Laal Ishq FF – MATSH, SNS, YHM, Swararagini, Saraswatichandra Part 9 (Karwachauth Special)

The couples of this SS…

Shravan Vidya
(Shakti Arora and Radhika).

Dharam Meera(Amar Tanya)

Raman Ishita(Karan Patel Divyanka)

Manoj Shagun(Ejaz Khan Anita)

Saras Kumud(Gautam Jennifer)

Danny Kumari(Varun Helly)

Romi Sarika(Aly Goni Asha Negi)

Dharam Durga(Amar Smriti Irani)
Ahem Gopi(Nazim Devoleena)

Jigar Rashi( Vishal Rucha)

Dedicated to Shakaib who named Dharam Tanya as DaNi.Dedicated this part to Mansi who wants SNS title track to be played in a Dheera scene.

Gopi:What are you saying Vidya?
Gaura:She is right.Priyal is not there in our destiny.
All were stunned.
Ahem:What nonsense!
Kokila:Tell clearly Gaura.
Gaura:Sorry Koki.We lied to you that my bahu Durga is missing.
All were shocked.
Dharam:I wanted Durga to be independent and decided to teach her driving.But she was scared.Still I taught her driving.

Flash back…
Dharam showed a car to Durga.
D:How is it?
Dur:Nice car Dharamji.
D:This is my gift for you.

Durga could’nt believe it.
Dur:For me?But why a car for me?
Dharam:Now you should drive without my help.
Durga:No Dharamji..I can’t..
Dha:You can.
Durga:Please…I am scared.I am not confident to drive alone.
Dha:You will get confidence only if you drive alone.

Durga was’nt willing to listen to him.The next day Dharam gave her a bouquet of flowers.
Dharam:Keep these flowers in the car.Let the car have some fragrance when you drive.Because of fragrance your tension will vanish.
Dur:No Dharamji…whatever you do you can’t change my decision.

Another day after Durga did puja Dharam went near her.She gave him prasad.

Dharam:What did you pray?
Dur:I prayed for everybody’s happiness.
Dharam:Is it?But I will be happy only if you drive by yourself.
She looked at his eyes.
D:Durga…won’t you do that for me?
Her face became dull:Ok..for you i will do that.
Dharam became very happy.

But when she was led to the car she got scared and backed out.But
Dharam pushed her inside the car and asked her to drive.
Durga drove the car in fear and by mistake her car hit a boy.

Dharam:That boy died.
All were shocked.
Dharam:Because of me Durga became a murderer.

Flash back…
Durga cried:Dharamji…I had told you not to make me drive.See…now because of me an innocent boy’s life is lost.
Dha:It is my mistake and I promise you that I will not let you rot in jail.

Dharam:I contacted the boy’s mother Rachana and offered her money to withdraw the case.

Rachana:I am very rich.I don’t need your money.I want my son.Return my son.
She cried.
Dharam and Gaura became upset.
Dharam:Durga did’nt do it purposefully.It was only an accident.
Durga:Please don’t punish an innocent lady.
Rachana:Ok..I will withdraw the case.
Dharam Gaura were very happy.
Rachana:Durga won’t go to jail.But she will be under my custody.I want to torture her.
Dharam Gaura were shocked.
G:What are you saying?
Rachana:Should Durga be in jail and be known as the criminal Bahu of Suryavanshi family or she just have to be under my custody?What is your choice?
Dharam Gaura became upset.
G:How can you be so cruel?Please release our Durga.
Rachana:Cruelty was done to my innocent son.You people have to suffer for snatching my son from me.
Gaura and Dharam begged Rachana.
Rachana:Ok…I will release Durga from my control.But only if you give your grand son Shravan’s first child to me.Till then you have no permission to see Durga.
They were shocked.
Gaura:Ok.We will do it as per your wish for Durga.
Rachana smirked.
Rachana cancelled the case and Durga was released from the jail.
Dharam,Gaura and Shravan were very happy.
Shravan and Durga hugged Durga.
Gaura:Are you alright Durga?
Dur:Yes maaji.
Dharam:Now you are no longer a prisoner Durga.
Dur:But still I won’t be able to be with you all.Right?So it is equal to be in a prison.When I can’t be with my family…when i can’t even see them I am a prisoner.Right?

