He is a cricketer!!!!! Chapter 3

He is a Cricketer

Chapter 3

“You wait here I’ll come just now”

“Where are you going Sanky???”

“Hmm my guards are waiting for me outside!!!! If they saw you with me the consequence won’t be….I hope you understand”

“So what’s your plan??”

“I’ll tell them to go and after they went I’ll call you”

“Hkk” “for that you need my no. Right??”

“Ya sorry i forgot”


“9 8 34 ** * *** ok I’ll call you”

“Shona they went”

“Okk I’m coming”

In car

“Let’s go ” (they both are in the car . Sanskar is driving)


“How do you know jiju..Means akshay”

“We met during college time….And from there”


(Both were silent)

(After sometime)

“I’m really sorry to say but truth is I’m very talkative and i cant keep quiet ”

“It’s okay shona and i too don’t like silence”

“It will take 35 min to reach home upto that much time we can’t stay in silence so….. Ha let’s play a game hmm!!! I’ll ask you some questions and you have to reply same way you’ll also ask me but another question….. So who’s first??  ”

“Me!!! What’s your best friend’s name???”

“Eva…She is my bestest best friend from my childhood”

“What you will do when you’re sad and gonna cry??”

“If I’m sad!!! Haa I’ll go to my farmhouse and will water the plants in the garden after that will paint something and if I’m gonna cry I’ll share my all tears to my pillow”

“And when you’re angry??”

“I’ll lock myself in my room”

“The thing which you hate??”

“When someone lie to me and i don’t like hmm staying in silence”

“Are you hating your life??”

“No I’m actually enjoying it!!! Ha but sometimes i hate it when i cant travel through rickshaw bus and all and when mom say you can’t go at night there you’re a girllll and all…That time i seriously hate my life”

“My question are over now your turn…Shona!!!”

“What’s your plan for tomorrow???”

“Will wake up at 6 30 and will go to gym…After that simply staying in home itself!!”

“You’re free tomorrow ??”

“Yup….What about you???”

“I need to go to shopping….After 2 days it’s their engagement and after 1 week wedding so all things are happening quickly….Need to select my dress for every occasion”

“I totally forget about that….I too need to take dress…”

“Then we both can do shopping together Sanky!!!”

“Kk.. I’ll be there in mall”

“Okay……My second question is……How many girlfriends you had”

“Hmm!!!!!It’s a serious question!!!!! When i was in college i had her name was Natasha…. It was just for 6 months after that we both break ”

“Take left then right that’s the way to home ”


“3rd question…..Is there a person in your life who can make you smile with that person’s smile??? ”

“Yup… And that is Aaru my sister’s daughter a 7 month year old”

“Aww that is cute …. Who’s the prankster in your family??”

“Me and my bro Rahul… I’ll make you meet him in engagement…..We used to play our pranks on our sis Raina ”

“All like to do pranks on their elder sister like i used to do with diii” (she laughs) “take right this is the way and finally reached my home”

(He stopped the car)

“Ok then bye shona ”

(She comes out of the car and peeps through the window)

“Are you not coming inside…..Come on …..”

“No some other day kk and ha call me when you reach mall”

“Sure in morning at 9 I’ll be there”

“Bye shona”


Malhotra Mansion

Swara’s Room

“Swara tell where is di.. Aunty said that you both will be coming with jiju and ……”

“Nitya plss stop yaar actually jiju has a surprise for dii so both went”

“And what was your role??”

“My role !!!! Was to ….. Make di reach near jiju…”

“What was your commission”


“Are you mad!!! If i was in your place i would have ask some phone lappy or something like that”

“I already have my iPhone with me and lappy i don’t like it… I only want my chocolates!!!!”

“One and only piece in this world ”

“How you reach here with suresh uncle??”

“No Jo !!!! He’s on leave today”


“I reached here with the help of Sanky!!!”

“SANKY!!!!!!!!!!” (Nitya and Jo said in unison)

“Are you guys planning to make me a deaf!!”

“Who’s sanky”

“How you know Sanky”

“When you both met”

“What’s the connection”

“Stop it guys…Are you both coming from CBI ???? That you’re putting me this much questions????”

“Then who’s he???”

“I’ll tell Jo pls wait let me get fresh up”

“Shona don’t excuse come on after discovering about Sanky only you need to go!!!”

“Nitya he’s not a historical piece that need to be discovered!!!”


“He is Jiju’s friend …. I met him today…I only know that and we became ha little bit friends too tomorrow we both are going for shopping…. TOGETHER” (Swara leaves to washroom)

“Nitya anyone can be little bit friends in some hours”

“Don’t know Jo between who’s that guy!!!”

Sanskar’s House

“Why are you late Bhai”

“Nothing Rahul i just went to drop someone”

“Who’s she?????”

“She????? ”

“What’s this??” (Rahul asked showing a bracelet in his hand)

“From where you get this??”

“From your car now tell me who’s she”

“Ha….wo…It’s of Raina…”

“It’s not mine” (Raina said entering the room)

“When you reach dii after a long time” (he hugs her)

“I reached here at 7 ‘o’ clock …. Aru slept coz she was tired of the journey and your jiju my husband didn’t came coz he has a meeting ….. Mom already slept…. Anything to ask”

“Wo…I need to fresh up so let me go…..” (He was taking his night dress from cupboard)

“Dii i have a doubt”

“What’s it Rahul ”

“Something happened to my Bhai i think coz he came home driving his car himself without any bodyguards and also we found a bracelet that tooooooooooooo of a girlssssss (he stretched the word)”

“I too have the same doubt Rahul ”

“Come let’s say this to mom dii”

“Nooooo di Rahul pls stop plss I’ll say”

“Sanskar Maheshwari is clean bowled ” (Rahul said and shares hifi with Raina)

“Actually akshay’s marriage is gonna happen and today they announced it officially in the party !!!! (He said all things happened today)”

“Shona Sanskar hmm no problem for name what say dii!!!”

“Ya but Rahul somebody have conditions regarding this type of things right sanskar ”

“I simply said all that conditions and all”

“Ohoooo so you don’t have a condition right (sanskar nodes) I’ll say this to mom come dii”

“Rahul plsss don’t tell this to mom if she heard this and all then she’ll make me marry tomorrow itself so plss don’t tell this to her”

“Let’s this Sanskar !!!!! What is our profit in this”

“Whatever you say dii”

“I need a new phone and what you need dii”

“I need your debit card Sanskar!!!”

“I also need to do shopping so can i come dii”

“Sure Rahul ”

“No Rahul you can’t you already need phone and also card…”

“Dii come let’s say this to mom”

” Nooooo pls….Do whatever you want” Sanskar said

Precap : Shopping!!

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