Chal wahan jate hain (swasan os)

Kripya krke sirf swasan fans read kre, not others…. I don’t want any kind of drama over making some character negative it’s my work so I hope I have right to do anything with my stories character…..

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This story from Kavya track, when laksh married her. And forget one thing that Ragini turned positive and caring for Swara…. And suppose adrash pari went on honeymoon ???…

Any similarities with any stories it might be coincidence ??? line tak yad nhi hai… Well it’s purely my chotu sa brain work…..

Jokes apart forgive me if you don’t like anything it’s my first try writing from serial track…..

Chal wahan jate hain

In mandap,

Their hands were slipping from each other hand, both were painfully looking at each other while other hand Shekhar was dragging Swara.

“Swara you can’t live with such family….” Shekhar was continuously blubbering something, but Swara was just seeing her and Sanskar’s hand which was slipping.

Time seems to run very fast, with every passing seconds they were falling apart. Their heart was bleeding this time as none of them wants this.

While Ragini was crying and her dadi ma and shomi were holding her.

“My laksh ji” Ragini

“I can’t live without you.” Swara whispered which only heard by Sanskar, he painfully looked at her not able to do anything as he knew how much Swara loves her family. He doesn’t wants to separate her by them. He well knows from childhood she’s craving for her father love, for perfect family after so much struggle Swara’s dream fulfilled, so he can’t be selfish…. He well known to this fact he’ll die with this separation, but still let her, separate from himself… He can’t be selfish….. Just can’t…..

She was just waiting for him, saying Swara will not go anywhere, she wants to be selfish for him because at this moment she just wants him….. not wanted to think about other…. This moment he all matters for her….

Time frozen for entire world, two souls came from body and sadly moved towards each other…. They held each other hand…. and wanted to hug each other for once… both wanted to break in each other embrace….

But this time even not their soul get time for seeing each other, for feeling each other, for crying in each other arms…

Time again started to move…. Soul back to body…. Again caged in there where they don’t have control….

Somehow Shekhar separated swasan’s hand, he took her with him and others follow them.

Sanskar fell on knees and cried loud.

“Why always me? Whenever I think I’ll get my happiness back, always something happen which snatch my happiness.” Sanskar painfully whispered and remembered recent scenes where his love about to get its destination but at end moment all things changed…

Gadodia house,

Shekhar pushed Swara inside room, and went near Ragini who was crying holding her mother’s hands.

“Why he did that? What was my fault I loved him truly, even agreed for helping Swara just due to him, but he betrayed me.. Why always me?” Ragini cried loudly and started to hit herself.

“Don’t worry Ragini, we all are with you.” Shekhar said

Swara who was lifelessly sitting in her room heard these words, she saw here there for finding someone who could console her, and say don’t worry Swara we are with you, but no one was there for her. All were busy in consoling Ragini as today she got betrayal.

Betrayal which broke her, but no one saw Swara, no one remembered that she has already gone through this… no one even thought might be Swara need them…. No one…

At other hand,

Dp, AP and other were busy in scolding laksh leaving, sanskar on his condition he saw for his mother’s lap, but his mother was holding his bade ma, and dad as usual standing silent near bade Papa.

All are seeing laksh did mistake…. But no one was seeing what laksh one mistake cause impact on Sanskar’s life….. No one was seeing what laksh’s one mistake gave punishment to Sanskar…. No one was there for him….. Simply he was alone…. Crying on his fate, crying for his love, crying for his soulmate….. Crying for his Swara…..

Sanskar stood, and went from there without saying anything. While Swara kept seeing outside, and cried silently seeing her baba, dadi and even her ma all are trying to make Ragini eat food, and for her they just gave a full plate food and throw before her because Swara is strong who doesn’t feel anything, who can handle everything.

Late night,

Sanskar came back, all things were quite there like everything got over.

He sadly entered in his room and saw Swara sitting on bed, and angrily looking at him. He became happy and opened his arms for hugging her

“Patidev here your patni waiting for you, and you were enjoying somewhere. Did you forget today we are married? Yeah not first time, but still. We supposed to be together.” Swara said, and angrily moved backward.

She was going to fall, but before it, he tried to hold…. But soon realisation hit him hard, he fell on bed….. And room was silent… He was alone….

Today supposed to the happiest day, but his fate turned it into the saddest day.

