Destiny have its own plans…. ARDHIKA OS

Life without love is like ,
food without salt,
shadi without baarat ,
moon without its shine &
pani puri without masala puri
A girl : stop it baby plzzz stop it ohhh no baby plzz
Boy: y shall i stop, i won’t. After a long week i am able to be with u hug u ,kiss u ,love u my jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Then boy again started kissing her all over her face her neckbone and then earlobe , she first hesitated but then started kissing him and both captured each other’s lips but started having taste of each other and boy dominating the girl showing all his love to his ladylove with his deepening passionate kiss
Radhu wake up dumbo u have a flight to catch
Radhika: what ???????????????? FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam: just kidding dummy
come on wake up and get ready today is the first day of ur office and i don’t think u want to get fired on the very first day in my boyfriend’s office and then don’t come to me all running to save ur job
Radhika: ya ya i know it is ur boyfriend’s office from today onwards he is my boss too so plzz(shows her hand to leave)
sam moves out of her room and radhika standing all drained in water
Radhika’s P.O.V
why bhagwan ji why ? why, i dreamt a dream which can never come true but firstly why i dreamt of something which should never take place in reality why i was with my bestiee’s bf no god i can’t do this to sammy i will never let her know what i feel but hw can anyone have crush on bestiee’s bf
no god plzz help me to get rid of him he is not at all my type , he is exactly opposite to what i want in my life partner ohhhhhhhhhhh god this must be infatuation no ,no no i dn’t want infatuation also for him whatever it is i am getting late for my job let me get ready
Rahika: (screaming on the top of her voice)sammy i m getting late for office, i m leaving
Sam: Radhu have this dahi- chini and then leave and breakfast i’ll bring to the office with arjun’s breakfast only
Radhu(thinking) why she want to remind me everytime i want to forget but him whatever leave it
Radhu had dahi chini and left

At the office
Arjun: Purvi why not u join me for the dinner?
Purvi(receptionist): Sir dinner …………… hw can i……………. sir i ……can’t (all while stammering)
Arjun: Oh sweetheart don’t worry after office hrs we can go for dinner atleast what say dear?
Radhika: goodmorning sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Arjun(adjusting himself) Goodmorning radhika
where is sam???(with almost scared face)
Radhika(in a mocking manner) not here atleast
Arjun: come to my cabin right now
Radhika: yes sir(in a carefree manner)
In the cabin
Arjun standing showing his back to radhika near his big long table Radhika on the door asking for permission to come in , he answered in affirmative and she entered
Arjun turned back and started his long steps towards small cute Radhika
Radhika: sir …. i m here ………. what is my work?………..
HEARTBEAT 10,9,8,7,6 Arjun was almost few steps away from Radhika
Arjun: Radhika listen to me dare nt tell anything what u see or what u listen to in this office to Sam if u do so u know ur job security is in MY hands
Radhika nodded like a small little kid
Arjun: go to Nishi , she is the manager of advertising dept. and ask what all files u have to work on and start ur work,
now leave

Radhika very carefully shifted before his hands touch her hands and went to Nishi and started her work
Sam came to the office and had breakfast with Arjun and went to ask Radhika abut it but she refused
Radhika went with Nishi (they became familiar to each other as Nishi is also Sam’s friend)to the canteen and started girly talks
Days were passing everything was going smoothly without Radhika’s and Arjun’s equation
Arjun : Mom plzz come in this is where ur son works all the day
Radhika:(thinking)Ohhhh really u Mr. flirting all the day with the girls and telling that u r working
Aunty plzz don’t listen to ur certified pagal son if destiny allows him he can do everything which no one can even imagine
Nandini: (Arjun’s Mom) I seeeee and she must be ur P.A. (showing her hand in Radhika’s direction)
Arjun(smirking): No mom by god’s grace this is not like that
Radhika: sir if u permit can i leave for my work
Arjun: Ya Miss. mishra plzz u further proceed
After Radhika left the cabin
Nandini : do u like her ??
Arjun :(with sudden shock) no mom never this is nt possible in my wildest dream also.
the mother and son duo had some talks and Nandini was going home when she saw Radhika standing near the roadside waiting for Taxi
Nandini: Radhika
Radhika coming towards her: hello Mam
Nandini: Hi dear r u waiting for anyone?
Radhika: Ya mam for taxi actually today my activa left me all alone coz of a small needle in her tyre (in fulltoo childish manner)
Nandini(giggling ) ohh ok ok then come in my car i’ll drop u
Radhika:Thanku very much mam but its perfectly alright i’ll be waiting for the taxi , plzz mam there is no issue waiting here
Nandini: do u really want to disobey ur boss’s mother???
Radhika(thinking ) now i got to know where these bossy traits r there in sir
Radhika: Sorry mam
ok then let’s go
Nandini & Radhika in the car
Nandini: so Radhika hw is office is ur office experience till now?
Radhika: great mam its really an honor to work in Mehra companies , India’s topmost company
Nandini: this sounds like u r really having good experience
Radhika: yes mam sort of
there was an awkward silence
after sometime

