Relations made by God. epi-2

RK keeps the shawl in his sports bag,Madhu gives the posters to the men who are working and sits enjoying the climate.RK comes towards in vanity van and says”nice climate “,he sits in the vanity van enjoying the scenario.he suddenly feels so much happy without any reason.

Madhu sits near Trishna and tells her”,di,the sudden happiness and sadness which accures in our life has no great values “,Trishna nods yes ,she gets up to go to sleep.Madhu closes her eyes and lies in the bed.she gets thoughts of falling in someone’s hands and leaving the shawl there itself.she gets a dream of the same person holding her in front of many peoples in a public venue ,she gets up with so much tension and sees it just a dream.

Next morning,Madhu leaves towards her beauty parlour.she sees it with little happiness and thinks how happy I am here after starting to work here.she goes in and begin to start the work, a man enters the beauty parlour.he introduces himself as mukund and gives her the sample beauty products .she feels some much related to him and enjoys talking with him.

RK urges the director to find the girl by any means as soon as possible. the director comes to know that the girl is ms.malik living in dadasaheb colony.He calls their number through his source and tells them that “your daughter is selected to play as RK’s heroine “.trishna assumes it as her and jumps in happiness.

Madhu comes back from the work and crosses the road when RK sees her through the car window, he asks Bittoji to see the girl .Bittoji remembers seeing her somewhere but not accurately.he tries to bring things back to his mind.RK thinks to stop her but she leaves in a bus.

Precap:Madhu shouts at RK for insulting her sister from outside his house.

(Guys there is no good followers of madhubala,I think so only no comment )

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  1. Vaishali

    awesome episode janani dii yes there r not many followers i also started writing one but stopped coz of no comments but dont worry dii many will come to know of ur ff soon

  2. Narendran

    Superb janani.. Always.. I liked rishibala chemistry

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