Tere mere darmiyaan hain baatein ankahi
Tu wahaan hai main yahaan
Kyun saath hum nahin

“We supposed to be together, but I think I am not made for love.” He sadly whispered…..

He glanced in whole room, all things were same as they were… But still nothing was same.

“See room, again only I am here…. And couch again I’ll sleep on you but like other day I’ll not able to stare her…. I’ll not able to capture her in my eyes… I’ll not able to say my heart ‘Sanskar at least your love is before your eyes’…. I’ll not able to do anything… She’s far from me… Very far..” Sanskar spoke like manic, he laid on couch and kept staring Swara’s side like he was trying to feel her presence.

Not able to get peace, he went on bed and laid hugging pillow like he was hugging her.

After some time, he finally got sleep but not peacefully as his peace was far from him.

At other side,

Swara kept remembering their moments, their journey.

She remembered how in jail she was losing hope… But decided to fight… Fight for his love… how at end moment she reached at mandap and stopped her Sanskar becoming someone else… How much she was happy during marriage… How she was seeing dream of good married life.

Faisley jo kiye
Faasley hi mile
Raahein judaa kyun ho gayi
Na tu ghalat, na main sahi

But instead of together, she is far from him… Far from her love… Her Sanskar.

Swara kept laying on floor, holding her chain tightly like feeling his presence through that only.

Soon she too drifted into sleep, but again not peaceful.

Next day,

Swara wake up by knock on her door, she realised she slept on floor itself and as usual no one care.

“Swara you still in this dress, change fast and go to Ragini. Don’t leave her alone, yesterday she went through a lot. We are going to lawyer for filing case against Laksh and also for your divorce.” Shomi said and went from there without giving any heeds to her condition.

“Divorce, but why? I’ll not give him divorce I’ll not give.” She murmured.

After few days,

Something was changing in Swara’s life, but no one was there for noticing it. And Sanskar’s life was not less than her.

A fine day,

“Sanskar.” Sujata called him

He happily went there, thinking his mother will ask him how’s he but instead of it she asked something else.

“Can’t you bring Swara here? Actually Sanskar me and jiji not able to handle Kavya alone if Swara would be here she must teach her good lesson.” Sujata said, listening it, he felt disgust here he and Swara suffering, but they’re only caring for themselves.

“Ha Sanskar bring her fast.” Ap said from behind.

He chuckled, and went from there without giving reply to them. They became confused with this behaviour, but again became busy in own life.

Swara was standing in hall near Ragini and her parents were giving her instructions to take care of her sister.

“Ma I need to…” Swara tried to say something, but interrupted by Shomi.

“Swara we will talk later, actually Ragini’s medicine going to end and also me and your baba need to visit doctor. See our Ragini going in depression.” Shomi said and went from there.

Swara became sad, and moved from there.

In room,

She closed door from inside and took her and sanskar pic.

“Sanskar here no one loves me, all are thinking I am some doll whom you can use like you want. I am not jealous by Ragini I understand she needs support, but Sanskar even I need. First time I did something for my happiness I ran from jail, so I can live with you, but what was my mistake if laksh betray her…” Her trances broken by someone fingers over her face. She saw towards that person and threw herself in that person arms.

“Sanskar you here.” Swara asked sobbing badly like still she not able to believe that her Sanskar is here.

“Swara don’t cry, everything would be fine.” Listening it, only her heart knew how much relief she got. Finally, someone said everything will be fine, her heart pounder with happiness….

“I know, you’ll be always with me. I also want to be you, why you not stopped me?” Swara asked without broking hug as she doesn’t want any kind of distance from him.

“I wanted, but I thought after so much struggle you get your family…” Sanskar said hugging her tightly….

Before Swara could answer, they listened loud voice from Ragini room.

“What happened?” Sanskar asked

“Don’t know, let me check…” Swara

“Yeah lets go…” Sanskar said and tried to move forward but stopped by Swara.

“You go, I’ll check… Dadi might not like your presence.” Swara said looking down.

He nodded in yes and went towards window, but thinking something he remained there itself.

Swara went in Ragini’s room where she saw her lying on bed, her one hand was bleeding.

“Ragini what you did?” Swara disbelievingly asked

“It is all due to you, I asked you not to leave her alone but you’re in your own world. For god’s sake Swara she needs support.” Shomi shouted

“I was just in room, I didn’t know..” Swara stammered

Shomi glared her, and went towards Ragini.