Dharam,Durga and Shravan became very upset.Rachana smirked.

Rachana:Enough of these emotional dialogues and come with me.
Rachana dragged away Durga and
kept her in her custody.

Ahem:Means Priyal will be given to Rachana?No way.I won’t let it happen.You all betrayed us.
Vidya:No papa.I knew it before.I agreed it wholeheartedly to save my mother in law.
Kokila:Gaura,I never expected this from you.
Gaura:What to do Kokila?You would have done the same to save your Gopi Bahu.Right?My Durga is also dearer to me like Gopi is to you.
Kokila became upset.
Gopi: shed tears:My daughter’s daughter can’t be snatched from her heart.
Ahem:Yes i agree with gopi.

Vidya:Maa…you would have done the same if Kokila dadi was in the same condition.Right?
Gopi was upset.
Ahem:Shravan…you hurt my daughter.
Shravan was upset:I know that i hurt Vidya a lot.But I also feel pain like Vidya as Priyal is my daughter also.
Ahem:Oh really?Then how can you give your daughter to someone so easily?
Shravan:Trust me.It is not an easy decision.My heart is still bleeding for that.But to save my mother I did’nt have any other option.

Dharam:Please don’t say that Sharavan is purposefully hurting Vidya.He can never do that to Vidya.He loves Vidya a lot.
Meera:Yes dad.Dharam..I mean Dharam Sir is right.I am also sure about Shravan’s love for Vidya.He can’t do anything to hurt her.But circumstance made him take this decision.And Vidya had told me everything before.
All were stunned to know that Meera was aware of it.
Ahem:What?You knew it before?Still you did it from us.
M:Sorry dad.Vidya did’nt want me to reveal it to anyone.
Ahem:I can’t accept all this.
Vidya said tearfully:Maa..papa…if you really love me please don’t cause any problem.Please let me give Priyal to Rachanaji.She lost her son.So I am sure that she will love my Priyal.Priyal will be safe.Now Durga Maa has to be safe and we can do it only if all agree.Please don’t say no.

Ahem Gopi were so emotional that they hugged Vidya.

Unknowingly Dharam and Meera’s eyes moved to each other’s face.Their eyes locked onto each others emotionally.But nobody noticed them.

Satrangi mausam ho,
Ya gham ke badal ho
Phoolon ki sej ho ya,
Kaanton ki raahein ho

Meera’s eyes told him:However your heart hides your feelings your eyes can’t hide your feelings for me Dharam.That’s why your eyes still long for me.

Mere hum kadam, mere hum safar
Raah mein chhod na jaana,
Har kasam todd na jaana

Dharam’s eyes told Meera:Maybe destiny does’nt want us to be together Meera.We can’t go against our cruel destiny.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

Meera’s eyes told him:However our destiny separates us physically our hearts are locked onto each other and we both are life partners in our soul in every birth.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

Danny entered the house.Kumari yelled at him:Where were you Danny?I searched for you a lot.
Danny:Chill sweety..I thought I will buy something which we both like equally.
Danny:We both have only one interest in common.
Danny took a cover:Surprise…Pani puri.
Kumari was excited:Wow..Danny you are so sweet.
She pecked his cheek and embraced him.

D:Atleast I got a sweet romantic gift from you for buying pani puri.If you give me this gift in return I will buy pani puri daily.
Kumari smiled.
Kumari:Now open the cover Danny.I can’t wait to eat it.
He opened it and took pani puri in his hand tempting Kumari..
Kumari took one in her hand.
Kumari:Shall we feed each other?
D:Is there any need to ask that?
They both fed each other smiling.

Then they both ate pani puri by themselves like crazy.

Shravan Vidya carried their baby in arms emotionally.
They kissed Priyal weeping.
Gaura took over Priyal from them.
Vidya burst into tears:Shravan…we are losing our Priyal.Priyal will no more with us.
Shravan too cried.He held her face and touched her forehead with his.They both shed tears wetting each other’s face.

