~Destiny – Happy or Sad?~ |Part 3|

Annika moves out of the room. Shivaay was confused by her attitude. Even though, she is angry with him, she forgets it at the moment she notices he is sad. Since childhood on wards, when Annika comes there, there wasn’t a day which they never forget to fight!

They never used to fight serious ones, like they had today. This was serious one! What’s wrong with her? Why is she fighting with him? Why is he getting affected by her? What is that feeling that he had with her and not with anyone else?

It’s been few days with her, but he couldn’t control the feeling he has for her. What is it?? He was confused but he tried to distract it with his office work. He opens the laptop and started concentrating on his work.

Just then, she comes with a coffee in her hand. She comes and says, “Shivaay, I am sorry.” He looks at her and she forwards the cup to him. He takes it from her and indicates her to sit with him.

He then says, “See, Annika, never talk like this, okay. It hurts me. I don’t know the reason, but it hurts. And anything which troubles you from now on, you can share it with me. Just try, at least to me, if you really consider me as your friend. I am also a human, for your kind information.” and smiles.

She giggles and says, “Okay, I will.” and hugs him in the happiness. He too reciprocates. Anyway, this is not the first time, they were hugging. They had hugged each other, even before, but this time was different. This hug is very different. They want to remain hugging like this forever.

They were hugging each other for a long time, when suddenly Rudra entered and said, “Bhaiyya, lock the door. Thank god! I came now, if I had come up after some time, then…..Even kids are here in this house.”

They break the hug and looked at different directions. She gets up and goes to the bathroom to hide her emotions. She locked the door and started smiling like a mad person. She tried to control them, but it didn’t leave her lips.

That’s when she heard a sound of the notification of a phone. She checked it and understood that it was Shivaay’s. In between, she saw a message in his phone. It was as such, “Sir, Tia is getting engaged to Dushyant Chatterjee on 31 January, 2018.” 

She opened the phone and found out the truth that it was not a power failure but a plan to kill her! That too, by her childhood rival! She never thought Tia would go to this extend. They compete with each other, but she never thought Tia will take their rivalry in this way.

She was angry for two reasons – one, Shivaay hid the truth from her and second, Tia went to this extend. She gets out of the room with an angry expression and glares at him angrily who is working with his laptop.

She goes to him and shouts, “What is this, Shivaay? Why did you hide this from me?” 

Shivaay snatches the phone from her and shouts at her, “Who told you to take my phone?”

She angrily says, “Don’t change the subject. Wait, I will go and solve this.” and moves to get out of the room.

He holds her and says, “I hid this, because I know you are sensitive. I have been noticing you since childhood. So, I know you well. Don’t underestimate the power of a silent observer.”

She smiles hearing the last dialogue, “It’s ‘Don’t underestimate the power of a common man, ‘ okay?” (Guess, who said the corrected dialogue? The one who says the correct answer will have a chapter dedicated for them!)

She then remembers that she should be angry and puts on an angry face, saying, “So, what ever you were going to do with her, drop the plan, okay? No excuse in this matter.”

He glares at her and says, “I didn’t ask your kind opinion and I know what to do when someone tries to hurt my…”

She thinks to annoy him, so she says, “My….my….what? Who am I to you?”

He stammers, “My….my….my friend.”

She looks at him with a pout and says, “Leave her for this time. Some people will forget themselves and the situation in their anger. That’s why.”

He won’t leave Tia this time. It’s time to end her chapter forever. But one thing is true, she looks cute when she pouts. Anyway, what is the weird feeling he has with her? Maybe, Om could answer, now they won’t make fun of him as he has married her. He goes to Om’s room talking to someone. He was about to go back, when Om indicates him to wait.

Om ends the call and says, “Shivaay, what happened? I can see a lot of confusion in your face.” Shivaay was like, “Did he turn into a mind reader from a painter?”, but he says, “I am filled with confusions.”

Om smiled and said, “What confusions?” 

Shivaay says, “It’s about her.”

Om understood about whom, but he acts like he didn’t and says, “Whom? Prinku? Tia?”

Shivaay gets angry hearing Tia’s name which doesn’t go unnoticed by Om, but Shivaay says, “It’s about Annika. I don’t know whenever I am near her or think about her, some unknown feelings enter into me.”

Om wants to laugh, but he says, “Shivaay, elaborate what you feel for her to me.”

Shivaay looks at him and then says, “When she comes near me, my heartbeat increases. I couldn’t bear someone hurt her. During school times, when Daksh tries to rape her, I just couldn’t control my anger. How could that bastard lay his eyes on her. When she was dating Rohan, I want to push Rohan and tell her to date me and not him. When she thought me to date Tia, I want to tell her that lady was just blackmailing me, with a blo*dy deal. Then when we got married, I want to tell her that something in me is making me to get mad around her. When I saw her there in the lift today, some sort of pain was going inside me. I panicked when she called me before. I just don’t know what is it.”

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