Nandini: Radhika do Arjun havve any gf?
Radhika (without realising what she spoke) yes and that tooo my bestieee(in an annoyed manner)’
Nandini: what but y told in such an annoyed manner?
Radhika: sorry mam nothing like that sorry mam sorry..
Nandini : don’t worry dear u can tell me
Radhika:(she started uttering everything without a pause) Mam actually sir’s gf is my bestiee only so i know hw he treat her . when he requires her for going for any party or to have fun with he will call her but when she needs her he don’t even bother to talk to her nor he cares abut anyone , always flirting with girls and asking them for a date (thinking) but then also there is something which does not allow me to think that he is bad at heart (reality) but yes mam he is nt bad at heart , Sam told me that he never tried to do anything wrong to her but playing with emotions is also not right na so u see i don’t talk much but i was really in need to tell everything to someone so ….. but i m sorry mam i know u must have felt bad that i am disrespecting ur son,my boss but i could nt handle it anymore
Nandini: ohhhh god really u don’t talk much hmmmm i see
Anyways is this the apartments where u live(Radhika told her apartment’s name to Nandini before)
Radhika: yes mam
but i m really sorry mam for what i told
Nandini: its ok radhika
Radhika: Thanku so much mam for dropping me great meeting u mam(with a hesitant face)

Next morning
Arjun: Radhikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………..
Radhika: what is wrong sir? why r u screaming ?
Arjun: Ohh plzz don’t act smart!! u also know so big mistake u made by telling everything to mom
Radhika: (thinking )i know i m too smart for u to handle:(making innocent face) what r u talking abut sir , what i told to mam?
Arjun: why u told mom abut samaira ?
there was pin drop silence in the room after sometime
Arjun: i asked u
answer me damn it!!!!!
Radhika:Sir u also know that sam is my bestiee and i can’t ruin her life , we both r very much aware abut ur let go nature and sam is nt a strong heart person to handle ur all time changing mood swings and she was very much in love with u but what u did and what u do with all other girls is nt something which she can handle so i dnt want her to suffer like other girls who suffered due to ur carefree nature firstofall flirting with them making them go crazy around u and then after u fulfill all ur wishes u just throw them out of ur life like an empty refill of ur pen
Arjun: stop ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
one sec r u jealous of them
walking towards radhika, radhika moving backwards and arjun coming forward and pinned her to the wall
Radhika: Sir let me go i…………… am ……………nt ….that kind of…………..girl
Arjun:(smirking) but u r jealous
Radhika: No sir why shall i (with the leftover confidence)
Arjun: r u sure
saying this he came till both of them can feel there breathe
Radhika:Sir ………….plzzz(closed her eyes tightly)
When she opened her eyes she did nt found him but with the next glance she saw him on his knees
Arjun:Radhika u don’t know who am i but i know u very well since 1st year of ur mba i know u never noticed me but the first tome i saw u in iim campus i was mesmerized i was lack of words to explain what i felt but i was ur senior , i was in 3rd year and u just entered the college it was like a cool breeze which i felt the most beautiful breeze i experienced in my whole lifetime but i could nt tell u directly so i thought of waiting i waited for the whole year but i could nt tell then my friend told me abut sam she was ur friend and my bhaiya was her bf and that day she made this plan so that i can confess to u what i feel for u and Sam being my gf and flirting with girls around was everything a mere drama the only thing i want to tell u is

Radhika:burst into tears and told I LOVE U TOOO Arjun sir
Arjun:but i thought u didn’t even liked me(totally confused)
Radhika: sir the first day i saw u withSam i felt some strange feelings taking place in my heart but after that i dreamt abut u but i denied all my feelings coz i thought Sam loved u but when u told me that there is nting like that i felt no actually my heart felt light and i understood that u r the only one sir
Arjun: hugged her tight : no sir only Arjun ur Arjun only urs
Arjun:only Arjun
Arjun took her in his strong arms hold her from waist and kissed her eyes , then earlobe, radhika was moaning his name which was making him more excited and then he kissed her lips with all passion all love which he was carrying for years the kiss became passionate showing the need they both were having of each other

Hope u guyss liked it
plzz lemme know ur views ,positive negative every view accepted
TAKE CARE!!!!!!!!

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  4. arti viswanathan

    Shrutu darling superb,excellent,outstanding,marvelous,fantastic,nice,awesome episode…… I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes…… I liked the way arjun and radhika confessed their love to each other……tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u……..

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  6. Nikuds

    I loved your starting i.e.Life without love is like ,
    food without salt,
    shadi without baarat ,
    moon without its shine &
    pani puri without masala puri. Your os was amazing.

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      Thanku soooooooooooooo much Niku

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    Veryyyy sweet and cute one… beautiful dear.. love u… come back with more..???

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      Sree i know u won’t believe but really speaking i was eagerly waiting for ur comment coz when i first time read ardika ff , u were mentioned in it and from that day on wards i was waiting for this day
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