Kuldeepak 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manjila says I arranged a pooja for Chiragh. If Vidya had controlled she would see the devil inside. Vidya says top saying all this please. At least in front of chiragh. Paresh says she is right. She asks chiragh to go to him.
Parehs says you should have talked to vidya once. Manjila says no one trusts me here. Vidya says because you pile up stories. Manjila says call yashodin. Ask him. Shiela says we don’t need to. Paresh says she is right. I don’t know how to fix this. Vidya says this will happen if ma removes her doubts. We will do a pooja in our house. Chiragh will be a part of it. If he is a devil he won’t come there. If he sits there it will prove my son isn’t a devil. Manjila says do whatever you want.

Vidya recalls how chiragh reacted in temple

before. Alpesh says he did that before as well. I fear he might harm himslef. Vidya says we will do this pooja and chiragh will sit in it.

Scene 2
At night, Diwan says to Vidya we should live in a separate house. viday says no. Thats not the solution. He says we don’t have another way out. This all would impact chiragh negatively. What would he think about ba. Vidya says he will forget. We can’t leave our family. We have to clear all the misunderstandings. Both ma and chriagh are our family. We have to find a way out.
I am sorry please forgive me but try to understand. We have to solve this. Diwan says I am with you in everything. Please allow me do this pooja for our son and family. Please. He says okay.

Churagh is playing in the gaden. Vidya comes. He recalls everything. He says why ba calls me devil? Am I a bad child? Vidya says no. She has a misunderstanding. And we will fix that. I have arranged a pooja. Churagh sayws I won’t sit in it. It scared me. She says scared of what? He says mantras and all. She says I will tell you game. It will remove your fear. He says okay. Vidya writes something on a pillow. She asks chiragh to hold it. She makes devil on the other. Vidya says hit this one. Chiraght hits the devil one. She says the fear lost. He says yes I won. Vidya hugs him. She says you will sit in the pooja right? He goes out.

Vidya comes to chiragh. She says what happened are you sad? He says I don’t like all that. Why are you forcing me. I don;t trust in all this. Vidya says sometimes for our family we have to do things we don’t like. She tries to convince. She says when we are united we are strong. She says will you help me in uniting us? Dai sees this in her water. Chiragh says okay I will. He says I love you mummy.Vidya tells manjila chiragh will come in pooja.

NO precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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