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Bigg Boss 10 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 23
All are sleeping when suddenly alarm starts buzzing. Bigg boss asks inmates to come in garden area. All inmates come in garden area. Manu asks owners and servants to stay side by side. Bigg boss says when you came in house, some were well known and called as celebs and some faces were unknown who called themselves as indians so in three weeks, people watched you and got to know you, you have all become celebrities so when the difference is gone, no one will be called as celeb or commoner, no one is owner or slave, there is no team to fight against other team, all will individually play, when there is no difference so there are no owners or servants, lets burn rules which separate you both teams and wait for tomorrow morning which will give message of equality, the pages of the rule book are displayed on stands, one by one those stands starts burning, bringing those lines to ashes, inmates are dazed to see it. Bigg boss says let wait for new beginning and new morning, good night, all inmates hoot and thank Bigg boss.

Niti says to Bani that i am so happy that i dont have to deal with my team, Bani says game will change, you wont get support from your team, game will be on different level, Niti says your team was cooperative so it was nice for you but i had to suppress my voice and had to sacrifice a lot.
Manu says to Manveer that celebrity Manver lets dance, they dance. niti says there wont much difference, Manu says should i sleep beside your bed now? she says yes come, Naveen says he wants to sleep beside you.
Lokesh says to Niti that i am going to be tough now, nobody did efforts for me in nomination task, i was putting effort for Rohan to wear womanly dress, Lokesh says to Niti that they think i am weak player, now they will know real me. Niti says this is house, there is no celeb or commoner anymore.

Day 24
Welcoming this new change in a cheerful way, the housemates wake up to the song ‘Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana’. Inmates dance. Gaurav hugs Naveen.

Manveer says to Mona that Niti was not ours and also Lokesh, Mona says they were brainwashed, Manveer says they were never friends first, they will be alone now like Swami, Mona says they expect to become friend and talk to them but they dont made efforts themselves, Manveer says Swami was alone in house, Lokesh will be same, she is trying to get support of Bani, Lokesh is nowhere near Bani, they see Lokesh going from there.
Lokesh is drinking morning tea and wipes her tears.

Lokesh is cleaning her drawer and singing dil yeh keh raha hai. Swami is watching on tv and starts singing too. Lokesh sings tu hai wohi dil ne jise apna kaha. Swami says she tried to butter everyone to avoid nominations but still got nominated. Lokesh sings mei chali mei chali(i am going), Swami sings mei aonga mei aonga(i will comeback), Lokesh says i am not going from this house soon.

Bigg boss says to Swami that how are you? he says i am fine, i want to request to open Tv, i am seeing their tricks, i have now understood their game, i will win now, i dont want money, i will do charity, Bigg boss says we wish you luck, Swami says i will win for sure now. Bigg boss says you will go back in house again but this will depend on inmates decision, Swami says they will never let me in again, they are common people while i am God’s follower, they would never let me in. Bigg boss says wait for their decision. Swami says they are all selfish, they are doing everything for money.

Niti reads instructions for luxury budget, all inmates are excited. She reads that Bigg boss was about to give them 2200points but due to inmates breaking rules like Rahul and Bani not wearing mics. Niti and Bani talking in english, likes Gaurav and Bani putting mic off so now their points are deducted and they will get 1400points, they will get items on plasma Tv from which they will choose items and write on board. Inmates see items on Tv, they see three hampers each for 700points. Swami is watching them, There is Swami Om in items list of luxury budgets, inmates can buy him for 1400points, Rahul says who wants him back? Manveer says buy him, Rahul says wfor what you need him? Manveer says i am joking, you really think i want him back? Karan says we can buy 2hampers for 1400points. Manu says we will be saying to evict him again after 12hours, Manveer says he is called ‘item’ on Tv, its right for him, Niti says if we chose him then he will be sent back? Manu says yes, Naveen says if i was on board, i would have write his name to buy him. Manu says we dont need him, there is no team so we dont need Swami Om, they all selected food items and not Swami for luxury budget. Swami is watching everything from secret room and says bigg boss i told you earlier only that they are selfish, they are against saints, they are materialistic, dont let me get insulted by them but you are incharge, you are almighty, they dont want good things.

Manu says to Naveen what is uses of swami? you want more competition, if it was Priyanka then we would have thought, Naveen says if i was in your place then i would have bought him, Manu says Swami made things difficult for me, Manveer says i dont think they would send him back, Manu says he was never loyal to our team, Lokesh is enough to backstab us, we dont need one more tension, Manveer says maybe Swami changed after going out of house, you know Rahul was so angry when i asked to buy him, Manu says i would always choose luxury budget over him, he used to irritate me so much. Swami is watching all this on Tv. Manveer says he ate our energy, now we have Mona on our side, Manu says he nominated me too, Mona says he said to me that he would never vote you both, Manu says we should kick betrayers out of house.

Bigg boss says to Swami that its time for you to go back to home, you pack your stuff and go out of room. Swami gather his things and goes out from that room.

