Parvarish 2 SS : Friendship vs love (2)

Ria reveals everything to the families.
Simran : how could Ria (hold her shoulder tightly)
Ria in tears : I am sorry mom I should have told you earlier, Jassi wanted to tell everything but we always stopped her
Simran : remember if anything happens to Jassi then you all be responsible for it
Jassi regains consciousness and sees the person in front who brought her to the old factory. She gets astonished to see the person who is none other than Abhimanyu.
Jassi : you? how dare you bring me here
Abhimanyu (caresses his hair) : well well, surprised? oh yea you are shocked?
Jassi : why did you framed us? what enmity you had with us
Abhimanyu : don’t be scared, I have enmity with your brother and most likely to that aditya (tries to touch her cheek)
Jassi : stay away from me, remember police will not leave you
Abhimanyu grabs her hair tightly and throws on floor hardly.

Abhi : I wanted revenge from that aditya, but bad luck your brother also took enmity from me
Jassi feels helpless and prays for her brother and Aditya’s safety. Jogi and Aditya asks the people around from where Jassi was kidnapped.
Aditya : jogi, if they took her from here I am sure they might have gone too far
Jogi : how can you be so sure
Both of them hears the street vendors telling about an old factory few kilometers ahead which is closed for many years.
Jogi : Is it possible that person might have take jassi over there
Ria joins them too but Jogi insists her to go back
Adi : jogi is right, its too dangerous go back

Ria : I will not, Jassi saved me when she didn’t even knew how to swim, she needs our help now
Jogi : fine but stay with us alright
The trio goes to the old mill to find Jassi. They are completely shocked to see Abhimanyu seeing outside. Jogi asks Ria to call parents and police at the spot.
Aditya : jogi you go with her, I will take Jassi out
Jogi : no way I will not leave you both alone, and let me handle him (tries to to to Abhi)
Aditya : jogi, don’t be stupid, he should not get doubt, you go with Ria
Both jogi and Ria goes to the telephone both while Aditya sneaks inside the factory and sees Jassi who is half conscious due to the chloroform. She gets blurry vision when she sees Aditya in front of her. She immediately hugs him
Aditya : don’t worry I am here, lets go (opens the rop and unties her)
Both of them runs outside to meet Jogi and Ria.
Jogi (hugs his sister) : Are you okay? this blood
Jassi : I am fine, don’t worry but that abhimanyu
Jogi : I know, we will teach him the good lesson he will remember

They are about to leave when Abhimanyu and his goon surround them. The girls get scared. The boys are bashed by the goons at Abhi’s farm house where he took them later.
Abhimanyu (goes to Adi who is on floor) : Should I call you fool or smart Adi, we have been son’s of rivals from many years
Jogi : You creep, don’t think you will spared by law,
Abhi : I don’t like to listen the boring lecture. so tell me who wants to die first (points gun on Aditya)
Jogi goes to stop him from shooting but gets too late when bullet fires on Aditya. He falls down with Jassi who was behind him. Both of them heads are injured by glass. The scene horrifies Jogi and Ria. Police and families comes at the spot and arrest Abhimanyu for attempt of murder. The parents gets emotional seeing their children fighting with life and death.
Suri : jassi open your eyes (pats her face)

Both of them are taken to the hospital. Raj tells them the children are in critical condition.
Simran : Suri, be strong nothing will happen to them, they are fighters do you remember their survivor round
Raj consoles Kulwinder and Aditya’s dad. Ria goes to gurudwara to pray for Jassi and Aditya. Jogi follows her too.
Suri : Nicky, if something happens to Jassi I will not forgive myself
Simran : be brave, if you get weak then how will you be able to handle jassi, she needs you right now, I will be right back (goes to Raj)
Raj : Simran, both kids are critical right now, that glass had hit hard to them
Simran ; please try your best Raj,
Jogi is delighted with Ria’s changed behavior.

Jogi (in his mind) : Babaji, you know I have always loved jassi more than my own sister, I know I have been lying to her about her past but don’t give such a punishment to her.
Ria : Till today I did so many things wrong, always misunderstood my mom and Jassi, though both had always supported me
Jogi : RIa, you see god will listen to our prayers
Raj :where is Ria?
Simran : she has gone to gurudwara with Jogi
Raj ; did see how much our RIa has changed, there was one time when she never listened to anybody, now she is asking life of other people
Doctor tell Raj that Jassi’s increasing heart beat.
Suri : Jassi, open your eyes my child (tries to wake her up)

Jogi : Look Jassi you know I don’t like this type of jokes, we will do fun together (trying to tease)
Aditya’s dad Siddharth kapoor apologizes to him for his previous mistake.
Siddhart : I am sorry Aditya, but this time your dad needs you dear (holds Aditya’s hand) please wake up for your dad, your mom left me but I don’t want to lose you
There is a movement in both of them’s finger at the same time
Jogi : Mammaji, look she moved her finger
Jassi have flashes of her accident and her young age when she was separated from somebody.
“No” voice screamed loud in the room. Everybody rushes to the room. Aditya too regains consciousness.
Aditya : Dad, your son is too strong (says in low tone)
Siddharth : I know, you know how much scared I got to see you in this condition
Suri : Jassi, my child (kisses her forehead) you are okay
Jassi is still scared about the dream she had but is calmed down by her mother.
Suri : I am here

Simran : Jassi, I am here
Next day the kids are taken to their respective houses. Aditya receives immense care from his dad much to his surprise.
Aditya : dad, you don’t have to miss your meeting
Siddharth : Today a son and a father will spend their day together
Aditya : dad, its okay I promise we will spend our time on sunday
Siddharth : Okay I don’t want to argue with you but take care of yourself
Khurana house
Jogi as usual pranks around with his family
Jassi : Maamaji, I am not hungry

Jogi : Fine, you will lose some weight, thank god, my hip was broken while carrying you
Kulvinder ; stop it both of you, Surinderji very soon our kids will be done with their school
Surinder : you don’t take tension, and you both have you decided what you want to do
Jogi : I have the best idea, lets save this for later
Gupta house

Simran sees Ria in deep thinking and goes to her
Ria : mom, come (closes her book)
Simran : what was my princess thinking? where was she lost
Ria : nothing, I was just thinking about all that happened this days, life is giving such experience
Simran : Ria, life’s another name is experience but moving on is name of sensibility right
Ria : right

Raj looks at the wounds of Jassi and says she will be fine. Jassi goes to Aditya’s house and sees him trying to dress his wound on shoulder. She feels bad seeing him trying to heal his wound alone
Jassi : should I help you?
Aditya turns around to hear a sweet voice.
Jassi : Hi
Aditya ; what are you doing here? how are you now
jassi : I am fine, let me help you (goes near him)
Aditya : Its okay, I will manage
Jassi forcefully take the first aid and slowly apply to his shoulder. Both of them gets uncomfortable while getting too close. Jassi is about to moves away but is held back by Aditya

Precap : Final exams in school followed by Inter school competition. Jassi and aditya are selected to enact a play and Jogi Ria have to do solo dance

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