He is a cricketer!!!!! Chapter 2

He is a Cricketer!!!!!

Chapter 2


“Tomorrow a party is there in grand Hyatt so you should be there” Akshay said to Sanskar while sipping the coffee sitting in a restaurant . To which Sanskar replied nodding​ his head. “Sanskar tell me….What is the secret behind this ” he asked pointing towards the crowd in ground , some were media and other were his fans . They both were sitting in the top floor of the restaurant and they can see them through glass..

“It’s something secret and I’m sorry to say i cant reveal it!!” He said while taking the coffee

“You’re saying this dialogue from our college when that Natasha and some sticky girls were behind you” he said

“Natasha!!! You still remember her!!! Oh how can i forget you have a great memory power about girls” he said with a laugh

“Hihiihhi very comedy” he said uninteresting way turning other side

“Forgot to tell you…. Congrats on your 83 Sanky” he said with a smile

“Thanks buddy” Sanskar said smiling

“Do you have any match in coming month??” He asked with curiosity

“Nope.!! I’m gonna stay in Paris this month…Will leave after some days”

“Paris!! Suddenly!!”

“It’s not suddenly….I already planned this before itself and i hope i had said this to you before too”

“Haa i remember”

“Why this question suddenly”

“Wo..Wo..Nothing simply”

“You’ll not ask anything simply that i know so spill it”

“Nothing yaar!! You know about me right hahahah”

“You’re acting weird really!!!”

“Leave it sanky… This paparazzi is boring right”

“I like the way you changed the topic Akki (Akshay)!!! But i don’t think so they’re boring”


“Coz if they put me into some rumours I’ll be like – oh yaa i had did this ”

“It’s​ 8 i have to go Sanskar….. need to catch up some people”

“Okay…Then meet you tomorrow”

Next day

Malhotra Mansion


“Which one i should wear dii ” swara asked Ragini while standing in front of the bed looking at the dresses that were scattered on the bed and eating chocolate

“Hmm you wear this one ” said Ragini giving her a new dress

“Wow!! Nice one …. You buyed this one for me” she nodes “thanks dii” “but there might be something something”

“How do you know ”

“My sister Ragini Malhotra was very innocent before she met Akshay Khanna three years ago . But when you started to love him you became a full naughty girl” swara said pulling ragini’s cheeks

“Woh!! Woh… Shona”

“I’m here itself tell me now what’s the matter” swara ask while sitting in the bed eating chocolate

“Woh!!!! Akshay!!! He…Me… Woh…” She was trying to say something holding her own hands

“When your stammering class will be over call me ” swara said while getting up

“Shona!!!Shona…. Don’t go” Ragini stops her

“Then tell me”

“Akshay has planned something after today’s party” with a blushing face she said

“My blushing girl…. This was it….What’s the problem you go with him ”

“Problem is that ki… Mom will not allow us to go so…”

“Don’t tell me…… You both are going without informing anyone” (Ragini nodes) “And you’re ready”(Ragini nodes) “i must appreciate my soon to be jiju on how he make my di have some guts” “what is my role in this ”

“You need to help me to go with him after the party”

“1 Galaxy 1 snickers 1 kit kat ”

“No.. mom has ordered not to give chocolates to you”

“Then forget about your date”

“Okay I’ll give ” Ragini said

“Then I’ll make you to reach near him”

“Shona dii you both are not ready yet!!!Get ready fast all are ready downstairs” Nitya said while entering the room

Grand Hyatt

“Ha actually Sanskar is Akki’s friend” Ragini said to Nitya and Jyothika who were happy seeing their favourite person talking to their soon to be jiju

“Have you met him before ” Nitya asked

“I didn’t met him ha i talked him once through phone” Ragini said

“OMG i need to took a selfie with him and I’ll frame it in my bedroom” said Jo

“You guys na!!! ”

“Ladies and gentlemen ”

All guest turned their gaze to two couples standing on the stage holding a mike  . Reaveled to be Rishabh and Gayatri Malhotra and Mr and Mrs Khanna

“You all must be why this party suddenly?? “Said Mr Khanna

“Then let me tell you people that this party is for announcing the engagement between my daughter Ragini Malhotra and My friend’s son Akshay Khanna” Rishabh Malhotra said

“Enjoy the party guys” Said Mr Khanna

“You idiot you didn’t tell me before” Sanskar said while pulling Akshay into a hug “Congrats Akki”

“Thanks buddy…. I need to introduce someone to you” Akshay said breaking the hug (he calls Ragini)

” Meet soon to be Mrs Akshay Khanna” Akshay said while putting his arms around her shoulder and introducing her to Sanskar

“Hello Ragini…. I only talked with you but hadn’t seen your face”

“But i have seen you (he looks at her confusingly) who doesn’t know the cricketer Sanskar Maheshwari ”

“I don’t know any cricketer Sanskar Wankar ” swara said to Nitya and Jo before sitting on the chair and eating chocolate

“The one and only piece in this whole world ” Jo said sitting​ beside her

“You’re unbelievable swara ” Nitya said standing and putting her hands on her waist

“If any of his fan hears you then they’ll burn you alive….Okay i agree you don’t watch cricket but at least see him” Jo said

“Ha that’s right come on swara get up after seeing him let us look if you’re saying the same” Nitya said pulling

“Why are you compelling me yaar!! He is not gonna be my husband who came to meet me for marriage” she said with a irritated look

“God Pls take my prayers…..Pls make her marry some Cricketer”  Nitya said

“Ha.. you’re praying like god doesn’t have another job and is going to fulfill yours ” swara said walking forward “I’m going”

“Sanskar plss plsss plss agree… ” Akshay said holding Sanskar’s​hand . Both of them in a corner with Ragini

“If you both gonna go then go!!! Why are you including me in your so called plan” Sanskar said while taking his hands back

“You just need to drop her home that’s it” Akshay

“Her!!! It’s a girl !! I thought it’s a boy !!!!! Whatever I’m not gonna agree” Sanskar said

“Plss sanskar it’s rago’s sister Shona!!! She knew the plan she agreed to it already….You just need to drop her home after we both went” Akshay said

“Okay” Sanskar said

“Rago  come get inside the car all left” said their mother calling them

“Mom.. Woh…. Swara is not here …. I meant she went to washroom she told that it will take time so we both  ” Ragini said

“I’ll drop them aunty ” Akshay said In between

“Okay Akshay come fast rago it’s late already”

“Sanky thanks buddy we are going…. Shona will be coming now ”

“Okay bye”

“Hi….” Swara said while standing back of Sanskar

He turns and find her . He was awstruck seeing her

“Helloooooooooooo” swara shouted when she didn’t get any response from Sanskar

“Oh hiii you’re Shona ????”

“Yes how do you know!!!! Oh jiju must have said this to you anyways nice to meet you sanky… I heard jiju calling you”

“Ok then let’s go”


Sorry guys for not posting two days . I’ll be regular . Tell me how was the work . If you want any scene tell me guys!!! I’ll include in it . I started posting this ff on wattpad . Pls read it . My ID Ziya__Abram . Do vote and comment .

Thank you



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