Desires (Episode 9)

Episode 9

The episode start with nesam reach and was shocked to see Neil’s frds whom they met in restaurant then suddenly tanu came and hug Neil and give a kiss on his cheek and then sasha hug him they wish Neil and took him and Samaira just stand there in shock she then came behind them and Neil’s frds surprise him as they had arrange a party there in lobby for Neil Samaira just stare him and thought how happy Neil was as it can be easily seen by his face she was standing in a corner she know Neil love her a lot but still seeing Neil so close to tanu and sasha make Samaira little uncomfortably or maybe jealous she don’t like how his frds were getting close to him especially tanu and Neil even after knowing that it make Samaira uncomfortably didn’t stop tanu or move from there Samaira felt bad as whenever he is with his frds he doesn’t pay attention toward her more than bad it hurts she saw tanu was getting close to Neil way to much she felt as if tanu is Neil’s wife and she didn’t like it and she felt something is wrong she was not feeling tanu’s intentions right because of the way she was touching Neil and was looking at Neil but that doesn’t matter to Neil as he was not even looking at her and being honest Samaira never saw Neil this much happy before and it force Samaira to think if he is actually happy with her or not if she is keeping him happy or not and then Samaira thought its better to go from there instead of getting hurt she moved toward lift and before entering just turn to see if Neil even notice her going but no why he’ll when he have his frds to be busy with she get in and reach her room she came in and thought that before Neil said why he was ignoring her but now as everything is sorted then again he’s doing the same thing just then Neil came and said
Neil:hey why did u came in let’s go down na
Samaira turn and said

Samaira:just like that u go
Neil:what happened saying this Neil hug Samaira from behind and Samaira said
Samaira:Neil don’t get me wrong but I think tanu likes u a lot
Neil get away from Samaira and said
Neil:what Sammy do u even know what r u saying its not like that
Samaira:I know what I’m saying its just that I saw how she was getting close to and how she was looking at u u might didn’t see
Neil:Sammy r u doubting on me
Samaira:no Neil I’m not
Neil:then why r u saying like this
Samaira:Neil u r not getting it what I’m trying to say
Neil get little angry and said in anger

Neil:i don’t get it Samaira do think I’ll betrayed u or leave u look they r my frds and we meet like this only if she hugged me of just give me a kiss on cheek that is not a big issue so please don’t make it an issue
Samaira didn’t like how Neil just talked they r fighting because of his frds and Neil shouted on her for the first time which make Samaira scared of his anger and filled her eyes with tears Neil saw it and said
Neil:look Samaira there is no need to cry on little silly things ok please I don’t like it when u cry on such little things its not good saying this he wipe her tears and said
Neil:u r thinking too much
Samaira wipe her tears again and said
Samaira:yeah u r right I’m thinking way too much maybe saying this Samaira turn and Neil said
Neil:now let’s go they r waiting for us
Samaira:Neil I’m just little tired u go na and enjoy

Neil:Sammy look don’t be angry na please I’m sorry for shouting
Samaira somehow control her tears and turn to him and said
Samaira:no I’m not angry really I was tired already and I’m having a headache also I’ll rest but u should go after all its ur birthday and they did everything for u with love so u go
Neil:no u r angry
Samaira:no Neil I’m not I’m saying na I’m just tired and why I’ll be angry when u said sorry and u r right I’m thinking a lot maybe and I’m sorry for making u angry and spoiling ur mood on ur birthday sorry and u go

Neil:r u sure
Samaira nod and Neil left as he left Samaira closed her eyes as she didn’t expect this from Neil and now she don’t want to show him even if hurts she will make herself like he want she will not say anything now and will make her used to it he said he don’t like her crying on little things so now she won’t cry in front of him she didn’t knew that he had problem with her crying but she don’t know what to do as when she is hurt or sad tears automatically start flowing and she couldn’t stop her tears but now she promised herself that she won’t show him and will let him be happy with his frds and she won’t complain she lie down and think about their happy moments and cried and don’t know when she fall asleep days passes like that and its been 2 weeks here and Samaira is trying her best not to be affected and try to be happy in Neil’s happiness as his frds start to meet him daily sometime on lunch so sometime on dinner and sometime on tea but Samaira somehow always manage to make excuse and doesn’t go with them and let Neil enjoy as she know of she’ll go Neil won’t be able to enjoy and she also will get hurt only seeing them close and she don’t want to fight with Neil because of his frds then one day

