Patiala Babes 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Babita Hits Inebriated Hanuman Singh

Patiala Babes 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita and Mini settle down in inspector Hanuman’s house. Babita panics seeing latch broken. Mini says let us keep some furniture in front of door and sleep. Babita agrees. Mini falls asleep tired. Babita hears door opening sound and nervously peeps out of her room’s door. She panics seeing Hanuman singh walking towards her room inebriated, tries to wake up Mini and when she does not wake up picks wooden rod and hits Hanuman’s head. Hanuman collapses. Babita wakes up Mini and says she hit Hanuman and he is lying on floor outside. Mini asks her to calm down and describes whole incident. Mini peeps out of room and sees Hanuman lying on floor unconscious, tells Babita that she hit policeman and may be prosecuted. Babita says she will go to jail. Mini says nobody will and

asks her to just calm down and sleep.

Next morning, Khatri walks towards tea stall. Tea stall owner laughs with his friend that Khatri came from police station with broken hand, a girl trashed him royally. Khatri stops thinking they will taunt him more, but then walks to them thinking they will taunt either ways. Stall owner asks how was lockup. Khatri takes tea and says he is calling society meeting on weekend and knows who stole electricity and who mixes more water in milk, now inspector Hanuman will put culprits behind bar.

Constable Laal walks into Hanuman’s house calling him and starts his jokergiri. He sees milk Mini with Babita walks out of room and panics seeing Hanuman still unconscious on floor. Mini checks his heartbeat and says he is still alive. Hanuman wakes up holding his head and says he usually drinks heavily each night, but never felt unconscious, he does not even remember how he came here last night. Laal goes to take milk and takes 2 liters milk. Stall owner asks why he needs double milk. He says mother and daughter are staying in Hanuman’s house. Khatri asks if they are same ladies. Laal says yes one who broke his hand and sent him behind lockup and warns if he eyes on them, he will breaks his legs. Khatri requests to take him to Hanuman and ladies, he wants to apologize them. Laal takes him along.

Confused Hanuman tells Mini and Babita that he really does not know how he came there and fell. Mini says it is his house and he can fall anywhere. Hanuman says not outside ladies’ room and walks down. Khatri walks in with Laal and starts taunting. Hanuman warns him to dare not eye on those 2 ladies and get out of his house. Khatri says he came to apologize them. Mini sees him and warns to get out, else she will break his remaining bones. Constable warns Khatri to get out and dare not badmouth about ladies. Khatri says he will shut his mouth, but what about locality people. Babita takes Mini in and asks to stay away from Khatri and panics thinking why Hanuman came towards their room. Mini finds new door latch and says he brought door latch for them, he is a good man, Babita is unnecessarily doubting him.

Precap: Babita with Mini confesses hitting Hanuman and apologizes him. Laal asks them to pack their bags and walk out of Hanuman’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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