“If I not forgotten purse then might be she even I not able to say…” Shomi sobbed

“I am calling doctor, she’ll be fine.” Swara said

“Don’t needed, I already called her but Swara I didn’t expect this from you. You already know how much Ragini love laksh and whatever Laksh did with her she is broken. You need to stand with her.” Shekhar coldly said, in response Swara just nodded in yes.

She was not getting anything, why no one seeing her pain. She uderstands Ragini’s condition because it already happened with her, but why no one is trying to understand her.

After checking, doctor went from there. Swara tried to go near Ragini, but dadi stopped her.

“You don’t go near her, you’re solely reason of her state. If that day you not came then today my lado might be happy there.” Dadi said, Swara didn’t say anything, just looked at her mother for support, but her dismay her mother was busy in caressing Ragini’s forehead, and she didn’t have any kind of hope from her baba who only able to see his beloved daughter.

“I am sorry.” Swara said and moved from there.

She ran in her room, and closed from inside.

“I didn’t do anything then why she said it, even ma not said anything.” Swara sobbed and found knife. She saw knife and picked it. And remembered how Shomi was caring for Ragini.

“If I’ll die, then might she care for me too and might dadi also understand I didn’t do anything and might baba also understand even I am suffering.” Swara whispered broken.

At this moment, she was not in her sense just remembering all scenes when all back siding her.

(Shomi always loved her, and when suddenly she started to ignore her. Swara started to feel bad, it’s not Swara’s mistake it usually happens when you feel parents are ignoring you for your siblings.)

She about to slit her wrist, but received tight slap on her face.

“Are you mad?” Sanskar said and angrily threw knife from her hand.

She shrieked seeing his anger and looked down.

“Swara, I am asking something.” Sanskar again asked

“I am sorry, I didn’t know what I was going to do…” Swara said stammering

He cried seeing her state, and pulled her in hug.

“Swara, what you was going to do?” He asked then only realised she has fever and also looking pale.

“Have you ate anything?” He asked, but Swara just holding his shirt and asking sorry.

“I am sorry, all is my mistake… I am curse.” She kept repeating these lines.

“Please don’t say this. You come with me I’ll take you hospital.” He said

She wasn’t responding to him just kept clutching his shirt. He sighed and picked her in arms.

“You hurt me lot Swara. I never expected this from you…” He said, but it not effected her.

Later he went outside as expected all were with Ragini so no one saw him taking her, and she was not in her sense.

He reached hospital and admitted her. He himself was broken, and after seeing swara act he broken beyond hell. He not able to believe if he not there then what could happen.

He closed eyes, and sat at chair.

Sochta hoon yahin
Baithe baithe yunhi
Raahein judaa kyun ho gayi
Na tu ghalat, na main sahi

Le ja mujhe saath tere
Mujhko na rehna saath mere (x2)
Le ja mujhe… (x2)

“You even not think what I’ll feel? You’re really selfish Swara, you think about all but when my turn come you become dumb.” He thought and stood.

After three hours,

In gadodia house, no one get to know anything as they were busy with Ragini and in maheswari mansion, all were busy in scolding laksh-kavya no one realised where Sanskar is, he even fine or not.

In Room,

Swara was laying at hospital bed thinking about her foolishness and saw towards him who was sitting near her closing his eyes. His cheeks were full of tears marks.

Yaadon se lad raha hoon
Khud se jhaghad raha hoon
Aankhon mein neend hi nahi hai
Ho.. tujhse juda hue toh
Lagta aisa hai mujhko
Duniya meri bikhar gayi hai

“I am sorry, but I am not getting anything where our lives are leading. I not ran from jail for this life.” Swara blabbered caressing his face.

Listening some sound, he opened eyes and looked at her.

“Swara.” Sanskar tried to say something, but she sat and hugged him.

“Please don’t leave me for this, I promise I’ll not repeat….” She tried to say but stopped by him.

“Shhh Swara I understand your condition, but you too have to think about me. If anything happen to you then might be no one effected because all have others, but have you thought who I have? Ma is busy with fighting with laksh Kavya and badi ma waiting for you, not because she loves you because she thinks you’ll correct everything. And bade Papa just helpless before his loving son and dad as usual standing with him. Then tell for whom I’ll live if you’ll do something?” He asked with teary eyed.

“I am really sorry, I thought if something happen to me then all will understand me.” She said

“After that? Tell me, will I able to live or do you want even I die…” he asked, but before he could complete she kept her hand on his lips.

