destiny – a secret [manan] epi-2


Manik was getting ready to go to shoping with his mom..door bell rang.
Manik-aliya hey aliya open the door where are you?oh gosh you people alwz become deaf when someone comes.
Manik opened the door.its nandini
Nandu-um is aunty there? I mean she is not here.
Nandu-actually I wanted to know where is grocery shop here cz we are new and don’t know anything.
Manik-ohhhkk.we are go….
Nyonika comes.
Nyonika-helo beta what happened?
Nandu-aunty I wanted to know where is grocery shop.we have nathng to cook today.and here hotels are costly…[she felts silent] Nyonika-no problem dear.i and manik were going.come with us..we will bring together.

Maniks face glowed up.
Nandu-ok aunty I will ask mom.
Nyonika –ok beta.
Nandu leaves.manik is looking at her.
Nyonika-such a sweet girl she is.
Manik still looking at nandu-oh yes veery sweet.
Nyonika pats him on his back.
Nyonika-manik move up.
Nandu comes in 5 minutes..
Nandu-aunty I am said thankyou to you.
Nyonika-no problem beta come..manik I am going with nandini if you don’t want to com..
Manik-nono mom I will come.actualy I am getting bored and friends are also busy.

Nyonika said ok but she smiled..
All of them sits in car.nandu sits in back seat.manik is driving the car.he looks at nandu from the mirror.nandu also looks.
Nandu thinks he is so hansome and nice guy.
They come in the mall.
Nyonika-ok I have some work in bank manik you plz take nandini to the grocery section so that she can have what she wants.
Nandu is looking at the mall.nandu thinks that its such a big mall.and the people wow its wonderful.
Manik-lets go.
Nandu coming to her sense-oh yes.
Both of them are walking silently.
Manik wants to start conversation but how?its so easy to talk with aliya and other girls but to talk with nandini is little…thinks manik
Manik-um..this is the grocery are the veggeis.
She gets everything needed in the trolly.the troly is too heavy.nandu tries to slide it.but its to heavy.
Manik-hey I will help you.
Maniik-no problem.actualy these trolleys are too small na.we alwz complaian but you know they never listen.
Nandu-yes in india also.its like this only.
Both of them chats with each other happly.its easy to talk with nandini..even more easy thn others thinks manik.then nyonika comes.then all of them have fod in the food court and are back home.nandu thnx nyonika..
She leaves.
manik is getting everything out from car.he sees earing on the back seat.its nandu’s.manik takes it and keeps in his pocket.
After one week.

Its time for nandu to join university.she is nervous.its her first day and that to in a university where she don’t know anyone..nandu gets ready takes ashirwad from her parents and leaves the house..
Nandu made a taxi and came to university.OMG such a big university with so many people.oh gosh how will I manage this.nandu thinks.
She enters the campus.its a very big one.some students are sitting under trees studying.some on the stairs.while others are just roaming.
Nandu comes to the one is there except one guy who was playing guitar.he looks at her.
Boy-new? also?
Boy-ya sort you are Indian?me also.but I live here from childhood.
Nandu-ok.i came here somedays before.
Boy-you liked usa then?
Nandu-ya.its a nice place.
Boy-yes.its rocking.gone to any party?
Nandu-what?no I don’t attend any parties
Boy-[shocked]what you have never gone to any party?
Nandu-no.i don’t like it.
Boy-ohhkkk.dont worry you will like it after some the way I am prem.
Nandu-hi I am nandini.
Boy-nice shal we go to canteen?
Nandu felt uneasy cz of this strange friendliness of this guy.
Nandu-no thnx I am not hungry.
Prem-hey nandini don’t eat na then.just sit with me.

Nandu-no actually I need to go to library.
Prem-what library?oh comeon on 1st day itself?dont lie nandini come with me.we will have food.
Nandini-no I said na I don’t wanna come.
Prem comes close to nandini.
Prem-why?we both are Indians rit?
Nandu-get back ha or I will shout.
Prem comes more close to nandini..nandini tries to run.he holds her hand
Nandu-youu leave me.leave me I said.
Prem-hey chil babe.
he is about to touch her face but is blown away by a hand
manik –you rascal shame on you.
He beats him a lot.the guy runs away.
Manik looks at nandini.nandini is standing silent.tears are coming from her eyes.
Manik-hey nandini are you fine?
Nandu-no I am not.never in my life…[she is crying]

Manik feels very sad for her.
Manik-plz don’t cry.dont worry he is gone na.plz don’t cry.
He gives his handkerchief to her
Manik-take this.and plz don’t cry.i am here na.dnt wory.
Nandu rubs her eyes.she is very scared.
Nandu-thnx.if u had not been here what would have happened..
Manik-sh!but I am here na so nathng is gona happen..
Manik-no problem..and be cautious cz this is not india..people are like this only here.
Nandu-no one had ever done this..i want to go home.i don’t want to stay here.

Manik-nono nandini you have come here to std rit?how your mom dad will feel?be strong nandini. are rit.but…
Manik-no but..come lets get out..i know an Indian hotel nearby.we will eat there ok?
Nandu nods.both of them comes to the hotel. what you want?
Nandu-I want missal pav[looking in menu card].you know manik I like missal a mom makes It so delicious.
Manik-that’s great.i will come then to eat..
Both of them was a very nice day for both of them nandini was happy..manik was happy to find such a cute friend in her.then they went to university together and had lot of fun.manik dropped her to house.
Manik-bye nandu.
Nandu-bye manik.and thnxx oce again.
Aliya looks from window..why my bhai is looking so happy with this girl?he is happy like this with me only..

So my friends this is what will be aliya’s reaction to nandu and maniks friendship?to know stay tuned with charollete and do comment my friends plzz

Credit to: charollete

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  1. Sindhu_Varma

    I am still unable to digest that Alya is Manik’s sis ? Nd loved today’s epi

  2. Superb dear

  3. It’s superb yar……

    Plz continue……

  4. Mahi13

    Superb……. Ur story is getting more interesting day by day……. Update asap plz 🙂

  5. Tash

    U r right sindhu…m still not able to take Alya as Manik’s sis????? BT that’s so gr8…at least Alya ll not be jealous of manan friendship…
    Next part plzzz.
    N nyc going…

  6. Manan_0206

    This was mind blowing epi

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