Om Swami re-enters the house on his own composition ‘Om Ji, Phir Se Bigg Boss Ke Ghar Mein Jayenge’. Unable to contain their happiness , Manu, Manveer, Navin and Lokesh run towards Swamiji and hug him tightly. Swami is jumping and dancing, all are excited to see him, they hug him tightly. Rahul is laughing seeing all this. Gaurav hugs him too. Swami hugs Rahul too. Lopa is laughing seeing his antic. She wishes him congratulates, Swamiji claims that he has re-entered the house as ‘Om’ and not as Swami Om. Bigg boss says what has to happen, happens even if you dont want it, you people didnt choose Swami oever food but he had to comeback so he has entered again as inmate and part of show again, we welcome Swami Om again, Swami says reason for me going out, was because i promised Mona and Niti that i would save them from eviction, i have promised someone else too and i will fulfill it now, one more thing i will stay in house till finals. Swami says you people can nominate me as much as you want but i will stay till finals and top three will be who will my followers and want peace of world, no selfish people, i want to give message to people, i have not come for money, i will charity money i will earn, i want good things in world. Swami says to Mona that i will make you marry Romie, She says how you know his name? he says i know everything, niti asks you where in secret room or outside? Swami says i was outside, i went for some special work, Niti says did you watch episodes? he says i was busy with some work, i didnt get less votes, i had highest votes but i requested to go and had to fulfill promise.

Lopa says the song started and he had with so much energy, Rahul says i thought he would faint, Rohan says i liked seeing him back, Lopa says i am happy he is back, he brings energy, i am sure, he saw me.
Naveen hugs Swami and cries, Swami says i missed you a lot, i ahd to comeback, Mona says Naveen let him take breaths, Swami says Naveen missed me most. Lopa is seeing all this and says to Rohan and Rahul, lets go to him and talk too, Rahul says no, Rohan asks her to go, Rahul says i dont like situation. Lopa says they nominated him first, they are hypocrites, they abused him, fought with him and now they are crying for him, Rahul says dont know they are fake or real. Swami says to Niti that your birthday is 4th date, Niti says oh my God this guy, Swami says i remembered her tears too. Manveer asks how show is going? Swami says they are getting top TRP, Manu says you must be on top, Swami says people like me so much, they are liking me, i like to be with you, i would want to sit with you people, Mona says you dont comment bad about us then we are okay, Swami says i am not Swami anymore.

Swami says to Manu that i had to go to stage to meet Salman but i was missing you people so i asked them to let me be back, Swami says niti wont get 50lacs votes so its good that i went, all laugh, Manveer says you are great, Manu says Swami is back, Niti says cant i win? Swami says i will win so how can you win? all laugh more, Swami says i didnt come here to win but now i will win.

Naveen reads task that Swami was living in secret room for three days, he was keeping eyes on everyone, Niti is stunned to hear it as Swami lied to her. Bigg boss introduces a new task ‘Parda Phaash’(revealing secrets). He also adds that Swamiji was in a secret room for the past 3 days and will now reveal few hard-hitting truths about any 6 contestants of his choice, if inmate is not happy with his point of view then they can object.

Swami says to inmates that i want to talk about my daughter Mona first. she used to take me as father but when i left, she commented about me, i went in pool with her as her father but Mona told to some people that any father behave like with this his daughter? Mona says and what about you commenting about me and Manu’s relation? does father say things like that? Swami says its father’s duty to point out mistakes of daughters, you are going to get married to someone so this is not good what you do, these are against traditions, Mona says why you are saying different things? Swami says you are acting in this house but you will get consequences in real life, Mona starts crying. Manveer says dont cry if you dont agree with him, Naveen wipes her tears. Swami says i want to talk about my other daughter Niti, i requested people to save Niti but when i was evicted, she said that i was no Swami, i am useless, you dont know about me so you dont have to comment about me, Niti says you told me that you want to leave house because you had some work, now i will tell your secret, Swami says its my task to reveal secret, Niti says i can counter argue, Lopa is laughing. Manveer says rule is saying is inmate is not happy about your words then they can deny it, and mind you, no one is happy about your words, all laugh hearing it, Swami says give rule book to me, Lopa is laughing is seeing all this. Niti says i told you that i want to live in this house, please request for me. then i saw you talking to camera that you want votes for yourself, you will free that person from jail and all, Bani listened all that, Swami says Bani will agree to you as she is your friend, Bani says i saw requesting people for voting, Niti says are you done? can i speak? i used to believe you but not anymore, move on. Swami says i wanna talk about Manu now, Manu says he is best friend of Mona but behind her back, he says he has only one friend Piko, he fakes his love story with Mona, fakes being Lokesh’s brother, he could have saved Lokesh from Karan’s task but he let Lokesh get stuck and she got nominated, he could have saved her, Manu claps and says move on, you. Lokesh says dont talk to him like this. Swami says next is my yoga Guru Gaurav, in king task he was my advisor but just to make his team win, he provoked me against my team, Gaurav says thanks for complimenting me for doing task well, i couldnt say it before but you were calling characterless to one girl on Tv, Swami says i apologized too, Gaurav says listen when i am talking, Gaurav says when Bani got hurt because of Rohan moving knife in air, you brought it in game too saying that it was plan to kill you, you kept saying ill words to girls and i wont let this happen on Tv, i can shout too like you, Swami says i apologized, Gaurav says i will make you villain for this, Swami says i touched feet of everyone when i cameback in house because i wanted to apologize, Swami says i have done task. Niti says dont call us daughters again, Gaurav leaves.