“I didn’t know, you’re too going through it. Sanskar dadi was blaming me and Ragini also agreed with her. One day I listened dadi was saying if I not reached at mandap then raglak happily married. But you tell me, what was my fault in that?” She asked

“You were not at all fault, all things are due to laksh.” He said and caressed her hair.

“And you know even ma not caring for me she’s busy with Ragini I am not complaining but Sanskar I was just hoping ma will come to me and make me sleep in her lap and say Shona don’t cry everything will be fine. But nothing happen like that, do we are just for others? Don’t we have life?” Swara asked

“Shhh everything will be fine, we will again live happily…” Sanskar said keeping her head in his lap and caressed her hair.

“No you’re wrong, after this problem again something will happen maybe after few days laksh back to Ragini and I know even she’ll accept him. Then all will say Swara Sanskar now you both can live together, but after some days if again something happen to Ragini or laksh then again all will say we all need you, help us.” Swara said emotionally.

He doesn’t say anything just hugged her tightly, she slept again due to medicine effect. He made her lay on bed and went in doctor cabin.

Dono ka tha safar
Manzilon pe aakar
Raahein judaa kyun ho gayi
Na tu ghalat, na main sahi
Le ja mujhe saath tere
Mujhko na rehna saath mere (x2)
Le ja mujhe… (x2)

“Doctor, is she fine?” He asked

“Exactly can’t say, but I think she’s mentally disturb. In unconscious state too she was crying and blabbering something. I think she needs your support, take care of her or else she lose her mentally balance.” Doctor said

He remembered about jail drama and now ongoing. He talked for sometime, and went from there.

He again entered in Swara’s room and sat holding her hand. He softly kissed her forehead.

“Now we will live for each other, and hope you’ll support mine decision.” He said

Sunn mere Khuda bas itni si meri duaa
Lauta de humsafar mera
Jaayega kuch nahi tera
Tere hi dar pe hoon khada
Jaaun toh main jaaun main kahan
Taqdeer ko badal meri
Mujhpe hoga karam tera…

“And I hope I again get my swara.” He said and again kissed her.

Next few days,

Swara was still in hospital and as usual no one get to know anything because all were busy in taking care of Ragini, Sanskar used to visit mansion just for freshen up. There also no one get to know anything.

In hospital,

Swasan were sitting on bed, and resting in each other embrace.

“You know Swara, I am waiting when you discharge then again we will go to mm.” Sanskar said pulling her closer.

She not said anything just turned her face, he smiled seeing it because he wanted to know something.

“I got my answer Swara.” He said

“What, but I didn’t say anything.” Swara confusedly said

“Nothing I was joking, you rest I’ll come in night.” He said and kissed her forehead.

She kissed his cheek and smiled.

“I love you, take care.” He said and went from there.

Between these days, things started to go better like laksh Kavya got divorce due to random reason and laksh was all set back to get Ragini because he felt she’s perfect for him.

Next day,

Laksh with all family reached gadodia house, and yes all forgive him too because laksh is small baby who do mistakes.

And as expected Shekhar agreed for laksh and Ragini marriage because Ragini happiness lies in laksh so how he supposed to steal his beloved daughter happiness. And dadi, Ragini happiness was no bound, Shomi was happy seeing Ragini smiling after long time.

“I will call Swara too, she will also happy knowing everything is fine now.” Shomi said remembering she has other daughter too.

“Again she’ll back in my life, hope she dies somewhere.” Ragini muttered which listened by someone.

Listening it, that person went from there and cursed all under breath.

“Swara is not in room.” Shomi shouted at top of Voice, listening it Ragini get happiness and dadi too.

“She must went outside.” Ap casually said

“hmm possible.” Shomi answered

“Don’t know where Sanskar is, both are irresponsible.” Sujata said

All took sit there and began to wait for swasan.

After three hours,

Swara came badi and directly tried to go in room, but stopped by Shomi.

“Where were you?” Shomi asked

Swara became little happy knowing that her mother still care for her, and she might get to know she was not here from some days.

“Actually ma I was with…” Before she could complete, Shomi interrupt

“Since three hours I am finding you, and you are enjoying somewhere.” Shomi said making Swara heartbroken.

