crazy love of thahaan (part-23)


hai friends…. thanks to everyone who commenting to Me regularly and silent readers.please do comments.because I am getting very less comments day by day.I think my story line is not good.negative comments also please..its my request. just say about your opinion my dear friends.if I hurt anyone I am you guys.

this part is starting from the next day morning,bihaan comes to thapki.thapki stands in table.she looks for something in top side cupboard.thapki slips suddenly.she goes to falls down.thapki gets scared. bihaan gets shocked.suddenly bihaan runs to her.he holds her in his arms.thapki gets teary eyes.she looks at bihaan.bihaan looks at her.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…… )

bihaan makes her to stands in floor.
bihaan:thapki…why you are doing this work???you are pregnant you have to take care.if i didn’t come here now then you…
thapki:(suddenly)nothing will happend for me and for our baby.b…. b…because of you are there with me.
bihaan:but please don’t do like this again. you are carrying our baby.your health is very important for me.
thapki:ok bi… bi…bihaan I won’t do any work here.she smiles at him.
bihaan hugs her.they hugs each other and smiles.
bihaan:thapki did you finished breakfast.
thapki: bi…bi…bihaan sorry.i..i..I didn’t finish.
bihaan:what???still you didn’t eat breakfast.I know this you didn’t had food.hello madam…sit here.(he makes her to sit on bed)
wait I will come.
bihaan brings food for thapki.he feeds food for her.thapki eats food.she gets teary eyes.she looks at him.bihaan smiles at her.thapki eats food.

vasu sees bihaan and thapki.she goes from there.

bihaan calls for aditi.he says about thapki pregnancy to her.he ends the call.aditi gets happy.
aditi:maa…. papa.. where are you?
krishnakant and poonam comes to her.
poonam:why did you call?
aditi:(hugs poonam and krishnakant)maa and papa…good news.
krishnakant:what news?
aditi:papa… maa… thapki di is carrying baby both are becomes grand pa and grand ma.
krishnakant and poonam gets surprised.krishnakant smiles and poonam gets happy.
poonam:I am very happy about thapki.I want to see my daughter.
aditi:maa what are you saying.??
poonam:yes aditi.I am not angry on thapki.I accept her.
aditi and krishnakant smiles.
krishnakant:OK poonam.tomorrow we will go to see thapki.
(poonam and aditi gets happy)

thapki walks on floor.suddenly.she feels dizzyness and pain in her legs.she holds her head and sits on sofa.she holds her legs.she gets pain.
bihaan comes there.he sees thapki is not well.he goes to her suddenly.
bihaan:thapki… thapki…what happend are you alright???
thapki:(holds her head)bi… bi…bihaan i… i… i… feel pain in legs.(suddenly she closes her eyes and faints)
bihaan gets upset. he lifts her in his arms.he makes her to lying on bed.he tries her to wake up.she opens her eyes.bihaan takes water and makes her to drink.thapki looks at bihaan.
bihaan:thapki are you alright?
thapki feels leg pain.bihaan feels her pain.
he don’t know what to do for her.he calls says to him,its will come during pregnancy. so you can do oil massage for her.bihaan says to him,thanks doctor.he ends the call.
thapki:ouch…. ouch… its ve.. ve… very pain.
bihaan takes oil and comes to her.
bihaan:thapki show your leg to me.
thapki:wh… wh… what???no bihaan I wont.its will get well soon within few minutes.I will take care.
bihaan:hello madam don’t get your leg to me.
thapki:no.. bi… bi…bihaan I can’t.
bihaan touches her legs.he sits on floor.he places her legs on his knees.he takes away her saree from legs.thapki gets nervus.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan please..don’t do this.
bihaan:thapki..don’t talk anything.just sit here.I will take care of everything.
bihaan applies oil in her legs.he does oil massage for her.thapki feels pain.she gets teary eyes.
she cries.bihaan sees her face and pains.he gets upset.then slowly her pain is goes from her leg.she gets relief.
thapki:e… e… enough bihaan.I am fine now.
bihaan:are you sure ???don’t lie to me.
thapki:yes bi… bi…bihaan.I am fine.
its enough.
bihaan washes his hands and comes to her back.
he covers her in blanket.thapki looks at him.she smiles.bihaan slightly rubs her head.she closes her eyes.she sleeps.bihaan sees thapki face and smiles.(na… na… naa plays…..)