Priyal was handed over to Rachana by Gaura and Dharam.Shravan wept silently.
Rachana smirked thinking:Durga..because of me I lost my son and still I am in pain.Now your son is also feeling the pain I felt years back because of you.I feel very happy.

Durga got released.They were emotional to see Durga.
Durga wept:Maaji…Dharamji…
Gaura hugged Durga.
G:You have so weak because of this Rachana.Now onwards you will have a comfortable life.

They took her home.
Shravan hugged Durga:Maa…
They wept.
Durga:Sorry beta.Because of me you lost your daughter.
They cried.
Durga:I want to meet my daughter in law who sacrificed her daughter to save me.
Durga was led to the puja room where Vidya was praying.
Vidya who came out of the puja room saw Durga.
V:Maa…you came back?I am so happy that you returned safely.I am seeing you for the first time.I am so happy.
Durga became very emotional:Vidya…thank you so much.No other daughter in law would do such a big sacrifice to save her mother in law.

Vidya became emotional reminded of her baby:Don’t say thank you maa.
They hugged each other weeping.All smiled emotionally.
Gaura:Now enough of crying.It’s the time to rejoice.
Everybody smiled.
Gaura:Tomorrow is Karwachauth.My daughters in law can prepare for it.
Durga:After a long time I am going to fast for Dharamji.I am so happy.
Vidya thought:I am sure that Meera di will also fast for Dharamji.So sad.


Saras was lost in Kumud who was dressed in red saree.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein
Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye

Kumud:Saras…will you keep staring at me or will you break my fast?Moon has arrived.
Saras smiled:Oh sure darling.

Kumud looked at the moon through the sieve and then viewed Saras’ face.

Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan

Saras broke her fast.Kumud tried to make him drink water.
Kum:I know that you too fasted for me Saras.

Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

They shared a sweet eye lock.

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan

She fed him water.

Mitey yeh saari duriyaan

Shagun saw Manoj through the sieve.

Wo mile the kyun mile the
Dekhne unhe bas waqt bhi rook gaya

She put tika on his forehead.

Wo pyar tha chune jise
Ek pal ke liye aasmaan jhuk gaya

He took a sweet from the plate

and fed her.

Har zindagi ye aitbaar
Aaye magar bas ek baar-Title song of Kkavyanjali.

Danny broke Kumari’s fast by feeding her.They smiled at each other.
Danny:You look more beautiful now.
She blushed.

Suddenly he felt like fainting.Kumari got scared.She held him.

Kum:Danny..what happened?
She sprinkled water on his face.
D:Now I am alright Kumari.
Kum:But suddenly why you had this problem?
Suddenly Kumari’s brain clicked:You too fasted.Right?
Danny kept quiet.Kumari became emotional:You fasted for me and I did’nt even know that.I am a bad wife.
D:Don’t say like that Kumari.You are the best wife.Otherwise why should I fast for you.

Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Kum:But what was the need to fast when you are not used to do all this?
D:If you can fast,pray and do puja for me why can’t I do this for you?

Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan
They shared an emotional eye lock.

Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke

Kum:I won’t let you starve anymore.She fed him water.

Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Then she started feeding him food with her hands.He fed her back.

Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake-AirLift

Kum:If you fast again I will kill you.
D:What kind of a wife you are?Usually wives become happy when their husbands fast for them.But you are trying to murder me.You are peculiar.
They giggled.

Chirag and Parag broke the fast of Hetal and Kokila.Ahem broke Gopi’s fast.Sahir Sona and Samr Monica too had their Karwachauth rituals.
Jigar and Rashi broke each others fast.

Jaaniye Heeriye
Jaaniye Heeriye

Rashi:Jigarji..I was never an ideal wife.Still you gave me a lot of love.Thank you for that.

Mere Mann Ye Bata De Tu
Kis Or Chala Hai Tu

He held Rashi’s hand:Rashi..for me a wife means you.For me love means you.You taught me how to love.

Kya Paya Nahi Tune
Kya Dhundh Raha Hai Tu

Rashi became happy:Jigarji…
Jigar:I mean it Rashi.

Jo Hai Ankahee Jo Hai Ansuni
Woh Baat Kya Hai Bata

They smiled at each other.