“Ma leave her, she not cares for us. She must be roaming somewhere.” Ragini said from behind

“Ha ma leave about me, concentrate on your daughter. She might need you, I am strong I can handle myself.” Swara said stumbling little due to weakness

She about to fall, but held by Sanskar.

“I asked you not move alone, but why you’ll listen.” Sanskar angrily said

“Sorry, but not my fault you only told me do packing quickly, so I came fast and now you’re scolding me.” Swara said making cute faces.

He smiled seeing his Swara back after long, but he didn’t know its last time he’s seeing her antics.

“So now pack your stuffs fast or else we will be late.” He said without caring for others.

She happily went inside room and started packing, here everyone looking him like he’s alien.

“Sanskar what’s all this?” Sujata asked

“Nothing much we both are just moving from your lives.” He casually said

Soon she came holding her luggage.

“Swara what’s all these?” Shomi asked not getting anything while Ragini was happy.

“Actually aunty me and Swara going somewhere..” Sanskar answered

“Sanskar you’re calling me aunty…” Shomi asked not able to believe her ears…

“Then what should he call you Mrs gadodia” Swara asked

“Swara what’s this? First you disappeared somewhere and now disrespecting ma.” Ragini irritatingly asked

“Ohh please at least you don’t need to say what I should do or what not. It’ll be better if you not poke your nose in my life.” Swara angrily said

“Swara, ask sorry from her. She’s just telling you how to behave, and don’t forget she’s your sister.” Shomi said

Swara turned her face and looked at Sanskar with tears in eyes.

“Ma leave it, she forgot her manner.” Ragini said

“Thank god, she forget or else I don’t know what might happen with her.” Sanskar said hugging Swara and signalled her to smile.

“Don’t worry Sanskar, I do not mind. Well can we leave now or else you’ll say we became late due to me.” Swara playfully said, and smacked his shoulder.

All tried to say something but they ignored them..

“But Swara Sanskar, here after long time happiness came instead of celebrating with us, you both are going for your honeymoon.” Laksh ji asked (????)

“We don’t think it’s necessary to tell you. We just need each other support and we are together now. So please..” Sanskar said and warped hand around Swara.

Swara was looking down and remembered in hospital what he said.

Few hours ago,

Swara was discharging from hospital, but she was not at all happy.

“At least here you used to be with me, but there again same thing will happen. I don’t want to go badi, I want here only.” She spoke to him and looked at him.

“Actually Swara, I was thinking something for us but only if you want we will go forward or no problem.” He said cupping her chin.

“I’ll be with you, you just tell.” She said

“I am thinking to go somewhere….” Sanskar said closing eyes, he thought she’ll get angry.

She distanced herself from him, and moved back.

“It’s okay if you don’t want.” He said sadly

“Will you take somewhere, where no one disturb me? Where I only have our problems? Where only you and me? Where even we die, no one get to know?” She asked.

He nodded in agreement.

“Yes we will go very far.” He said

He hugged her and softly kissed on her hair.

“I love you.” Swara said

“I love you too, but why sudden confession?” He confusedly asked

“Just felt like we will not get time, you leave it. Tell me where we will go and yes there you’ll give me your maximum time.” She said

“Even I don’t know, but trust me I’ll keep you like princess.” He said

She didn’t say just kept hugging him like its last time she’s feeling him.


“I am asking you something.” Laksh shouted at Swara

“Huhh, sorry I didn’t heard.” She said and signalled something to Sanskar.

He nodded in yes, and took her luggage.

They both moved other tried to ask, but they just ignored like they not exist. It increased anger of everyone.

“If you both will go from here then there’ll be no relation with us.” Someone shouted

They stood, and turned and found Shekhar yelling it.

“Thanks for official confirmation, now we will never have any guilt too like leaving you all.” Sanskar said and warped his hand around her.

“I know you’ll not tension about us, but still I am saying don’t take tension about us wherever we would be we will be happy.” Swara said

All became confuse listening it, but no one said anything. Swasan went from there leaving some of them in happiness and some confuse and some even not reacted. (??? Any guess who not reacted?)

Next day,

In badi and Maheshwari mansion everything came back to normal, as they raglak male them understand that they both will come within week because they can’t live without their families.

And amazingly all believed too, because their lovely Raglak were saying.

But one storm was ready for coming there, time was ready to take turn and give some lesson.

Dida came to badi all devastated, she even not able to walk properly. Uttara was holding her and tears were continuously flowing from their eyes.

All were there only for celebrating some Ragini’s marriage ritual.