In Morning
Samaira wake up and saw Neil sleeping last night when Samaira slept Neil was not in room as he was out for a movie with frds and Samaira saying that she is in a mood for movie stayed back in hotel and ask Neil to go as she don’t want to make him unhappy and then cried all night because of feeling hurt seeing Neil happy with his frds and not with her just then Samaira came out of her thoughts when Neil said
Neil:good morning Sammy
Samaira:morning saying this Samaira get up from bed and gone in washroom Neil felt little weird but ignored then Samaira came out of washroom wearing YELLOW FAUX GEORGETTE FLOOR LENGTH ANARKALI SUIT (the one Ayesha Takia is wearing) with open hairs Neil was mesmerized seeing Samaira he came and hug her from behind and said
Neil:u r looking beautiful Sammy

Samaira:thank u saying this she smile a little but Neil felt something strange as this smile was not real this smile was not Samaira’s smile it was fake and he know but didn’t said and left to take bath then Neil took Samaira for bf there his frds also came and the smile which was on Samaira’s lips vanish as she know now as they came she was going to be invisible for them especially for Neil which hurts she didn’t show it but still Neil notice her uncomfortableness and her smile which was not there on her lips anymore then they order bf and start talking Samaira was looking at Neil as no one was talking to her and no one notice her she was remembering all the moments she spend with Neil their marriage, friendship, their feelings which changed then their love confession, passed 2 weeks of honeymoon trip their fight how Neil shouted and at last this moment when she is so close to him but feeling as if she is so far away that thought make her eyes moist Samaira immediately in that fear that Neil might see her tears get up and excused herself but Neil still notice her tears Samaira came in washroom and let her tears flow and after sometime she came out and to her surprise Neil was standing there Samaira smile immediately trying to hide her pain and Neil said

Neil:r u ok
Samaira:hmm I’m fine let’s go ur frds must be waiting for u saying this she walk and Neil came with her he hold her hand and both came and sat on chair they had bf and after bf Samaira gone in room and Neil and his frds made a plan to go on beach after lunch Neil told them that he’ll tell Samaira and they will go Neil came in room and saw Samaira was sleeping he let her sleep and thought to tell her later

In afternoon
Samaira wake up and saw Neil working on laptop she asked the time and he told her then Samaira fresh n up and came out she really wanted to go out with Neil alone so she thought to ask him but that time he was not there she call and order lunch then when Neil came she came toward him and said
Samaira:I was thinking why don’t we go out for shopping after lunch
Neil:yeah but after lunch tanu, sasha and I made a plan for beach I was going to tell u but u were sleeping why don’t we go for lunch then beach and then shopping I hope u don’t have any problem saying this he looked at Samaira but she turn her face to other side and said
Samaira:no why would I have any problem it just that I was thinking to complete shopping
Neil:yeah ok we’ll do it later

Samaira:no actually u go with them I’ll complete shopping because I want to buy something
Neil:is it important and why u r not coming
Samaira:yeah its important and u go as u made the plan and if u won’t go they’ll feel bad so u go I’ll go for shopping
Neil came and turn Samaira and said
Neil:what’s wrong tell me u r not looking much happy r u upset or something is bothering u tell me
Samaira thought to say but just then she remember whatever he said that day and got angry so Samaira thought its better to stay quiet he might get angry again knowing that he is stuck on that matter still Neil saw her lost and said
Neil:Sammy what happened tell me na
Samaira:no nothing Neil everything is fine I’m happy saying this she smile and turn again and give blue suit to Neil and said
Samaira:wear this u look nice in this
Neil smile and take the suit and said
Neil:thanks babe saying this he kiss get on cheek and left to get ready and after sometime Neil left he was thinking something and gone toward his frds on other side Samaira was crying sitting in balcony just then someone knock and Samaira open the door it was waiter who bring the lunch which Samaira ordered Samaira look at the lunch and said
Samaira:sorry but I don’t want it now

