From Darkness To Light Epi 24

Episode 24
Swara gets ready for the temple.. Uttara makeups her..
She brings her down..
DP watches her..
Ap: ji.. How is she??
DP: (he gets emotional seeing Swara) Shekar daughter.. I used to play with her.. I’m soo happy

He caresses Swara’s face..
Uttar: (smiles) bhai shall we go now.. It’s already late.
Sanskar: Ma what’s this sudden plan to temple.. That too full family.. Any special..
AP: yes Sanskar:. We want to fix ur marriage date.. Nd Swaraa never came to temple na..
Sanksar: Kk mom!!
They all leave.. At that same time even Shekar, Shomi and Laksh go for same temple..
Shona gets down.. She looks at the environment in the temple.. It’s soo new to her..
Swara: sanskar what is this place?
Sanskar: it’s god place..even he is ur friend..

Swara: kk’
They go inside.. At that time Shona’s bangle fells down…
SwAra looks at the bangle falling down…
Swara: (smiles) sanskar, my bangle.. Il get that…
Sanskar: (smiles)Kk.. Come fast
Swara runs down to get that bangle.. Suddenly she slips on the stairs.. When she was about to fall
Shekar holds her…

Swara looks at him shockingly..
Shekar: (smiles) Beti, careful.. Ul fall down..
Swara: (smiles)my name is not name is Swara..
Shekar is shocked.. His eyes are filled with tears to hear the name Swara
Shekar: Swara??
Swara: yes.. Rosy Ma used to call me as Beti.. But Sanskar kept my name as Angel.. Because I’m

his Angel.. And later Ragini said my name is Swara..
Shekar is shocked and confused.. Shocked to see the way she’s talking and confusion for the
names Ragini and Sanksar..Wch Swara mentioned
At that time Sanskar comes down searching for Swara, as it been some time since she went down..

He gets tensed Nd comes down.. ..
Sanskar: Angel??
Swara looks at him and she hugs Sanskar..
Shekar is shocked to see Sanskar
Swara: he is Sanskar.. I told na that he kept my name as Angel..
Shekar gets call from Shomi.. He picks it
Shomi: Shekar where r u? We r waiting..
Shekar: coming…

He angrily walks inside without talking
Swara: sanskar why did he go?? Did I said anything bad?
Sanskar: (smiles) Noo Angel… Ur always true and correct.. And Angel I’m so happy.. The first time I
saw u.. U were soo shy and scared to talk with someone.. But now ur facing them.. Ur interacting..
It’s so nice Angel.. I’m so proud of u…
(He kisses her forehead)
Swara smiles…

Sanskar: come lets go inside…
They go inside..
Maheswari family and gadodia family are facing each other oppositely in puja..
Puja gets started..after the puja the pandit blesses Sanskar and Swara for their wedding
Shekar gets angry listening the news..
He looks at Sanskar angrily as he feels that he cheated Kavitha.
He tries to leave but Laksh shops him holding his hands cooling him down..
Meantime Swara watches Laksh..
She gets happy.. Even Laksh looks at her..
Swara gets excited Nd says hi…

Laksh looks at her and gives a smile..
Shekar looks at both of them and gets shocked.. He angrily leaves from there..Laksh follows him!
Laksh: dad listen..
Shekar: why are you smiling at her Laksh.. How can u?? Sanskar is marrying her.. He cheated
Laksh: dad I know, but she is really innocent dad.. Her name is Swara, I always remember our

