her writing skill nd imagination is better than xprncd ones…harshi u r just mind blowing…! i mean just wow! plzz update the next part..can’t wait..

    1. Tara that is the sweetest thing anyone told me. Thank you.

      1. ur welcome plzzzzzzzzzz update the next epi..i really can’t wait…

  4. brilliant… superb…amazing

  5. ohh…. it is really excellent and stunning….u have a wonderful writing skill harshi..

  6. Awesome…..loved it

  7. Thank you Tara , prapti, Sanu and gopika your comments make me feel awesome and encourage me to write even more.?

  8. Kunj (p.o.v) is excellent dear harshi, keep going on give daily 2 updates darling…….. Superb means superb well don.

  9. Oh God first ff and ROCKED u know at I don’t hv wrdz I wnt to AWESOME AMAZING INCREDIBLE but these r not enough
    Can’t believe ur first MIND BLOWING.Even I’m writing a ff but u r INCREDIBLE

    Waiting fr nxt

    1. Thank you so much Keira I am working on nxt epi but it might be a little late, my exams are coming up

  10. oo..superb…really awesome..but please don’t make uv villian.. iam tired of this villianism… really superb ff

  11. and please try to update daily and i dont want to miss it ..even a day..

    1. I am sorry but todays might be a little late. I will try to finish and post as soon as possible.

  12. Thank you Aarush and Prithi

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