it was destined to be (Part 6)

It Was Destined To Be….

Recap :- laksh’s revelation n swara’s entry in Kolkata

The scene starts with the maheshwari’s and swara n angel entering in same mall for shopping .
Swara :- angel now that you are getting engaged soon lets shop first for your lehenga then I have to see something for rinni n kabir

Angel:- what yaar seriously ab tum kabir k liye shopping bhi karogi??

Swara :- nahi yaar u know him na he doesn’t likes those typical sherwanis that’s why I have to make him look good so he doesn’t spoil your engagement;) come now

In saree shop angel n sujata likes the same saree while Swara is selecting kabir’s clothes in another shop .

Sujata :- dekh chori tu aur koi saree le le mujhe yeh Hi chahiye .
Angel :- aunty plz aap koi aur le lijiye mujhe bhi yehi chahiye aur vaise bhi this won’t suit u becoz of your age.

Sujata :- tune mujhe budhi kaha abhi mai itni bhi badi nahi hui hu jake apni eyes ka treatment karwa. hey bhagwan kya hogaya hai aaj kal ki choriyon ko apne bado ki respect karna hi bhul gaye hai.
And they start bickering but angel receives swara’s call and angrily storms out of showroom without buying the saree.

It’s night time and the whole mm wasis and swara’s gang has been invited to a masquerade party kabir and aarav are already at the venue as aarav has planned a surprise for angel and asks a waiter to bring the lady in green saree to the room as she is his gf( he says so as angel had earlier informed hi m that she would be wearing the saree )
All are rejoicing in the party when suddenly a waiter comes near sujata and ask her to come in the room as her boyfriend is calling her.
Sujata thinks that maybe it’s ram prasad and he must be needing something so she goes to the room and is shocked to see the room entirely decorated with candles and roses with dim light coming through window
Sujata to herself:- arey yeh sanskar k bapu ko kya ho gaya hain yeh kab se itne romantic ho gaye.
Suddenly aarav comes and hugs her from behind and says :- babe did you like the decorations or not
Sujata :- arey sanskar k bapu aap yeh ke kar rahe hai koi dekh lega chodiye

Arjun :- acha abbhi shaadi nahi hui aur tum ne bacche ka naam bhi soch liya naughty girl.

Sujata:- sanskar ke bapu aap ka dimag toh thikane pe hai ki nahi aur yeh kaise behave kar rahe ho chodo mareko. Saying this she turns and both shouts loudly seeing each other.

Meanwhile in party
The waiter signals kabir work done and goes .Swara who notices this asks kabir wat he is up to now to which kabir tells her about the plan and how waiter informed him that he has taken angel to the room

Hearing this Swara frowns and tells :- how is it possible angel was with me few minutes back and she has gone to the refreshments counter look their she is .
Seeing this kabir is shocked and they both look at each other and shout “shit that means aarav –”
Kabir runs to save aarav whereas swara explains everything to angel

Back in room
Both shout seeing each other
Aarav :- aunty aap kaun hai aur yaha kaise.
Sujata start overreacting ad cries loudly :- hey bhagwan yeh kya ho raha hai koi toh bachao mhare ko .
Sanskar who was passing from their hears the commotion and goes in the room and is shocked to see her mother cribbing badly
Aarav tries to specify the situation when kabir too enters the room and after analysing the situation goes towards his frnd and explains him everything and tries to apologize to sujata as well .

Sujata on seeing sanskar their tells him everything with extra pinch of salt n pepper ,sanskar who was already angry with his clients rather than analysing the situation reacts on instinct and goes towards aarav but kabir intervenes and says:- look Mr we r really very sorry this is a small misunderstanding and we are ready to apologize
Sujata :- aaha pehle toh chichori harkate kare ho phir maafi mange ho sharam toh iti si bhi na hai tu k dekh raha hai sanskar police ne phone laga.
Kabir :- are aunty aap galat samjh rahi hai humara koi galat intention nahi tha hum sach mai dil se aapko sorry keh rahe hai .
Sanskar :- mom chaliye yaha se aise logo se baat karna hi bekar hai .
He eyes kabir angrily and leaves with his mother .
At that very moment Swara and angel arrives and kabir tells them everything.

Angel teasingly :- arey vaha aarav meri sautan k liye itni sari preparation mere liye toh kabhi aisa nahi kiya
That did it for all and all had a hearty laugh
(Keep laughing and enjoyinguntil next epi.)

PRECAP:- sanskar n family shocked seeing Swara in new avtaar.;)

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