Swara dad..and she is staying with Ragini.. (He tells him what happened) She needs family now..
She don’t have anyone..she needs Sanskar dad..
If ur angry on him why to show angry on her.. He is marrying her.. Leave it dad..
Shekar cries reminding his daughter Swara..
Shekar: ur right Laksh.. Even I remembered our Swara, when she told her name.. Even she is like our
daughter.. Anyways come lets go now..
They leave..
Meanwhile Kavitha meets Kaveri, she tells her what all happened… Kaveri is shocked.. Nd she gets
sad seeing kavithas situation
Kaveri: Kavitha don’t get sad, ur maasi is with u.. I will help u..
Kavitha: I don’t know what Ul do.. Plz separate Swara and Sanskar.. I can’t see them together.. (She
hugs her and cries)
At that time She calls Raj.. And tells him to come..
Raj comes.. Kaveri tells him everything to him…
Raj thinks and tells a plan to her…
Kaveri and Kavitha smiles listening the plan..
Kaveri: so Kavitha don’t worry, I’m ready to do anything for u..
Raj : but Kaveri, what about that Sanksar?? He knows that we both are into this plan?? How can we
handle him??
Kavitha: don’t worry uncle.. Il manage that.. Il take Laksh help..
Kaveri: (smiles) okay tomorrow lets start our plan..and Kavitha u start ur plan today..
Kavitha: Kk maasi.. (She cries hugging her) but I’m soo sorry.. I’m using u for my happiness.. Plz

forgive me
Kaveri: (smiles) il die for ur happiness Kavitha.. Thai is very small thing.. Raj is with me.. He will take
care of it..
Raj, Kavitha and Kaveri smiles evilly…
After the puja Laksh comes home…
Kavitha watches them and starts her acting..

Laksh watches Kavitha crying in her room..
Laksh: Kavitha.. Why are u crying??
Kavitha: bhai..(she hugs him) I need to talk to u.. It’s very important..
Laksh: what’s that??
Kavitha: I got to know the truth about Angel bhai..
Laksh: (confused) Angel? U mean Swara??
Kavitha: yes bhai..
Laksh: what’s that??
Kavitha: she is….(stammers) Swaraa

Laksh: hmm I know Kavitha.. Her name is Swara.. That’s why I couldn’t stop them.. I felt soo angry
seeing them both.. But she is innocent she is like our sister.. Soo I couldn’t do anything… I’m sorry
Kavitha.. Forget about everything.. Il get a good match for u.. Trust me.. U will be happy… Nd now I
have some work.. Talk to u later.. Bye..
Kavitha: bhai.. Listen.. She is..
Laksh: Kavitha.. Plz I’m not in a mood to listen anything..
Kavitha: but bhai…
Laksh: Kavitha… Will talk tomorrow..

Kavitha: (shouts) bhai, she is our Swara bhai…
Laksh is shocked!!
Laksh: what??

Kavitha: yes bhai.. She is Swara, our Swara.. Do u remember on her 3rd birthday.. She dint die.. She
was been kidnapped.. She was kept in a room, she was grown up in that room..
Laksh eyes are filled with tears.
Laksh: what are u saying Kavitha??
Kavitha: yes bhai.. Yesterday I went to meet maasi.. Ive heard her saying this to some person.. Her
maasi did this.. I hate her.. She kidnapped our Swara bhai..

She is my sister… Our Swara!! Ma and papa will be very happy.. But what about maasi?? I can’t tell
this truth to anyone bhai.. I hate maasi
(She cries hugging him)
Laksh is shocked and happy..
Laksh: (happy) Kavitha.. Is she’s our Swara?? That means Swara is alive ?? Ohh god..I can’t believe
His eyes are filled with tears of joy..
Laksh: I should tel this to everyone.. I’m so happy.. Angel is my sister.. Ohh god!! Thankyou soo

Kavitha: but bhai.. I’m scared.
Laksh: (confused) scared??
Kavitha: haa bhai.. Sanskar cheated me.. What if he cheats Angel?? I’m strong to face these.. But
Swara needs happiness now.. She needs us bhai.. Try to bring her here.. Don’t allow her to go to
Sanskar.. He will leave her one day.. I can’t see my sisters life being ruined..
Laksh gets angry thinking about Sanskar..
Laksh: yes Kavitha.. Ur right.. I won’t let my sister be in that house.. I will never allow for their
Marriage.. but I’m happy.. I’m so excited Swara is alive.. My sister is alive.. I will tell This to
everyone.. Il first tel Thai to Ragini.. She will be Happy..

He happily goes out…
Kavitha smirks seeing him.. And thinks
“Sanksar, u left me, now il see how u both will marry”.
Episode ends

What happens next??

Any guesses??
U all might wonder why I gave such Precap last time where Ragini tells the truth to Laksh.. Just
wait.. U will understand

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