They became shocked seeing them like that and went near them.

“Ma what happened, and when you came.” Shomi worriedly asked

“And uttara where were you here, important functions going on…” Ragini tried to say, but before it she received slap on her cheek by Dida.

“Are you happy now? What I am asking you must be happy, why only you all must be happy? Celebrate, shall I call some musician or dancer they’ll also help you.” Dida said totally broken

All became confuse listening it…

“Dida please let them do whatever they want to do, we have to go I can’t live between them.” Uttara said

“Uttara what’s going on?” Sujata asked

“Nothing, just I have something for you all. I don’t know how you all take it, but I know My dearest bhabhi must get one reason of celebration.” Uttara said looking towards Ragini who was also confuse.

“Arre don’t be confuse, I am telling you everything as I think you all should know.” Uttara said sobbing.

Few hours ago,

When swasan moved out from badi, Uttara came and hugged Sanskar making him startled.

“Bhaiya don’t go, if you want to go then take me too.” Uttara said sobbing

“Uttara don’t be childish, we are just going from here but always be contact with you.” He said caressing her hair.

“Please bhabi at least you understand, I don’t able to live without you both. I love you both very much, please just for me don’t go. If you want leave house only then we will leave it and live in Kolkata only.” Uttara said breaking hug.

“Whenever we will settle, we call you too but please let us go. If we will be here then we both will be not happy.” Swara said and took her hand in her hand.

“Promise me, you’ll call me 24*7 and always take care of you.” Uttara said thinking, it would be better only if they not live here.

“Thanks uttara, and you too take care and don’t tell anyone about us.” Swara said hugging her…

Sanskar hugged them and kissed their forehead.

“Uttara always remember if you ever need us we will be with you. Now let us go before some problem come in others life.” He said

Uttara nodded in yes, and separated from them. Soon they moved from there and took last glance at badi.


After some time only, Dida came there but till then swasan were went from there.

“Where are they? I’ll not leave anyone of them, how dare they hurt my swaru and Sanskar. But first tell me where are they both?” Dida asked

(Uttara was always contact with Dida, she used to tell her everything. Dida not able to come on time due to some visa issues.)

“They went from here, I tried to stop them. But they said they want go away from here, so I let them go at least they’ll be happy or else again all will use them like they want.” Uttara said emotionally.

Dida hugged her and patted her head.

“Its okay, I just wanted to see them once.” She said fearing some kind of fear.

“You don’t worry, bhabhi told me when they’ll settle she will call me there only. You too come with me, we all will live happily ever after.” She happily said

After few hours,

They get call and reached hospital. There get the biggest shock.

Swasan were laying on bed, they were injured badly and taking last few breathe.

“What happen to you both, see if it’s prank then it’s very bad.” Dida said and ran near them.

“Dida don’t be stupid, you should ask us how this happen.” Swara said smilingly

Even Sanskar was smiling he was not at all sad, they both saw each other and held hands. And remembered whatever happened few hours ago,

He was driving car in some direction, just thinking wherever destiny will take they’ll go happily. And she was resting her head on his shoulder.

Both were smiling, thinking about their future, there was no sadness and not even any guilt just happiness but soon it changed.

“Sanskar….” Swara shouted and saw towards outside there one child was standing on road.

Hi tried to stop car, but car was not in his control anymore.

“Swara I think brakes are failed.” He shouted

Listening this, her eyes became teary but soon gather courage.

“Sanskar turn car in any direction, but nothing should happen to child.” She shouted

He followed her words and turned towards cliff area. Both were not getting what to do now, they don’t want to leave each other hand.

“Swara you jump.” He said with trembling Voice.

“No you jump, I’ll handle car.” She said and hold car’s steering.

“Please don’t be mad, only one of us can be alive. If something would happen to you I’ll become mad. And you too know I have less chance princess…” He said pushing her, but she held his hand and looked in eyes.

“If we will live then only together or else we will die….” She said with lots of emotions

“Swara, but you have chance….” He tried to say and cupped her chin.

“I don’t want that chance where I’ll be alone, call me selfish or mad but I want to be with you only.” She said

Both were crying, they closed eyes and remembered each and every moment.

“I don’t want to live without you.” She thought

“I know princess you can’t live without me, I think in our destiny it’s not written that we live together but at least we can die together.” He thought

He loosened his grip over steering wheel, She smiled and opened her side door, he too opened.