vasu thinks thapki is my bahu.I know she was stammers.but I have to take care of her for grand child of this family.vasu decides to take care her.
sharaddha comes to vasu.
shraddha:mummy ji I want to talk with you.
vasu:tell me beta.
shraddha:mummy ji… I am having plan to ruined thapki and bihaan life.
shraddha:yes mummy ji. thapki was pregnant if we abort her baby,then we will seperate them.
vasu gets shocked.
vasu:no shraddha..don’t kill baby.because of baby is grand child of this family.I won’t accept don’t try to do like this.
shraddha gets shocked.
shraddha:mummy ji you don’t like thapki na…
vasu:yes… but she was carrying my son child.I have to take care of her.

shraddha thinks this oldie becomes after I won’t discuss about plan to you.I know what to do.shradha didn’t say anything.she goes from there.

thapki parents are comes to see her for pandey nivas.vasu greets them.bihaan goes to hospital with thapki for checking thapki and baby.

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  1. great update shraddha not good for being thapki’s sister

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks dear sonia..

  2. Super story Vino, I like it ?????

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear fitri

  3. Di don’t say like this
    UR stoyrline
    Is superb
    Plz don’t think like this
    Episodevbehut acha tha
    V r waiting forvnext epizode
    Lu di plz take care
    Love you
    Good morning

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks you my dear sis kudrat.

  4. Hi Vinolin, i’ve always been your silence reader, what i like the most from your ff is the regular updates, it’s great you can update everyday.
    I didn’t comment before because i think your ff is good, but the issues aren’t new, it’s been in another ff or even in the real tpk. Try to make something new. I’m sure you can do it. Eagerly waiting for something shocking from your ff.
    And please no much misunderstandings problems, I’m fed enough with that in the real tpk.
    You’re such a talented writer. Keep it up

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks dear lee-na.surely I will do my best and there is so many shocking twist in ff.I hope everyones like this. actually I hate Sankara and really disappointed in real tpk. so I thinks to give punishment for that character.

  5. OMG !!! Di it was so so so romantic and awesome …. Loved the way u depicted the emotions of Bihaan . And the way he took care of Thapki … Forgetting everything is the best …. Loved the episode as usual Di … I told u … You are FABULOUS …. SUPERB and a PERFECTIONIST . Di waiting For the next part ….Congrats Di for 23rd episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear naitan…

  6. awesome Yar.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks dear garima

  7. Navami

    Hii vinolin darl…….the caring of bihan..i loved it…pls dont let anything happen to their baby…you are always a perfect writter ..drr…your ff is fab…we all love it drr…pls dont say like this…lv u..take care and update soonn…??

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks for your lovable comment dear navami.

  8. Really a phenomenal way of story line.I like it.Bihaan is absolutely a good son ,husband,father as well as a pure hearted person…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai pooja darl… thanks dear.

  9. Hi dr..ur storyline was plz continue it..thahan part was sooo cute!!

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear sweety.

  10. Hi vinolin your story is amazing.plz continue writing. Nice episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear rifa

  11. Mindblowing episode di
    Plz don’t stop writing
    Di choto thahaan ko kuch mat hone dena
    Love u di
    Plz apna dhyen rekna
    Muje pta h aap boder par nahi ja rhe ho
    Par phir bhi
    Apna dhyen rek na
    Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu…….
    So much
    Good night

  12. oh plz dnt say this i love your story line keep continue it….i loved it….

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear sadia…

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