Mitwa… Kahe Dhadkan Tujhse Kya
Mitwa… Yeh Khudse Toh Na-KANK

Ahem Gopi entered their room.
Gopi:Everything went on very well.
Ah:Gopi.can you bring some water for me?
She brought wate:Take water Ahemji.
Ah:You brought it till here.Why don’t you fed me water?
Gopi smiled:Romance?Ok.
She fed him water.

Ah:Thank you breaking my fast Gopi.
Gopi was fasted?I can’t believe it.It’s one of the 7 wonders.
Ah:Gopi..I have always shouted at you in anger unnecessarily.Sorry for that.This karwachauth is a turning point in my life.
She smiled.They shared a sweet eye lock.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

Shravan broke Vidya’s fast.He cupped her face emotionally.
Shr:I snatched your heart from you..our daughter.Still you fasted for me?

Vidya:Why are you talking like this Shravan?She was your heart too.You too feel pain the same way I feel.We will soothe ourselves by sharing our pain with each other Shravan.That’s our love Shravan.Right?
He embraced her.Both wept silently.
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
V:You also did’nt eat anything.I will feed you.
Vidya started feeding him.

Shravan admired her with his eyes.

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

He held her closer.
Shr:I love you Vidya more and more now.
V:I too love you Shravan.
They looked at each other romantically.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho-Aashiqui-2.
Dharam to Durga:What was the need to fast Durga?You just came back from a place where you had to starve very often.Here too you should not have starved.

Durga smiled:Fasting for you is not at all tiring Dharamji.

Dharam felt guilty.He said in his mind:I don’t deserve it Durga as I never gave you the love you deserved.’s karwachauth.It’s a very important day.Get dressed properly.Wear a nice sherwani and come.
Dharam came wearing a nice sherwani.
Durga did puja and viewed Dharam’s face threough her sieve. Dharam felt that it was Meera in place of Durga.

Meera smiled at him in his imagination.

His face blossomed seeing her.

Saath nibhana, saathiya

Dharam fed her water fast.

Saath nibhana, saathiya

Suddenly he realized that it was only his imagination and felt sad.
The same time Meera imagined Dharam standing in front of him with a smile.

She was stunned to see Dharam in front of her.

She could’nt believe her eyes and became very happy.

Saath nibhana, saathiya

Suddenly she realized that it was only her illusion and she shed tears.In frustration she removed her jewellery and threw them down.She broke her fast tearfully keeping Dharam’s photo in front of her.

Saath nibhana, saathiya

She wept:Miss you Dharam..

Seeing Ishita dressed up Raman asked:Madrasan…you too taking interest in karwachauth?
Ishi:Now I am a punjabi too.Since years I have been taking karwachauth vrath.So I am used to it.Now Ravan Kumar break my fast soon.I feel hungry.

Raman smiled:Today i will feed you so much that you won’t eat anything for the next few days.
They both laughed.They celebrated karwachauth

and Raman fed her morsel.

Ho.. kabhi kam na hongi ye chahate
Pal pal badhe, ye hai mohabbatein

Sarika waited for Romi.
Sarika:Where has this Romi gone?Guess he won’t come today.He will be partying with his friends.He forgot that today is karwachauth.
Suddenly she heard a voice:How can I forget that?
She turned back.She was surprised to see Romi.
R:How can I forget Karwachauth when I know that my wife would be fasting for me.
Sari:Romi…I thought…

R:You thought I won’t come.Right?I did’nt fast for you.But that does’nt mean that I don’t love you.I love you a lot Sarika.

Lafzon se jo tha pareh
Khaali pann ko jo bhare
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan

Sarika smiled emotionally.They shared an emotional eye lock.

Rishte ko kya modh doon
Naata yeh ab todh doon
Ya phir yunhi chodh doon, darmiyaan

Romi pulled his own ears:Sorry for coming late.
Sarika giggled:Enough enough.

Benaam rishta woh
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho na sake jo beyaan, darmiyaan

Romi broke her fast.They smiled at each other.

Darmiyaan… (4)
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan-Jodi Breakers

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