Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rishi telling Ram that Priya made good parathas. Priya says, may be boss may like or not. Rishi says, it is sad that he don’t like. Ram says, I am not hungry. Priya says, we shall not force anyone. I brought so many parathas and asks her colleague to eat all. Rishi suggests Priya to open an restaurant. Priya thank him for his advice. Ram thinks I won’t forgive her. You know I like Parathas very much. I will teach you a lesson. Peon comes and tells her that sir called her. Priya goes to him. Ram asks, what is going on there? Priya says, I got parathas for everyone. Ram says, you are taking revenge from me. Priya says, I am just your employee and how can I take revenge from you. Ram asks her to admit. Priya says, yes I am taking revenge. You

made me wait in the office and do the work. You didn’t check the file. Ram says, I will fire you from the office. Priya asks him to think about a reason before firing her. She asks, what you will say that I didn’t allow you to have parathas. She says, my job is saved. Ram thinks I know what to do now.

Pihu comes to the office to meet Ram. She comes face to face with Priya. BALH plays………It seems she didn’t look at Priya. Priya hides her face. She says thank God, she didn’t see me. Pihu comes to Ram and asks, what’s up? Ram asks, did anyone see you? Pihu says, what are you saying? I don’t have time to talk to anyone. Ram asks, what are you doing here? Pihu says, I came to talk something important. Priya thinks to talk to Pihu but back out. Pihu asks Ram to plan a trip for her and Sammy. She asks Ram not to tell anything to Sammy. Rishi asks Priya, what you are doing here. He says, you are trying to search for boss secret. Priya says, I came to give the file. Rishi says, boss is busy now. Priya says I know. Rishi says just wait and watch.
Ram asks Priya to go and get the hard disk prepared. Priya agrees. Pihu leaves. Rishi tells Ram that Priya is not good. She was spying you. Ram thinks Priya is missing Pihu. Rishi says, she might be interested in your personal life. Ram asks him not to say or think badly about someone.

Sammy waits at the tea stall for Suhani. Khush tells Suhani that he will manage. Tea stall boy comes to Suhani and tells her about one guy looking at your clinic. He says, he looks good. Suhani says, okay. She looks from the window and is shocked to see Sammy. She recalls Sammy’s words. Priya gets in the lift with her colleagues. Both of them leave. Ram and Priya are only in the lift now. Suddenly it stuck on the way. Priya looks at Ram. Ram says, bags are heavy. Priya blames Ram. Priya says, problem happens when you are in the lift. Ram calls Vikram and asks him to rescue him. Vikram says, he is in bangalore. He says, I will arrange help for you.

Ram starts sweating. Priya asks him to relax and calls the guard for help. Priya says, we will play a game of darkness. Just assume it is last day of our life. Just close your eyes and lets think whose face comes to your mind. Both of them close their eyes to see each other. BALH song plays…………………………………Ram is relieved now. Priya opens the eyes and smiles.

Ram thanks Priya. Priya says, it is okay, you don’t need to be formal. Ram offers to drop her home. Priya thank him and looks at his car. She says, this car was following me yesterday. Ram says it is common car.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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