“So ready to come along me.” he asked

“Ever ready….” She smilingly answered

Both last time saw towards each other and jumped.

“I love you.” They yelled

Their voices echoed there….

Car fall down immediately, they were laying at some distance from each other. Bloods were flowing from their head as they hit with rock.

Both saw towards each other and passed smile. They slowly moved towards each other and held hands.

“Swara will in next birth, again you’ll come in my life?” He asked

“In every life I’ll be with you…” She said

“Swara will you always love me like you do.” He asked

“Stupid if I’ll come to your life it means I’ll always love you like I do.” She said smilingly

“I promise I’ll also love you like I do..” he said breathing heavily

“Now close your eyes and let start our new journey.” She said

“Chal wahan jate hai….” Saying it, they closed eyes…. But some breath left might be for conveying last message… Might be for seeing someone last time….

Soon some people came and took them too hospital.

They said they wanted in same room only, if they’ll be die then they want to die together itself.

Present, hospital

Listening all this, Uttara and dida started crying.

“Please don’t cry, we are happy at least we will die together. But we have request.” Sanskar said breathing heavily.

“You both shut up. I am calling doctor he’ll save you and after that I’ll not let both of you go away.” Dida said

“You also know now nothing can happen.” Swara smilingly said..

Dida and uttara was amazed seeing them happy, they didn’t say anything just sat near them.

“I’ll not say you that take care of everyone as they are capable enough. You just take care of yours and Dida. And yes be selfish, never think about them who only know to use you.” He said and saw towards Swara who was too breathing heavily.

“And Dida you too don’t cry, just think yours both children will be happy wherever they’ll because we would be together…” Swara said staring sanskar.

“Yes we will be happy.” He repeated, and kept staring her.

Both were looking in each other eyes, they slowly closed eyes and held each other hand again….

They were able to listen some sounds, but not wanted to open eyes. Lips curved in smile, it went wider only… soon heartbeat stopped…..

A straight line came on monitor, it indicated everything… they are no more.

Somewhere, they held each other hand and started their new journey in new world.

“Chal wahan jate hain..”

Doctor covered their bodies and went from there.

Uttara began to cry, even Dida was crying. (Me too????)

“Dida say bhai, Bhabhi open eyes they told me they’ll call me with them.” Uttara said

She herself was broken seeing her beloved on death bed, but she has to strong for taking some answers, for taking care of uttara too as she was feeling her swaru in her. Also she always loved Sanskar liked Swara only, now she’ll take care of his sister and never let happen same with her.

Somehow they stood and hold each other. They both did final rites, because no one deserved to see them even. (Sorry if any one think they deserve, but I don’t think so.)

Main present (at badi)

All were crying knowing this, Shomi was sitting in corner. Ram and Sujata standing with each other support. And Ragini was celebrating, dadi was happy for her lado. Ap dp were numb and Shekhar not getting anything.

“My son.” Sujata and ram were continuously crying.

“Shona why you left your mother? What was my fault that you both punish us.” Shomi (please someone tell her)

Ap dp trying to hold them.

“How could you perform last rites?” Shekhar yelled (whatttttt lol he’s caring for final rites)

“Yes how could you do this, don’t we have rights? My Swara I even not get chance to see her….” Shomi asked broken, but before she could complete Dida slapped her

“Just shut up, you all.” Dida shouted.

“Ma” Shomi said

“Don’t call me ma, think with your daughter she also die.” Dida said

“Ma please don’t say it, they didn’t told us anything.” Shomi tried to say,

But dida pushed her and again slapped her.

All tried to protest, but she was not listening at all…

“Have you all ever loved them? Or just they were problem solving machine? You Sujata Sanskar was your son then why you never saw he’s dying Inside? Ram you always stood with your bhaisa ever you thought to talk with your son? Might be he need you? And shomi you, you always loved Swara then what happened suddenly? Only you were seeing Ragini tears? Ever you not noticed Swara’s pain? She was dying for your love… she tried to do suicide so at least you once see her but… leave about suicide you all even not get to know that she was in hospital for whole one week…. And there she used to wait for you all specially for you Shomi that her mother will come and caress her hair… But unlucky girl not get to feel that but luckily her Sanskar was with her and Shekhar why you took Swara here? For Killing her? Your mother always taunted my swaru, but you both were busy in wiping your Ragini’s tears… and Ragini see Swara die you must be happy right now… but remember this laksh again do something and again you’ll cry may be that day you’ll understand my Swara was not reason for anything, you’re solely reason behind your this life. Not only you, your dadi too.. All are killer here.” Dida said, leaving them in guilt, making them realise mistakes but now it’s late……..

