Daayre (episode 2)

Raglak were sitting in cafe

Laksh – ms beautiful

Ragini-in mind- Now what does he want idiot monkey Mr chipku
She just gave him a tight smile

Laksh smiled – no need to curse me ms beautiful

Only she knew how much she is controlling herself not to bang his head

Ragini – if you are done I have to go

Laksh – ary why so early spend sometime with your Mr handsome

Ragini in mind – Mr handsome and he from where

Laksh chuckled as if he read her mind

They talks for sometime to be more specific only he was speaking while ragini was just cursing him in her mind

They both came out from cafe
Laksh went to get his bike while ragini was searching for a cab as she came with rohit so …..

Finally she got a cab
She was about to sit when two strong hand pulled her back…..indeed it was our hero and her laksh ?

Ragini – now what you want

Laksh calmly – come with me I will drop you

Ragini took her hands out of his grip mumbling – no need

Before he could say further or act she sat inside cab closing the door with a bang

He sighed looking at her antics
Shouting – stubborn girl while ragini who heard him just made faces
Soon the cab was out of his sight

About half hour she reached her house

After paying the bill she was about to move inside when she felt someone presence

She turned her head round her eyes narrowed spoting a bike
Ragini confused – is it laksh bike?

But there was lot of dark there , ragini shook her head at her nonsense thoughts

Next day

Ragini was sitting in class with her few friends

Kavya – you know today a new teacher is coming to take our class

Other girl – I heard he is very strict

Suddenly ragini started dancing happily

Ragini excitedly – then we should give him welcome gift right

All looks at her than at each others

Kavya – what gift

Ragini winks at her and tells her plan to whole class

As soon as she completed her plan Everyone shouts – naheeeeeeee….

Ragini smiled brightly – chill guys if any mistake full responsibility mine all nods in acceptance

They all started executing there plan when they heard foot steps approaching them all completed there given job and rushed to there seats

Before they all can sit door opens all without seeing the person wished him – good morning sir


To there shock it was someone else
Person simles proudly

Person – I knew you all respect me but so much ever thought

Ragini angrily – oh shut up Mr laksh Maheshwari and sit on your seat quitely otherwise

Whole class together – you are gone

Laksh looks suspiciously at them
By seeing there behaviour he got to know that sometimes if is fishing in there mind

He went and sat in his place now again everyone head turned towards door

After few min door opens

Everyone has there broad smiled plasters on there lips

They all were waiting for him to sit on his seat but that sit was standing and taking introduction of each student

Seeing him continuing his interrogation ragini cannot control anymore

She stood up from her place
And tried to sound as calm as she can – sir you might be tired of standing for so long so can you please have your seat

All nodded with agreement laksh looked at them confusingly only one thought was running in his mind how can this class be so sweet to some teacher

While sir smiled thinking that he got great class who cares about him very much

He compels and moved to sit
Everyone attention was on him
All was watched by him keenly

As soon as he sit a loud sound is heard – ppphhhhoooooo….
(They kept balloon under his seat)
He immediately stood up holding his hand near his chest breathing heavily while whole class was filled with laughing sound

The professor moved back a little and his leg striked with a string tied to the table as soon as his leg comes in contact with string something sticky fell on his head …… He moved his hand on his head and took the thing in his hand ….. His face expression change seeing it …. He immediately jerked his hands and ran out of class shouting …(Guys there was lizard which fell on his head a you one )…. As soon as he disappeared Full class burst out laughing all were rolling on floor holding there stomach laughing hard

Laksh looked at all this scene with wide eyes open mouth ?

Ragini who saw this went near him and closed his mouth

He looks at her in shock ? – what was that ?

Ragini – just a welcome gift ….. She winked ?at him and went from there

Laksh thought – thank God she didn’t have me any welcome gift tomorrow otherwise – he imagined himself in place of that professor –

After few hours
We can see a group of people coming out from some room

Amongst them a girl shouts – masti time

All looks at her and nods there head in disbelief mumbling – dramebazz

Another girl – ragini just now we get suspended for a weak and look at you (mocking) masti time

Ragini – relax guys … Vaise bhi ye khadus principal apn ko holiday nahi deta is bhane we can enjoy right

All shouts – yaaaaaahhhhhh

Ragini – so today full night party

All started singing loudly – party toh banti hai

That’s when there was shout

Voice – stop it

All turns to see principal standing there shooting daggers at them

Principal – shameless people

On boy from group – sir not people student for you

Principal glared him woke he went silent….All giggles seeing him

Principal looked at them and left numbering – They can never change

All left to there home

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  1. Avi009

    Hhhaaaa… Kriya you rocked this epi .. i am still laughing .. ????
    Seriously that professor will not dare to come again … Awesome yaar . And laksh expression worth watching ?? …. But next one soon only ha I can’t wait for your tomorrow which never comes ????????? no more bakwass but seriously it was too good

    1. Kriya.n

      Thanks avi …. And don’t worry next part will be posted when your 5min comes ???????

  2. Fartun Hassan

    I loved it can you write the next one today plz

    1. Kriya.n

      Thanks … n I will try

  3. Awesome dear

  4. It was so funny part

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  9. Mind blowing part dear …. Please post next soon

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  21. nice amazing surperb mind blowing its a request to all raglak ff os ss ts writer plzz write more give more raglak raglak and plz who is already ready keep writing don’t leave in middle plzzz at least reach 100 episode bcoz many swasan ff have reach more than 50 but none raglak ff reach plzzz now days raglak ff are very less plzz try to write more ff plzzz and thanks to all those who write with so much effort plzz its raglak aka temish fan request

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