Desh Ki Beti Nandini 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Rajveer is all thanking Nandini and telling her about his experience of the concert. He says Nandini was right and from now he will always listen to his heart. Nandini is very happy for Rajveer. Gayatri gets annoyed and leaves. Some people are fighting to put flowers first on the statue. Nandini tells Rajveer she will talk later and she goes to check. Abhay tells Gayatri and Nandini that situation is going out of control, they better leave. Nandini doesn’t leave. She says in her mind this is insult of the veteran which she can’t let happen. An elderly woman falls on the ground, Nandini goes and helps her. People are throwing rocks at each other. Nandini goes on the mic and asks everyone to calm down. No one is listening and they now attack with chairs. Nandini

starts saying a poem and everyone gets quiet now. Abhay and Gayatri are shocked with Nandini’s poem. Gayatri asks if she has gone crazy. Nandini gives a speech and asks public to learn something from flowers, when all flowers can stay together, then why they cannot stay happy together. She reminds everyone that they came to give tribute to this veteran and by fighting like this, they are insulting him. She asks everyone to apologize each other and then put flowers on the statue together. Gayatri is shocked that everyone got quiet listening to Nandini’s poem. She says seems like everyone has gone crazy. Abhay says people still listen to something that comes from the heart and we think they are crazy. Nandini shows wound of the elderly lady and asks someone to bring aids. The lady says its not required. She blesses Nandini and says it’s very rare to find such people. Others also praise Nandini for stopping this fight. Everyone happily puts flowers on the statue now. They chant “Nandini Raghuvanshi zindabad”. Nandini raises and waves her hand as a leader. Gayatri and Abhay are stunned.

Rajveer is getting worried at home for Nandini. He feels he made mistake by sending Nandini on his place. Right then car comes. Gayatri, Abhay, Nandini enter. Rajveer runs to them asking if she’s okay. Gayatri thinks he’s coming to her, but he goes straight to Nandini. Nandini says she’s fine. Rajveer then asks Gayatri if she’s fine. Gayatri tells him if he wanted to attend the concert, then he could have told her and she would have cancelled it. Rajveer says it was his last chance and Nandini went on his place so what’s the issue. Gayatri says had he attended it, then all those chaos wouldn’t have happened. Public came to see their leader and they couldn’t see him. Rajveer says he’s happy that no one got hurt. Uttara receives a call from someone and then she turns on the TV. Nandini’s poem is being shown in the news and how she calmed everyone’s anger with it. Uttara and Swaroop don’t even understands the words. Dadi, Rajveer are very pleased while Abhay seems to be in some thoughts. Dadi tells Nandini she is proud of her. Rajveer too says he’s proud of her. Uttara, Swaroop, Gayatri leave. Dadi takes Nandini and Rajveer with her.

Dadi gives Rajveer’s grandfather’s favorite book to Nandini as a gift. She asks her to read it and follow it. Nandini says she is grateful that Dadi thought she is worth for this gift. Dadi says she deserved it. Nandini gives credits to Dadi as she made her realize a wife’s duty. Rajveer says in his mind he will never be able to pay back Nandini for this. Dadi asks him what happened. Rajveer says he won’t get gift, but he can at least get blessings. Rajveer and Nandini leave.

Rajveer and Nandini are walking toward their room. Rajveer says he respects Nandini even more now. He further says if Nandini didn’t go on his place, then that small fight could have got much bigger. And for this he has to give a treat to her. They come to their room. Rajveer chooses a saree for her and asks her to get ready.

They come to a restaurant. The manager says today is a couple’s night. They both can dance and enjoy. Rajveer pulls the chair back for Nandini and she sits. Nandini looks at the security guards and asks Rajveer he must be finding it very annoying. Rajveer says absolutely, but he can’t go out without them due to security concerns. Nandini doesn’t know what to order. She asks Rajveer to order. After that, Nandini asks him about his experience at concert. Rajveer tells her everything. Nandini says day will come when his dream of playing piano in front of everyone will come true as well. Rajveer says it’s all filmy, in reality it doesn’t come true. Nandini says in her mind, it will because she wished for it from heart. Rajveer thanks Nandini for returning home and forgiving him and Gayatri. Nandini was about to say something, but Rajveer doesn’t let her and continues, he didn’t know Gayatri also likes music. Nandini says in her mind how she can tell him that it’s all lie. The food comes. Rajveer eats it with chop sticks. Nandini doesn’t know how to eat like that and watches him. Rajveer notices and he eats it with fork then. Nandini too then uses a fork. They are invited for dance, but Rajveer says no. Nandini is looking at everyone dancing. Rajveer notices. He gets up and invites her for dance. They both dance on song “Aadha Ishq”. In end it turns out to be Nandini’s imagination. She blushes and smiles. Rajveer asks her what happened. Nandini doesn’t say anything and just keeps smiling.

Superb episode……..

Precap: A bunch of ladies have come to Raghuvanshi house. Gayatri sends Nandini to prepare snacks for them. After a while, Nandini comes and says it’s ready. Gayatri says where they all will go and asks her to serve it to everyone so they also know how good daughter in law she is.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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