“I thought like laksh spoil Ragini’s life, Sanskar will do same. Trust me I didn’t know…” Shekhar tried to say, but he too received slap by Shomi.

“Then why you make Ragini married to laksh again? Answer me, you know why? Because you simply blind in your daughter love… For you Swara was just random person whom whenever you want show some love or else break relation with her.” Dida said

Dadi tried to say something but not get guts seeing dida’s anger.

“All are killer…” Dida said falling down, uttara hold her and hugged her.

“Please don’t cry Dida, we have to live happy for them or else they’ll not able to get peace. And I don’t want to be reason behind my bhai Bhabhi sadness.” She said and wiped both of their tears.

While Shomi,Sujata and rp were thinking about their sins and dida’s outbrust.

“You’re right I am killer of my children, I was so blind in becoming perfect mother that I ignored my Swara, she tried to talk to me but I was busy…. But Swara it not meant I don’t love you. I just thought you’re strong but I forget you were human only who become weak when no one care for them, beta I hope in next birth you get someone better who could love you because I not deserve to be yours mother.” Shomi said to herself

“Not only you, even I am killer. I was so busy that I forget that I have son too. When on marriage day he separated from Swara that time itself I should go, and hug him but alas I was busy with others.” Sujata said

“I too, I always stand with my brother but forget about son.” Rp

“But now it’s too late, due to your sins my children are not with me, I’ll never forgive you all and I am taking Uttara along me or else she’ll be next Swara or Sanskar. And again you all will do same thing with her.” Dida said and went from there.

No one try to protest….. Ragini not at all effected… (Don’t worry you’ll regret)

Ragini went near Shomi and tried to hug her, but she jerked her.

“Ragini you must be happy now, please go and live with your laksh ji. But remember you’re going to do same mistake which I did, I should not come back to your baba life. If today I not with him then might be my Swara alive and must be happy with Sanskar, from other way but I know their ways must collide with each other because they were meant to be together… Unlike me and your baba or you and laksh….” Shomi said and stood

“I am going far from here, if I’ll live here then always I’ll curse myself and you all, and I am sorry but now I can’t love you Ragini.” Shomi said

Rp and Sujata stopped her and went along her.

Trio realised mistakes, but others let see…

“Lado don’t cry, today she proved she’s your step mom. You just go and start fresh life with your laksh. He’ll never leave you again.” Dadi said

Shekhar nodded in yes. (Mummy’s boy)

Ap dp too went after crying for some time. (Formality toh Banti hai ??? huhh)

After few years,

Ap dp were crying over fate, they now understood importance of swasan because today only their laksh sue them…..

“See today what our son did? He pushed us from our own house listening his 3rd wife (kitni wife hai yr) if today Sanskar and Swara alive then they must not let this happen with us.” Ap said crying while dp supported her and went in some old house.

Ragini was crying in one room……

“Arreee why you’re crying please don’t cry, see even I am not in your life you supposed to happpppyyyyyy….. Celebrate your happiness….” Some reflection said with smile on her face.

“Swara please don’t say like that, I am sorry for all that today I understood my every mistakes please come back…” Ragini pleaded

“Why? Again for listening your taunt? Or seeing how much you’re in pain? Ragini you always saw your pain only, never try to see others specially mine… I really considered you as sister, but what you did? Well leave it, I am very happy in this world because there I have my love my Sanskar unlike your laksh..” Swara said happily and disappeared…..

Ragini fell on floor and started remembering everything whatever sins she did….. And result too…

“You are right, I am again alone. Laksh again fall for someone, he again left me…. Ma papa just trying to save respect because laksh new wife is pregnant… Dadi too left my side because she felt I am curse, and baba is not more even if he alive then too he just nodded in yes along dadi…. Shomi ma was right I am other Shomi who not learnt from her mistakes, Swara you won even after dying and I loose even after getting everything…..” Ragini said regretting….

Scene end at her crying face……. And in some world some happiness filled faces….

????? Please marna nhi mushe…. Badi mehnat se likha hai ????? and yes if you are angry for killing swasan then it was demand ???.

Sorry for mistakes……

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