The dead patient ( Ardhika forever) ( mammarziyan fanfic) chapter -5


“What should I call you ..iam not your doctor let me call you my dead love ..or one the whole hospital call you …the dead patient season-2 …tell me arjun ..respond me dammit that’s is best option ..when I was sleeping were awake ..and now its my turn ..right ..or what should the world around me. you dead husband. ..” radhika sighed ..and looked towards arjun ..he was on the bed with his eyes closed …in the worst stage of the coma ..more complicated case …more than that of radhika …Dr singhania ..had already given up on arjun …and now Dr Naish Saxena ..was handling his case ..he was considered as the best doctor just like arjun …but he had his own secrets .

“Mrs mehra …u need to chat with him more like day and night ..and Mrs mehra u have to do this ..arjun is my best friend too …and I want him to recover and wake up from his slumber ” Naish spoked …and left radhika behind …radhika sighed…and sit on the counch ..arjun’s face was covered with bandages ..and his eyes were closed .

“Stop laughing like a fool …yes I had lied everyone that we got married secretly .. ..fake marriage stuff what should I had tell them ..when they ask me a reason stay with you …I can’t say like you that you are my patient ..or almost dead patient…so I had given a few turns to my story …now everyone will know the love …from my side ….and now you will not have any bad word attach with you …you had new name my version . …My sleeping doctor se*y…” radhika got up and moved towards arjun…she halted seeing his state ..and run away from the room ..outside from the hospital towards garden.

Dr Naish ..was listening everything ..he moved towards arjun and muttered in his ear …”After 15-20 days I will kill u …and then your so called fake wife …will be with me forever had very less time ..get up and fight …or sleep and lose …show some manliness …arjun mehra ..u know what naish can do and always do with beautiful girls …and may be

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  1. Sammy

    I think some problem occurred it is not updated full ..I had submitted a long chappg ..guyz I will update full by today only ..don’t know what’s wrong .. oh god now seems like problems are landing near me

  2. Ye kya hogaya….how this happened to Arjun??? Sammy m scratching my head,u said in previous precap that nandini n radhika rocks Arjun shocked.. Toh te kya hai….why those things happened to both of them….update next one soon

    1. Sammy

      Rosie di is not short it incomplete ..I have posted it in comment box below ..pls read that and do. comment

  3. Rg2015

    Oh god sammy. Wat happened to arjun . Did I miss smth? Or there is more to come as to wat brought arjun to d coma state. Pls tell me sammy. If I have missed smth sammy pls tell me d previous chapter number I will go check it out. I loved it. Wat happened to ur horror flick. Pls update my lost patience also. I loved all ur ffs. This one was a bit short but sweet. Pls update all ur ffs soon. Tc.

    1. Sammy

      Rg pls check the comment box on this ff ..I have posted ..the one which was left ….and no chappy is missing

  4. Sammy

    Or may be you have to bear worst conquences .Arjun’s heart paced up ..listening his words ..Naish saw the pulse was now getting stable ..his eyes were filled with tears ….a single drop escaped ..and heads towrards arjun’s face ..but naish caught it in the mean time …and clenched his fist .He moved ..and started heading towards the door .Naish halted and looked towards arjun …he muttered ..”iam not cheap …rascal like you ..and I will not let you die …before you answer me my questions …why did you cheated me arjun ..I was your best friend …and you were my only friend arjun …don’t worry iam not disgusting like you ..I had no interest in radhika ..but she is just my bait to bring you back here …back in this works …I will not let you die …so easily ” naish banged the door and left .
    Outside sister maria saw naish wiping his tears .. she smiled and muttered …”They share the most pure bond …Friendship ”
    Radhika came back to arjun …and her phone buzzed …”Hey ..nandini mom ..iam fine …and so is arjun ” .
    Nandini who was now in India …was now permenantly stay in the gloomy state ..its been a month since arjun is in coma …she repiled …”take care of him radhika …and take care of yourself too ” .
    The call was disconnected ..radhika sighed.
    Priya asked sister maria …”sister maria ..what Dr attraction muttered .. that Dr se*y ….whose pulse was getting feeble stable .”
    Sister maria adjusted her specs …”Dr attraction ” …she asked with a confused look .
    Priya blushed …”Dr naish ” ..and the whole surrounding staff burst out in laughing .

  5. sammy…..not good yaar…..u update it after a long time but its toooooo short…..i read rest of it in comment section but stillll….

    what about the engagment ring??????.

  6. Sammy why these many days of delay but finally updated and arjun kya hoga yaar. Vo kuoon coma mein hai ?? Kuch samaj mein nahi araha hai yaar par bahot achi hai because radhika is in Arjun’s place and Arjun in rads place and will he wake up soon ?? Love you lods and pls update the next part soon coz i’m going crazy with the suspense

  7. Hey Sammy I m scratching my head what happened to arjun….. why he is in coma….. and when it happened plz reveal soon…….. I was expecting something else but got surprise……… but loved it plz update soon can’t wait.. . Love u tc

  8. Sweetie

    Ab Arjun ko kya hogaya?? Sammy..Nice episode.. πŸ™‚

  9. Hahaha Dr.attraction… sammmy.. u r so good in giving names.. I was all confused n shocked reading Arjun in coma.,thn this naksh saying this n tat., but u ended wit giving him a name so wats naish”s true face..and wat yaar no ardhika moments..
    U shocked me with d word dead patient 2 in rads dialogue… wat happened 2 him.wake him up soon sammmyyyy…. eagerrr 4 nxt update..

  10. Dieva

    Hey Sammy update soon plz can’t wait

  11. Waiting for your full update. πŸ™‚

  12. hey sammy dr..I am not understanding this one but it is very funny..if u have posted something before then do let me know as i have not read the part in which Arjun went in coma…or he went in coma after his last fainting… what is the mystery of many questions are there…anyways coming to this one it is superb dr..waiting to see how will rads bring her dr. se*y back…love

  13. Did I miss something? am confused a bit, but this is too short Sammy, first u took a long gap and then u give a small update, post soon pls and a long one plssssssssss

  14. Sammy darling πŸ˜€ its fabulous πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ahhhhh doc s*ey n Dr attractive ohhhh wowwwwwwwww πŸ˜€ fabulous darling πŸ˜€ he love rads DAT much…….its getting more fabulous πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ darling Sammy wat abt ENGAGEMENT RING pls pls pls try to update darling ur die hard fan request πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love u πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  15. Dev

    Hey sammy wats this buddy 1at radz coma now him….n wat hapnd …..confusd….
    Love u lots buddy tc???

  16. Hey Bhagawan ! Sammy not what has happened to Arjun… how come he is in coma is this Naish a villan …girl you keep me blowing off with you updates your all updates are like power packed πŸ™‚ amazing waiting for next πŸ™‚ love u

  17. did that happen? Arjun in coma??? Dr naish n arjun best buddies…wow…rads bait for arjun to come back…very interesting twist….plzzzz post sooon the next episode. …love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh πŸ™‚

  18. Taaniiyaa

    Thanks for the update. Waiting for your updates to your other stories as well. ☺

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