~Destiny – Happy or Sad one?~|Part 1|

It’s been only 3 days after their marriage and they are now free from all the guests and ceremonies for some time. She stood in front of the mirror and started combing her hair. That’s when he came from the back and gave her a necklace.

She was about to wear it when he snatched it from her hand by saying it a little loud, to make someone hear, “I will make you wear it.”

She was a bit confused, but while he was making her wear it, he whispered, “Dadi is seeing, the door is open. They shouldn’t know the truth.”

She immediately understood and plastered a fake smile, but she blushed when his hot breath was fanning her neck.

After making her wear the necklace, he looked at the mirror and said, “You are Khidkitod Khoobsurat.” By seeing them smiling, Dadi went from there happily.

She was surprised hearing him speaking her language, she spoke out, “Shivaay, why were you speaking in my language? Isn’t it a little too much?”

Shivaay looked outside again and then replied, “Then Dadi will really think that we are happy. I don’t want my family to be sad because of our distance. Anyways, you blushed because of happiness or is it something else?”

Annika looked at him and went out. Her mind was like “Why did I blush too much? Now, he found it out. I feel like he has something towards me, but what is it? Wait! I maybe am fantasizing things again. Anyway, I will go and have my breakfast.”

Everyone was already at the dining table; she immediately went to wish a big “Good Morning” to all and sat as everyone sat together. She was always like that since the day, she came to their house. She used to come there even before they got married! Just then, Shivaay comes.

He moves to sit in between Om and Rudra, but this time they were sitting together and also others were already seated. So, left with no other choice, he had to sit with her. He went and sat near her. As he was sitting beside her, he noticed how little she ate.

 After having breakfast, he went to their room and saw her taking phone from the charger. He moved towards her and asked as if he was demanding her for an answer, “Why are you eating this less?”

She just gave a look at him and turned to move out. He pulls her towards himself and asked again, “Why do you eat so less?”

She looked at him and replied on to his face, “I won’t answer this question as you are not even my friend.”

He then asked, “So, am I stranger?” She nodded and moves out.

He then forwards his hand and asks, “Can we be friends?”

She turns and forwards her hand to give a handshake, and said “Done, but after knowing the reason, don’t break this friendship.”

He looks at her and replied, “I will not break this friendship with you until I feel something different with you.” She nods and goes out of the room.

Even though, Shivaay didn’t knew why she ate less, he was somewhere happy that she is his friend now. They fight with each other, since they were kids, but then the friendship, instead of making him annoyed had made him happy.

Anyway, they will meet at the office today, as after their marriage, Tej (Shivaay’s uncle, i.e., Om’s father) has asked Annika to join the office so she can also practice as well as be prepared till she gets her next contract.

In the office, Annika and Shivaay were like too well known colleagues, like they have their lunch together, come and go back home together. They were the ideal couple when it comes to work.

You feel like they are just friends and not any couple by their actions. They were surprised to see their boss showing his ideal principle even here. Usually couples don’t prefer working on the same workplace. They need a different environment, but their boss proved that ideal rules to be kept as usual.

Everything was going when Tia came to invite them to her engagement. Annika was a bit late to the office that day and she reached the office after Tia left Shivaay’s office. As lift opened, Annika saw Tia inside. Tia, as usual, had an attitude smile which she usually shows to her to make her feel inferior.

Tia immediately waved and shouted a big “Hi” to Annika, so that she gets attention. Annika didn’t want to embarrass her in front of the staff and also reciprocated. Tia with her whole attitude, said, “You know it’s my engagement on 15th April, do come. I have given the card to your husband.” Annika smiles, even though she is least interested to attend it. She then moves inside the lift.

Tia was literally irked with Annika’s attitude and this added fuel to the fire of anger. That’s when she saw the maintenance man leaving his room. She immediately went inside without getting noticed by the office staff and switched off the main power. After this, she went as she didn’t want to get suspected.

Annika, who was stuck in the lift started panicking due to her Claustrophobia. She started banging the door and yelling for help. As, it was made of strong material, none of them heard it. She tried to somehow call him, but the signals weren’t going.

Suddenly, somehow the signal passed. Shivaay got the call. He started, “Annika, where were you? How much…”. Annika being stuck cut off him and said, while trying to catch her breath, “Shivaay…Lift….stuck…help…” and passed out. Luckily, for Annika, Shivaay 

[Author’s note: So, you people will be thinking why she couldn’t call, right? See, usually signals don’t pass inside the lifts in a proper way. By the way, I am also Claustrophobic, anyone else to give me a company?]

That’s when he noticed the power failure in his office. He immediately called the maintenance man, who told it was perfect till he went out for a break. The man had to run to his room to check what was the problem. He noticed the main switch off and switched on it.

Meanwhile, Shivaay went to the lift and was trying to open the lift.  As the door opened, when power came, he was shocked to see her lying inside unconscious. He panicked for a moment seeing her like that, but then he picked her up and took her to the hospital.

Inside the car, he was continuously patting on her cheeks to wake her up, but she didn’t.

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