Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th February 2014 Written Update

Nandini keeps thinking about her convo with GD.she goes to GD’s room.

Rajveer taking care of his mom.GD tells him not to worry about her.He tells her he will be there till she feels good.GD feels happy n tells him to go n practice.Nandini comes there saying that he should practice.Rajveer refuses.Nandini tells him that GD herself wants to see him winning in the competition.GD nods n says yes.Nandini tells them she has a solution which is practicing in GD’s room. Calls servants to bring in piano.GD asks her if they were waiting outside that room.Nandini says she don’t want to waste GD’s time.Rajveer plays a tune.GD claps n asks him to take away piano n practice.After Rajveer goes out of that room GD says she didn’t like it.Nandini tells her she accepts her


PRP office …Mr.Shukla tells Nandini that Maternity hospital takes money and they abort unborn girls.they can’t report against the hospital coz they don’t have any proofs against them.Nandini tells him that she will think what she can do n asks him not to tell anyone.

Malhotra’s house ..Malhotra pressurize his wife to abort their unborn and their daughter listens to their convo.he takes her to hospital.

PRP office…Nandini tries to call Malhotra’s.GD comes there tells her to stay away from personal lives of party members.she don’t want any situation before elections.Nandini argues with her saying that she won’t let them kill their unborn child as it’s illegal.GD tells her that she is the President of PRP n Nandini is only President of Women’s wing.She will fire Nandini if she tries to do anything.

Nandini explains everything to Rajveer.Rajveer agrees with her.Nandini calls Malhotra’s landline number and by their daughter comes to know that Malhotra took his wife to Hospital.

Mr&Mrs.Malhotra in hospital …Doc tells him that they will scan n abort if it’s a girl.Mrs.Malhotra goes with a nurse n cries helplessly.Doc confirms it’s a girl and tells Mr.Malhotra that they will abort the child.They take her in to operation theater.Nandini reaches there with police.Stops them n saves Mrs.Malhotra.Police catch Mr.Malhotra who was about to run seeing them.Nandini asks him to think about Astronauts Kalpana chawla,Sunita Williams.She explains how Girls are competing equally.Rajveer feels proud and happy.

Precap: Gd gives New challenge to Nandini to run their house with 10K

Update Credit to: eshi

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