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Precap:Shivika’s special moment.

Meanwhile in rikara’s side.

Om stop his car near lake side. Both rikara get down from the car.He closes guari’s eyes with his hands.He took her nearĀ  lake and opened her eyes.

gu:omkara ji y we came here and here fully dark I am getting scared.

om:relax guari I am there na and u ask me y we came here right. Just wait and watch.

He clapped then all lights turned on.After seeing the decorations guari was mesmerized.

gu:omkaraji all these for me only na .

om:no.for my dabang guari.

gu:I love u my jathandari .

om:I love u too my dabang chirayaa. waise i don’t know that my chirayaa is scared of darkness. If u scared of darkness like this means in our first night we have to switch off the lights right at that time how u will be there.

gu:om.what r u talking?(with blushing face)

om:what did u call me?

gu:me when.

om:just now.

gu:(with confusion)omkara ji.

om:after that.

gu:after that what(trying to escape)

om:(while holding guari hand)don’t try to escape my dear. If u try to escape then u have to face the consequencies.

gu:please leave me.

om:no I will not just say what I ask.


om:while getting closer to guari:will u say or not.


om:now om and guari had just one inch gap is there:guari(with husky voice in her ears)will u or not.

gu:closes her eyes due to their proximity and blushing:Hmm.just hummed.

om:then do it




om:is kissing her now.


om:that’s my guari.

gu:now came to senses:what what .

om:nothing u just said what I want.

gu:u r a cheater. u r did something.

om:I didn’t do anything till now.I just did (kiss her neck)this only.

gu:om what r u doing.

guari is blushing like hell.

om:guari don’t give competition for tomato.if u blush like this means I don’t know what I will do after don’t blame me.

gu:chi cheapde.now a days u r thinking like cheapde om.

om:what to do guari when I have my beautiful fiance beside me.U said I am cheapde right.then let me show u how much cheapde I am.

coming very close guari with naughty smile.

guari is shocked while thinking how to stop him.

screen freezes on guari’s shocking face. om’s naughty face.

precap:romance between couples.


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