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Hi guys thank you for your support & hope you are enjoying the story ?

Mad about you !!!?

They give to eachother tashan wala look?…Sanskar angrily leaves Ragini and she falls in Karan’s arms who was shocked ? he holds her titly ? that was irritating Sanskar?…

KARAN :Mam why are you crying? (he wipes her tears)?

Ragini hugs Karan ? and cries & express all her pain ?(She wants to make Sanskar jealous)

RAGINI: I want go home ?plz I want some peace?

She holds his hand which makes fume Sanskar ?they leave but Ragini turns and winks at him ? leaving Sanskar speachless ❤..

KRITIKA:Omg I can’t understand her ! Sanskar our life is a mess now ! Don’t you think that we should go to the next level of our relationship? ❤..


Sanskar was not listening her because she was worried what Ragini gonna do with Karan as she winks at him ?❤

Kritika cares Sanskar’s  face ? and he gets out of his troughs ?..

SANSKAR: Kritika , I don’t think this is the right time to go to the next level ? our life is very complicated yaar , I love you but I can’t ignore that your sister is my wife …baby listen ❤ (he cares her face & wipes her tears?) don’t worry because  I am all yours ?…


He hugs her ? but then he listen Ragini’s loud laugh ??…they both gets shocked ? (they interrupt the hug ) and see Ragini with a liquor bottle ?..

RAGINI: Hiii ny dear hubby & my dear sis? ? I love you both ❤ but you both don’t love me ? but don’t worry becausd Karsn loves me ❤️ he is my bf now …you stupid Sanskar doesn’t deserve a girl like me ! First you marry me & now you are romancing with my sister ? you are so bad ? …


She lost her balance & Sanskar holds her ?Kritika leaves from there angrily ?…Ragini cares his face ? …

RAGINI: Why you can’t accep me as your wife ! I am ugly?? No one can love me ah?❤

Sanskar doesn’t say anything ? they just look at eachother ❤? the rain starts ???? the water falls on them ? but they were lost in their eyes ?…

SANSKAR: No , Ragini  you are so nice but Kritika is my love ❤️❤️..

Ragini  gets unconscious and Sanskar holds her in his arms ??…& he thinks about the she situation ? and looks at unconscious Ragini  ? meanwhile the rain continue ?❤❤❤????..

Kritika arrives at home and trows all thinks away ?? meanwhile Ishita arrives ?…

ISHITA:I told you Kritika ,now Sanskar is not yours dear !❤  Don’t ruin your life thsts why I fixed your   marriage ?.

Kritika was totally shocked ??

Sanskar comes in the house with unconscious Ragini ??? & make her lies on the bed ? and cares her hair ?…

SANSKAR: Oh god if I won’t change her clothes, she will be ill ?…

He takes a dress ? &  embraced unconscious Ragini ??❤ he slowly slowly start opens her dress ?? he was little nervous so he closes his eyes ?he changes her dress & make her lies ?❤ and holds her hand ??..

SANSKAR: SorryI changed your dress without your permission ? I don’t want that you be ill so ??…

He eyes her for a while ? & falls asleep beside her ❤❤…

KRITIKA:No, mom I won’t marry anyone because Sanskar is mine only & today I will make him mine ?..

She leaves making Ishita worried ?..

Kritika comes to RagSan room & see Sanskar sleeping beside Ragini ??..and wakes up him making him shocked

KRITIKA :Sankyyy!! Today we will be one soul & two bodies ❤… we will consummate our relation ?…

Sanskar was without words & Kritika starts opening his shirt’s button romantically ? Sanskar holds her titly and look at unconscious Ragini❤….

Omg now what will happen ?? Keep reading ?


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  1. Waiting for next update

  2. Nooooooooooooo sanskar don’t do this. Kritika is such a characterless girl ?

  3. Amazing feeling bad for ragini

  4. Nice very short

  5. Nice yaar. Please reduce that kriti scenes

  6. Mounia543

    Awesome dear

  7. Nice.update soon

  8. Nice di.. Waiting for Ragsan love story..

  9. Awesome

  10. Amazinggggggggggg I know sanskar won’t touch that girl. Please update soon.

  11. Superb dear

  12. Jasminerahul

    ragini drunk was cute.dialogues were emotional btw ragsan.rain part was short still I found it romantic.sanskar changed ragini’s dress.so caring n romantic.wow ishita fixed krithika’s marriage.cheap krithika trying to get intimate with sanskar.

  13. Jasminerahul

    nice pics

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