D4 A Fairy Tale Of A Fairy – episode 3

Sorry for the late update was busy with work hope you guyzz will like this one its a bit short so…………

Precap : Mikhail and baby dance

Morning time

Mikhail is sleeping peacefully and smiling in his sleep

Kaka : Mike baba please get up its almost 9
Mikhail: Kaka please let me sleep ?
Kaka : Mike baba I have never seen u sleeping so peacefully after that day…………
Mikhail: Kaka it’s a beautiful day ahead please don’t remind me of that day
And I don’t know what happened to me
Kaka: What happened baba
Mikhail: It’s a very strange feeling it’s like my whole life just found out it’s meaning like I was a puzzle whose last piece was just fitted its ………………….. I don’t know what to tell you or what it is
Kaka : In our village this feeling is called love ❤
Mikhail : It’s nothing like that anyways I have to meet nehtra today for coffee

Coffee shop ☕

Nehtra is waiting for Mikhail
Baby Amar and sonam comes to the same shop

Baby goes to get coffee and nehtra sees this and also comes there
She then spills coffee on baby and just then Mikhail enters
Nehtra : Oops I am sorry
Baby : It’s okay
Nehtra : Are you hurt the coffee was hot
Baby : Yeah I am good and its OK
Mikhail : You okay
Baby : Yea…..
Nehtra : (cutting her) yeah mike I am fine lets go
Mikhail : Hmmm sure

Mikhail looks at baby and smiles
Sonam comes and calls baby and both leave

Recap : Baby dancing in the rain ☔ and Mikhail watching it

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