HE IS DANGEROUS, Uncontrollable Feelings , Sufferings (Glimpse of SwaSan Stories) by Marsuu

Helllooo guys!!!!! Here is the glimpse of coming updates. Have a look.

GLIMPSE — SwaSan Stories


At mid night:
Sanskar enter inside their room with swara in his arms. He made her lie on bed and dress bruises on her wrist.
Then only he got call and to attend it he came out.
Sanskar: yes laksh
Laksh: Sanskar I’m waiting we have to do deal today
Sanskar: hmm I will try to come soon.
He cut the call and came inside the room.
But someone saw him talking on phone
Person: he is not mad??
Who is the person????

Swara held Sanskar’s wrist when he was about to leave.
Swara: don’t go plzz.
Sanskar look at her and then his mobile where laksh was calling….
What sanskar will choose Swara or his drug deal????


Lady who claim to be sanskar’s mother bring one girl of about swara’s age
Lady: she is your wife sanskar.
Girl came running to sanskar and was about to hug him but swara came in between
Swara(sternly): talk from far
Girl: Sanskar Ji finally I got
Swara : ohhh hello he is mine.
Sanskar was shocked with swara’s possessive behavior.

Sanskar’s Room:
Lady: give me 50 lakhs I will tell the truth.
Sanskar: but I don’t have this much money.
Lady: your father in law is very rich ask from him.
Sanskar: how can I ask from him.
Lady: that is your problem.
Sanskar was in dilemma what to do.


Doctor: I need to talk something important Mr Maheshwari.
Sanskar: yes
Doctor: have you applied for abortion??
Sanskar (shock): no
Doctor: but your wife has taken abortion pill.
Sanskar: what??? But this is not possible.
Doctor: may be she don’t baby.
Sanskar was shocked not knowing how to react.
Swara don’t want baby??? But she was happy then???
These questions were running in sanskar’s mind.
Will sanskar mistrust swara???


Well this is just a little part of the coming parts. I will try my best to give all these updates on tomorrow.
Thank you??

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      Thanks dear next part of sufferings is posted do check tc?

  5. Shocking shocking… Shocked right knw.. About he is dangerous… I don’t knw… Bt hope sanskar choose swara…
    About uncontrollable feeling…. Cheap people…
    N about suffering… I don’t think sanskar will misunderstand her…..

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    Update soon.. Tc.. ??❤❤????

    1. Mars

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  8. Wow loved it plz don’t seperate swasan bei suffering ?❤️❤️ And don’t kill the baby otherwise I’m excited for every part post soon in sha allah ❤️?

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