Elegantly Wasted (Chapter 1) ~ Sara

This idea has been roaming in my head for a while now. It was time that I actually penned it down. The inspiration comes from a book I read a while ago so I give my credits to the author whose name I no longer remember. This story will not be long, only a few chapters. It will probably be around 4 to 5 chapters. I hope you guys enjoy this short story as much as you did with my other ones.



That jerk stole my purse! What do you do when a guy walks into the bar, starts flirting with you, give you hopes of a happy time then ends up walking away with your purse in his hands? You curse that a*sh*le right? Well, that’s exactly what I did.
“Come on Twinkle, you just left your purse on the table like that?” Mahi di, the oldest of us Taneja sisters sighed at my dismay.
“I didn’t just leave it out in plain sight.”, I retorted. “I was too blinded by his flirting.”

“Come on di, you know how we feel about you meting a guy at your work” Chinki, the youngest of us Taneja sisters mocked me.

“We need to put down some ground rules. Twinkle, you can’t be dating every guy you pick up at the bar”, Mahi di says, using her big sister attitude. I scoffed and looked at her. “Come on di. What’s wrong with the bar? It’s my place of employment.”
“Exactly Twinkle, You work there. You can’t be picking up guys from the bar. It’s a bar.” She said it like that clears up the reason why I shouldn’t be liking a guy I met at my bar. But then thinking about the jerk that ran off with my money, I gave in.
“Ok so what are your rules of which guy I should date.”

Chinki moved closer, with an excitement in her eyes.
“First things first, he has to have a decent home. You know, so he can support you.”
“Chinki, I’m not getting married yet.” I almost giggled. Mahi slapped my arm.
“We’re serious Twinkle!” Ok ok. Geez, sometime I wonder how they were my sisters.
“Ok ok, continue.”
“He needs a home.”
“And a car.”
“No tattoos or piercings.”
“A decent job.”
“And a plan for the future!”

Clearly my sisters have taken more that five minutes to think all this out. Even though I have no clue where I would find a guy like that.
“Anything else?” I asked.
“Just remember,” says Mahi di.
Di and Chinki looked at one another as if they had the same thought in their minds. And in one perfect note of unison, they told me their last and most important requirement.
“You can’t meet him at the bar.”

Di and Chinki had given me their lectures on guys yesterday. Wouldn’t you know, as if one cue, a beautiful male creature walked in and took a seat at the bar. He flashed a sheepish smile at me before he set his laptop and phone down next to him. Who brings a laptop into a bar? A business-man? A technician? Wait, did he just take a selfie? Yes, he did. He smiled that same heart stopping smile and then proceeded to type away on his phone.

“What can I get you?” I wait for this guy’s answer, attempting to capture his attention away from his technology. Still glancing at his phone, he replies. “Whiskey. Raw”
Great, even his drink is hardcore. And his voice, his voice was just as rich as his drink. His hair so dark, bringing out his beautiful brown eyes. Those eyes then look at me, probably because he noticed that I haven’t done anything but stare at him. I quickly go and make his drink. From the corner of my eyes, I catch a flash.
“Did you…did you just take a picture of me?” I slide his drink to him as he nods, again typing away on his phone.

“Congrads, you are now somewhat famous.” He waves his phone at me as I notice his instagram feed. My jaw drops. “No way! Your Kunj Sarna! The travel photographer right?” I was probably smiling like a lunatic. He smiles barely, finishing his post. “I didn’t know I was that recognizable.”

It was extremely difficult to keep my inner fangirl from bursting out.
“I live through your pictures.” I tried to sound cool although I doubt I might have.
He smiles. “Oh really?”

“Yea. I love to travel but…I don’t think I have the job to afford that.” I look around the bar and finally stop my eyes at the super hot internet sensation in front of me. I lean closer. “So here’s the thing. You took my picture. So I think it’s only fair if I get a picture of you in return.” He looked up at me and set his phone down. I finally got his full attention. I walk around the counter and over at his side, my phone in hand. He stands up as I raise my phone for a picture. Damn, he was tall. I would look like an ant climbing a mountain if I tried taking a picture of both of us in the same frame. He squints his enchanting eyes and looks at me. “You’re a very interesting girl.”

I scoff. “Me and interesting? Coming from the guy that travels the world.”
He takes my phone and raises it to take a picture. His hand immediately goes to my waist, pulling me closer towards him. I look up at his face, lost in his aroma when I hear a click.

“Hey, that’s not fair. I wasn’t ready! Delete the photo.”
He chuckles. “I don’t make a living off of photographs for no reason.” He shows me the photo and for a second I can barely recognize myself. Sure, there is a girl standing in the embrace of Kunj Sarna, but was it me? The picture was so beautifully taken, showing a mystery in my eyes.
“See, I told you, you were interesting.” I was dumbfounded. How much perfect could this man be? Sure he had no home because he was a traveler. And sure, he had a few tattoos snaking up his arm. But I had surely broken Mahi di and Chinki’s most important rule: I had met him at the bar.

I hope you guys liked it. Please drop down you thoughts in the comment section below and do tell me if I should continue it till the 4th or 5th chapter or just end it in the next chapter.

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