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Hello guys . Did u recognize me. Okay. Sorry for taking long time .Here is your’s next part. Read and comment.


Precap:Shivika’s special moment.

Meanwhile in rikara’s side.

Om stop his car near lake side. Both rikara get down from the car.He closes guari’s eyes with his hands.He took her near¬† lake and opened her eyes.

gu:omkara ji y we came here and here fully dark I am getting scared.

om:relax guari I am there na and u ask me y we came here right. Just wait and watch.

He clapped then all lights turned on.After seeing the decorations guari was mesmerized.

gu:omkaraji all these for me only na .

om:no.for my dabang guari.

gu:I love u my jathandari .

om:I love u too my dabang chirayaa. waise i don’t know that my chirayaa is scared of darkness. If u scared of darkness like this means in our first night we have to switch off the lights right at that time how u will be there.

gu:om.what r u talking?(with blushing face)

om:what did u call me?

gu:me when.

om:just now.

gu:(with confusion)omkara ji.

om:after that.

gu:after that what(trying to escape)

om:(while holding guari hand)don’t try to escape my dear. If u try to escape then u have to face the consequencies.

gu:please leave me.

om:no I will not just say what I ask.


om:while getting closer to guari:will u say or not.


om:now om and guari had just one inch gap is there:guari(with husky voice in her ears)will u or not.

gu:closes her eyes due to their proximity and blushing:Hmm.just hummed.

om:then do it




om:is kissing her now.


om:that’s my guari.

gu:now came to senses:what what .

om:nothing u just said what I want.

gu:u r a cheater. u r did something.

om:I didn’t do anything till now.I just did (kiss her neck)this only.

gu:om what r u doing.

guari is blushing like hell.

om:guari don’t give competition for tomato.if u blush like this means I don’t know what I will do after don’t blame me.

gu:chi cheapde.now a days u r thinking like cheapde om.

om:what to do guari when I have my beautiful fiance beside me.U said I am cheapde right.then let me show u how much cheapde I am.

coming very close guari with naughty smile.

guari is shocked while thinking how to stop him.

screen freezes on guari’s shocking face. om’s naughty face.

precap:romance between couples.


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one… Long time….

    1. Praneetha

      Thanks nikita. I will give regular updates. From this one

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