Waiter:ok mam saying this waiter left and Samaira closed the door waiter was going when he bump in Neil and said
Waiter:sorry sir I’m so sorry
Neil:its ok but where r u taking this tray full of food
Waiter:sir actually ur wife ordered but now she said she don’t want it
Neil saw everything was his fav and felt bad as he said that they’ll have lunch with his frds but he came back for Samaira to spend time with her as he notice her upset and realized that she is like this since his birthday and she might be upset still because he shouted and he knew he shouldn’t have done it he took the tray and give the money to waiter he thank him and left he came and silently open the door and saw Samaira sitting in balcony and crying she was talking to his photo

Samaira:I’m sorry Neil I’m trying my best not to be affected by seeing u close to ur frds and if not that then at least not to show it but I don’t know why it hurts a lot I’m sorry for lying that I want to go for shopping but I lied because I don’t want to hurt myself again and again seeing u happy with ur frds more I know u r happy and I’m trying to be happy in ur happiness I know it’ll take sometime but I promised myself on ur birthday that I’ll make myself used to it and I’ll not say anything I won’t complain I don’t want to make u angry nor I want to fight with u I know everything will be fine once I’ll be used to it till then I have to control myself u said u don’t like seeing me crying on little things so I’m trying not to cry also and when I feel like crying really badly I cried alone but I promised I won’t cry in front of u because I don’t want to make u feel that I don’t listen to u or ur words doesn’t mean to me it does that’s why I’m making myself like u want I don’t want u to leave me like Raj u know he used to hit me when I used to ask him to be in little distance with his frds

but I know u won’t hit me but it will make u angry so I won’t say anything and I’ll live my life according to u promise saying this Samaira hug his photo and cried badly Neil was totally shocked or u can say shattered seeing his love in such a condition he never thought that Samaira could go to this extend just to make him happy she can hurt herself again and again just to keep everything fine between them Neil silently came out and cried seeing Samaira like that and the thought that it was just because of him make him guilty he promise himself to make Samaira like she was and to keep her happy like she was trying to keep him now he decided to go to any extend to make their relationship like it was before

Sometimes The Person U Love Hurts You Unintentionally But That Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Love It’s Just That They Fail To Show U Or Sometimes Fail To Understand…

Next Episode:Neil’s Ways To Make Samaira Happy

Hey frds h r u all
Here is the 9th episode how’s it tell me and thanks a lot for all the love and support I’m just feeling so much better and happy not just happy in fact right now I’m the most happiest person of this world and all thanks to u guys love u all a lot well now back to the episode trust me I was actually crying writing this episode and sorry if it make u sad too but “If There Is No Sadness In Life We’ll Never Value Happiness” and how’s the both quote its my own how’s it tell me and also the episode and yeah I have decided to continue this ff with Arya is it ok or not tell me and I’ll soon post infinite’s episode 1 till then bye tc and love u a lot se bhi buhot buhot buhot zada ?????????????????

Credit to: Angel


  1. love

    brilliant dear…. i had tears in my eyes… u are amazing…. love you a lot πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
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  2. Oh darling I was crying wen I read Sam crying with Neil pic πŸ™ πŸ™ but sometimes v have to bear for our loved ones happiness πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ hope Neil ll understand n keep his love happy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ take care love ur ff πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. mishti

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  4. Little angel

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    So emotional yaar ..u made me cry angel..only few writers have capability to make the readers get involved in the scene…u are one of them angel…fantastic you angel

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    Hey girl im really felling lie crying infact i donno when my eyes goes wet im like this only when i see or read sumthing sad or painful i started felling like crying badly bt trust me it was amazing luvd it….luv u god bless ew…β™₯β™₯

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    Hey angel….. ???

    I m new to u…. But i read ur fiction from the very first episode…. Whether i likke it or not( becoz…. The story leads r my fav…. Couple only know)?????

    Yup… I like this fiction becoz NESAM only.. But i ccomment here only becoz of …. Yes for u only i m commenting here… Hope u r really happy today… As u got nearly 45 comments… So i also want to give u some hhappiness ??

    Whenever i read ur fiction, my mind only ask the same question tha, ” how…!!! Their life can go smoothly… No speed breaker”…
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    I m very happy to read ur fiction today….. And i expect the next epi…. Waiting for u dear….
    l want write more( as u given the chance to comment… But i could not type…. Becoz i m hell tired….. so bye???

    • Hello abi,
      Thanks a lot means a lot to me and will post ASAP and I’m really glad to see ur comment in fact such a big ?

  12. nusz(T!B!H!)

    Really good episode Angel, you’re always so impressive Hun
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