My Destiny Swasan Meghnal and raglak by Ani – Intro


Here is character's

Sanskaar Maheshwari:

Handsome he loves his family

Specially his brother and sister 

 And  can do anything for them

Meghna Maheshwari:

Beautiful intelligent loves her

 sister and brother the most

Ragini Maheshwari:

 beautiful innocent girl
Loves her brother and sister

Swara Singh Chauhan:

Innocent beautiful girl who loves

her brothers the most and can do anything 

Kunal Singh Chauhan:

Handsome intelligent

Loves his brother and sister
Lakshya: oberoi :

When he was child

His parents died

 swara's parent's tooked care of him

Loves his sister and brother they

 are everthing for him

Siddharth Singhania:

Swara's best freind

Kavya Mehta:

Antagonist loves sansakar and

 hates Swara the most

Sujan Singh Chauhan.:

Swara Laksh and kunal's grand father

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