DARLING!!! LOVE ME Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Love food restaurant…

Corner of kitchen he bite her earlobe wildly as his one hand moving up from her thigh and his another hand holding her waist firmly khushi couldn’t take this sweet torcher anymore as murmur breathless ” baby please love me ..!” As he lift his head gaze straight in her eyes he smirk ” you seem to beg me Darling! “Khushi look at him angrily and like hungery kitten she pushed him on slab and started unbuttoning his white shirt but stopped at dead track hearding someone cough laksh too heard it and straighen himself as he look behind his face dropped and fear mask up while Khushi tried to smile sheepily.

There Stood Ragini Maheshwari with angry look and the total distaste face being the partnership owner of ” Love food restaurant ” with Khushi she never needed to come to restaurant known fully well that khushi and laksh take care of everything but they are too much when come to romances well after reaching Gadodia Mansion her Annapurna auntie told about Laksh and Sanskar still missing and she then clearly who is totally mistaken!!

Khushi – hi Rags..you here what a surprise!
Ragini look at her and said in dead voice- isn’t you should be somewhere else attending party of Your fool boyfriend parents anniversary!!
Laksh swore under breath totally forgotten about then he checks his mobile 25miscalled from bhai !!!freak laksh you are gone as he look both Ragini and khushi giving Khushi a chaste kiss on her lips ” meet me at party Darling ” and then he was gone grabbing Ragini hand while Khushi look at him with amuses expression then her thought went to something unusual “he always walk out at one voice of Ragini what if..” She didn’t dare to complete it she know that he is only attracted to her but for her he became need and she can’t live without her need.
Khushi come outside shouting ” Ramsingh closed the restaurant! “And she walk out brushing all the thoughts of her boyfriend and her just business partner.

Laksh stopped the car infront of ” Happy nursery ” with boiling in totally anger Ragini.
Ragini stumped out of the car while Laksh mutter ” oh god ‘spicyLadoo’ will not hear me and bhai !!!! Shit Lucky why are you so forgetful man!!! But that kiss ” and Laksh can’t stop to grin.

Ragini walk inside the nursery in her anger mode but then she her buddy peacefully planting small plants’how much he love this work ‘ .
Sanskar totally have his concentration on plants when he her murmur well his lips have slight smile.
Sanskar – Rags what cause you in this mood? Said while taking the key to lock the shop .
Ragini look as she was still behind him and easily told her mood.
Ragini – How you know Sanskar ?
” because bhai have funny habit to observe everyone moodswings and especially when it comes to you! “Said laksh coming inside with pouting face.
Sanskar glare at him – if I am not wrong then you forget about the party isn’t?!
Laksh look down and signal to Ragini save him !!.
Ragini lied for this duffera – err..Sanskar I got busy in some work so we got late.
Sanskar look amuse at their depending each other then he – you both are forgotten that I know you two more then anyone and you Lucky I got to know about your restaurant kiss so stop the drama.Rags for heaven sake don’t lie for your duffer and come lets we are getting late !
As Ragini and Laksh laugh at Sanskar always forgiving and forgiven nature .
This what they are from childhood biddies.
Gadodia mansion..

Dp make his way towards his wife after having good talk with some politician.
Sujata smile fakely and side hug him – hmm finally my husband missed .
Dp – you look beautiful Mrs Maheshwari !
Sujata smile went wider and then her eyes fall on Shekhar and janki .
Dp said quietly – few times before Shekhar ask me Ragini hand for his son.
Sujata replied back irritated- Whatever you like do you know right how much i adore Your daughter then why are saying to me .
Dp looked disappoint after what matter he do nothing can change the bitter between these both mother and her own daughter . don’t know what cause them this bitterness as he though Sujata again totally displeased with Ragini talk and same goes with Ragini.how much he wanted them to be like other daughter and mother but destiny have its own head.Sometimes he wonder if anything can make them together he would go to any length.
Dp – Sujata I know you are not interested but still its about out and I don’t need any argument.
That tone made Sujata to shut the hell up.
Sujata finall spoke- Which son ?
Dp smile slightly- I would have like if it would be Sharmishtha and Shekhar Son but Shekhar ask Ragini hand for ARJUN.
Sujata looked shocked and said silently- you will marry Ragini to their illegitimate child you know Arjun born before Sharmishtha and Shekhar divorce!
Dp who was totally taken aback by this gesture something in him woke up a hope because Sujata sounded like a…
Dp – but he is nice boy and can kept Rahini happy .
Sujata finally come back tp sense – do what you please seriously why even I am saying.

