Hie guys! I am Ishita and i am writing ff for first time i hope you all will like it and please do let me know your views regarding this ff through your comments

Main characters of this story are: RIA, KARAN, ANAITA, VEER, BABY, MIKHAIL, RANDHEER, SANYUKTA
Supporting actors are: Dia, Harry, Amar, Sonam, Tara, Netra, Sanaya, Trumpet, Jignesh, Suhani,

RIA: she is a college student and is a very simple and sweet girl. she lives with her elder sister Sanyukta as her parents died when she was of 5. he loves to play guitar. Anaita is her childhood bestfriend they both share a very good bond

SANYUKTA: she is a mature girl and loves her sister the most. she works in ISR. she is very ambitious and never gave importance to rumors. she consider Sanaya as her good friend but still has a doubt on calling her as her bestfriend

ANAITA: a very fun loving girl. she loves to spend time with friends. she lives with Ria and Sanyukta at their home as her parents live in LONDON. she is a very good horse rider. she loves to make new friends

BABY: she is a very shy girl. she is very beautiful and intelligent. she takes time to open up to people. she understands the importance of family as she is an orphan. she is a fantastic dancer and Sonam is her cousin but they both live in hostel as sonam’s parents had a divorce and she dont want to stay with them

KARAN: he is a smart looking guy, he has a very friendly nature, he lives with his two elder brothers Randheer and Veer. she shares a good bond with both of them but he is bit afraid of Randheer. he is a very good at playing guitar.

RANDHEER: he is a egoistic person and works at ISR. he is bit impulsive. he loves his brothers the most. his father is a business tycoon in PARIS but he lives in India. he is very good basketball player

VEER: he is very notorious. is known as playboy in the college. he is a state level boxer. he has a positive attitude towards life. he obey what his brother says

MIKHAIL: he is a very good dancer. lives in hostel. he left his home as his parents were against his passion of dancing. he teaches at dance academy. he believe in fulfilling dreams and hate people who take dance lightly

Introduction of all other characters will be given with their entry in the story!
Hope you like this! Thanks for taking out time and reading it

    1. Soon there will be Aryan’s entry

  1. It’s ISRC…..not ISR….. btw nice characteristics

    1. Thank you for correcting me
      I’ll correct it in episode

  2. Nice one Ishita please update fast ?

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  5. Darling its not Randheer its Randhir btw nice writing

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