Manu says to Naveen i am boycotting him, Naveen says its your choice, Manu says i told earlier too that i would never choose him over even spoon, Manveer says this is fight of commoners, Manu says what Lokesh thinks? she thinks Swami is saying right.

Manu says let Swami sleep on floor, he will go to jail too, Manveer and Manu laughs, they dance too. Rohan says there are no teams, Manu says so all inmates will choose him to go to jail, he says to Naveen that Rahul will get more votes than you, he is naveen’s friend but still putting him down, Lopa laughs.

Lokesh says to Niti that Manu never brings tea for me, why does he forget his sister then? he remembers me for fun, for work, i know i will leave this house but they are not thinking about me, i told them that even if you nominate me, i would sit in your team, she is in tears.
Manu says to Manveer that there will be open nominations, we will get most votes but we cant pretend to be buttering people.
Niti says to Lokesh that you took them as your brothers, they left you and its their loss.
Lokesh comes into restroom, she is upset, Manveer says she is upset because of us, why you think that you got nominated because of us or we have problem with you talking to Bani, you are giving us attitude since morning, Lokesh says if you had problem then you could have talked to me but you have ego, i did mistake, i am sorry, Naveen tries to hug her, Manu says you ignored me, Lokesh says you told me that you would never talk to me again, Manu says for sake of relation, i say i wont talk to you because i dont want to fight with her, Lokesh says i didnt ignore you, Manveer says you have talked enough, now listen, Lokesh says this is ego, you never want to listen, she says to Niti see how has ego, they never listen to me.

Manu calls Lokesh and asks if she can share bed with Swami with pillow inbetween, she says i dont have problem sharing bed but if Mona, Niti and me share bed then? Naveen says it will give back sprain, Lokesh asks Mona is not sharing bed with him? Manu says they are already fighting so let them stay away, Lokesh says let me talk to Niti.
Lokesh comes to Niti and Bani and says they are asking me if i can share bed with Swami, Bani says no, Lokesh says they are saying to put pillow inbetween, Bani says why they cant share bed wit him? Lokesh says all three boys want to sleep together, Bani says tell them straight no, Lokesh say no.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to inmates that three inmates who will come to confession room first will get chance to become captain. Bani, Manu and Swami runs to confession room, they are contenders to become captain.
Bani comes to inmates and says that i will try to get more and more food for you people. Manu says i will try to have good environment in house. Swami says if you vote for me then i will take you to top three. Bani says to Lopa that my intentions were never to hurt you, Lopa says even your sorry seem fake, Bani says dont accept it then. Manu asks Lokesh when did i not talk to you. Manu says to Swami that you wont become captain, Naveen says to Swami that make collation with Manu and vote for him and step down from being contender for captaincy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I told u guyz…swami is going nowhere…god..he is soooo irritating. And this loklesh..she is such a cry baby. Wants to gain sympathy from all.

  2. This swami is such a liar aur dekhne ki bat to ye hai ke ye pakda bhi jata hai phr bhi baz nahi ata
    Aur mannu ki harkat dekho ladki ko om k pass sulayenge jabke khud usko bura bolte hain itni akal nahi ke 3no mein se koi ek so jaye uske sath

    Manveer ka epic expression when baba start fighting with niti” tum jo bol rhe ho us per kon khush hoga “his facial expressions is hilarious cant stop laughing

  3. Perfect game!but swami is so irritating. he lies soo much!
    now Bani will become the first captain!
    and i don’t find it wrong!
    Loved how Gaurav slapped baba wid his words!
    it’s great dat baba can’t call thm daughters anymore!
    Mona,she cried again
    whenever she finds dat she is wrong, she starts crying! salman plz tell her to stop!!
    Lokesh is on 50/50!shoe is both ryt n wrong on different points…

  4. Haha swami’s dialogues so funny 😀 n itna jhoot bolta h ki doosre pal me hi bb ne uski phol khol the way gaurav reactd on swami ws nice..n bani going to b d fst captain f bb10..bani rockx

  5. Anveshna singh

    Ya right Bani rocks!!! I want to see today who voted for her. I feel quite sad for Lokesh she is too ‘bhola bhala’.Aaj Bani gaurav ka koi scene nhi tha sad. Naveen is so so fake. And i hope he is evicted. And Btw why were there 2 beds in the secret room??

  6. Anveshna singh

    Karan rohan dikhte hi nhi why are they so khoya khoya. And i don’t like Lopa she is always with this manu gang. Lastly manveer does not luk gud at all with shaved beard.

  7. MANVEER you are looking hot in your new look…… we love it……..

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