Annapurna look at the arrangements and then Gadodia and Maheshwari couples what is behind the wall it never come infront of public like always .after congratulating Mr and Mrs Gadodia .she walk towards bar counter where Miss bose is already swinging in her drunk state.
Ap – give one red wine and a glasa of lime water.
Sharmistha laugh – what dr. You didn’t have drink and here you are already planning to get it over.
Annapurna shook her head and said – You need get control yourself don’t forget you are ACP and media is surrounding this place.
Sharmistha take another glass of lime water from Annapurna and sipped it in one go – thanks Ana.
Annapurna noted very well that Sharmistha is totally distressed after all this year still but she didn’t said aloud.
Annapurna heard loud murmur in cloud as turned to get glimpse of Ragini ,Sanskar and Laksh coming inside holding each other hand .
” Laksh look good with Ragini but like always Shekhar has its own plan he arranged Ragini marriage with Arjun that child who destroyed my marriage life more then anything “said in venomous tone Sharmistha take another glass vine with totally shaking in anger.
Annapurna shook her head and said in hardened tone – you are lucky Sumi that you are not going to handle that girl who don’t know how to even talk else laksh life would have destroyed.
Sujata who heard coming towards them said with smirk – sometimes I agreed with Dr Mehra this girl not at all good for anything just made everything worst but somewhat influence came from another good for nothing girl.am I right Annapurna!??!!…..taunt that was what Annapurna heard in that voice making her patience go in worst as she surely though to walk out.
Sharmistha hold Annapurna hand and said to Sujata – Whatever happened Sujata it was not just one child mistakes both were involved and this is past so stop taunting Ana!
Sujata made distaste face and walkaway taking her drink while Annapurna signed .

Sanskar walk towards his room after getting disturbed with party bimbos as he signed he sat quietly on couch while he heard knock he look up to see his mother standing with small smile .
Sanskar smile back – come inside mom.
Janki love her son but not more then Arjun he is the child because of whom she is here.
Janki – so you’re back and what son you still not ready .
Sanskar turned towards his cupboard and bring out giftwrap box.
Janki look at his extended hand holding gift as she look up.
Sanskar smile and hug her – Happy anniversary Mom.
Janki couldn’t her tears her son do anything to make her feel good,- come soon.
As she left Sanskar walk towards the lawn area attached to his room .having love for garden is everything for him as his Mobile ring he look at caller Aady”
On phone
Aady – finally the great Sanskar has taken my call !! Its my 15th call and you are totally lost .your ex is out !!
Sanskar said calmly- what ?


Five drunk man were whistling and holding hands of going women’s and girls while laughing at their helplessness.

Arjun look at his watch then ” I should have known gadodiaFamily servants are also forgetful!” Then he looked at the man standing beside him continuously busy in his office call urrgg workaholic!!,then he look at across the road there is restaurant well his stomach is making sound it can have one nice chicken burger and
“Don’t think about it!” Arnav said sternly knowing fully well where this devil eyes are going if nothing is there his time pass would be that BURGER SCRATCH IT CHICKEN BURGER
Arjun said startling-, what! It was not like i jumping their and i am free not like you settling international deal with Shime fashion house owner’s wife not the main husband!! Lastly said smiling devilishly.
Arnav look taken aback then smirk in his ASRish way,-” well business means profit and second thing lawyer you are the one who divorced Shime owner with his wife .
Arjun grin – what to do NAV old habits can never be forget.
“Will you both shut up !” Irritating voice came from their behind to see still lying on someone’s else car bonut SWARA MEHRA totally looked disturbed.
ASR signed helplessly- Mehra you need to stop resting now we are not in New York.
Swara stirred in total irritated and replied back- I don’t need lecture NAV .
Arjun step forward and said challenged tone- I have something for you which can make your irritation at great use.
Swara looked interest now as she removed her hands from her forehead and straightened herself said angrily- This better be good.
Arjun simply shrugged and said- go bring my chicken burger from cross street that’s it.
Arnav who are now getting what Arjun upto well some drunken mens were standing just infront of restaurant.he looked shocked.
ASR – What the ! Devil and Mehra I repeat its Delhi not New York …
Swara who know too well what’s going on both men’s mind she lool at the direction and her lips turned into wicked smirk.
Swara said in challenge voice- What will I get! a
Arjun grinned and said- I Will announced you my gf!
Swara glared at him then thing something- hmm what about you will give me your favorite bike !
Arnav laugh. At the horror look of Arjun but Mehra is always like this.
Arnav finally said – Mehra stop it ! Nothing is goong to happened!
Swara just pushed him aside and said walking towards another street- my bike should be ready devil!
Arjun smile devilishly saying to Arnav – She think these drunk man’s are easy !!
Arnav said quietly- Oh well it is not like that she will always win when it comes to bike you are going to get a heartbreak man .
here we have some more drama with our lioness said Arjun with devilish smile while Arnav smirks at the site said quitely ” little sister is too much some time devil”

Swara walk towards the restaurant when one drunk man hold her hand while other surrounded her.
” Baby going somewhere
Ufff this figure..i wanted to warm my lips
Neh just not lips guys how about making her goddess in our shampine naked and

Next no body know what happened One man was lying with his bleeding head while three person were totally horror but then wine bottle were brutally smashed against the other drunken face and the two were shivering totally horrified.

Swara look at them with satisfied smirk as she bent down at two drunk mens who are holding other mens muttering apology she said dangerously ” I don’t like the dialogue its sounded like dgrade film otherwise everything was alright ”
Swara turned around look at Arnav and Arjun smirking face well they knew about her move so well she should try some different.
As she walked inside the restaurant ordered Arjun so fav burger after some time when she walk look at those drunkers still lying unconscious she shook her head and bend little two drumkers who were supporting lying drunkers immediately moved back but when they saw that dangerous women taking their wines bottles they were shocked.
Swara give them smirk saying – Well you know it is so much pain to punch that healthy guy beside I am very much hungry you see so usually get frustrated that’s it . but next second the left two drunkers were smashed by broken bottles and lied unconscious bleeding beside their friends giving while Arnav and Arjun look little surprise while Swara whisper-” blo*dy molesters ”


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