crazy love of thahaan (part -16)


this part is starting from….

the next day morning,thapki wakesup and sees bihaan.she sees him sleeping.she smiles at him.she corrects her dress.then she goes to washroom for bathing.
after few minutes thapki comes from washroom.she did makeup.she applies lip stick.she comes her hair.bihaan wakes up and slowly comes behind of her.he hugs her.thapki laughs.
thapki:bi…bi…bihaan leave me…p.. p.. please.
bihaan:no…I won’t leave you…(he hugs her tightly.)
thapki:no… leave me…see the ti… t…time.go and get ready.
bihaan:thapki don’t make my mood very bad.I need you.
thapki:o…o…OK but…(she turns at him)
bihaan:(bihaan suddenly kisses her cheeks.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays……..).thapki gets surprised)
so…. but….what you want to say.?
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan you don’t have love on me.that’s why you are not listening me.(she turns her face from him).
bihaan:what??? I am having so much love on you.if you wants to find that check you.I gives so many love marks.
thapki:what…?wh… wh… what I want to check.?

(bihaan laughs at her and goes from her.he goes to wash room)
thapki thinks what I want to check…?then she finds the nail marks on her neck and she turns in front of mirror.she finds nail marks on her belly.she gets shy.she smiles.she recalls about romantic moments.
then bihaan and thapki comes to downstairs. everyone’s are eats food in dinning table.bihaan sees them.
bihaan:thapki come we will eat food.
thapki:(she gets some nervus) no bi… bi… bihaan.I will eat will go.
bihaan:(he holds her hands tightly)no I won’t leave you have to come with me.
bihaan holds thapki hands.they goes to dinning table.thapki gets scared.vasu sees them.she gets angry.suddenly she washes her hands.she goes from there.
balwander sees vasu.he also goes to wash his hands.suddenly bihaan says…
bihaan:papa… you don’t want to go from here.I will go now.please no one don’t need to go.
bihaan holds thapki hands.they goes to their room.bihaan sits in his bed.thapki comes near to him.she keeps her hands in his shoulders.bihaan sees her face.thapki hugs him.bihaan also hugs her.
bihaan:thapki… everyone’s are hating me in my family.I don’t know how to convince them.
thapki:do… do… don’t worry bihaan.surely one day your family members are accept you.
thapki holds his face and smiles at him.bihaan smiles at her.(na… na… naa plays……)
thapki thinks bihaan is in I have to cook food for him.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan wait I…I…I will cook food for us.
bihaan smiles at her.thapki goes to kitchen.

she cooks food for bihaan.vasu comes to kitchen.she sees thapki there.she gets angry at thapki.
thapki sees vasu.she talks to vasu.
thapki:m… m…maa goo… goo.. good morning.
vasu:(looks at her angrily)its bad morning for me.because of I don’t like you.
thapki:(gets worries and teary eyes)maa… please e.. e… excuse bihaan ma.
vasu:if I wants to excuse him,you has to do some work.
thapki:su…su.. sure maa.. please tell me.
vasu:you has to give divorce for bihaan.
thapki gets shocked and cries.vasi goes from there angrily.

thapki comes out from kitchen.she calls servent for some work.vasu notices thapki is not in kitchen.she goes to kitchen.she adds more chilly powder in food.she thinks I finished my work now.because of bihaan hate spicy.if bihaan eats this he surely fights with thapki.then they will become seperate slowly.vasu smiles and goes from there.

thapki comes to kitchen.she takes food for bihaan.she goes to their room.bihaan sits in bed.he feels very hungry.thapki comes to him.she givea food for them.bihaan smiles at her.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I made this for you.its so because I know you don’t like I didn’t add much chilly powder.
bihaan:thanks thapki.its looking super.
thapki smiles at bihaan.she serves food for bihaan.bihaan starts to eat food.he feels very spicy.his tougue was so burn.he can’t control it.his eyes are becomes red.
thapki:bi… bi.. bihaan how is this?do you like it?.
bihaan sees thapki face.he didn’t say anything to her.again thapki asks the same question.he holds her hand.he makes her to sit in bed.thapki smiles at him.
bihaan hugs her suddenly and kisses her lips.she gets shocked.she closes her eyes.(ranjhanaa plays…….)
thapki seperates bihaan.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what are you doing.
bihaan:this food is awesome so I gives gift for you.
thapki gets shy and she turns at him.she smiles and goes from there.bihaan smiles.

vasu gets shocked.because of she hides behind of door.she notices bihaan and thapki.vasu thinks its very tough.I didn’t expect this.bihaan is loving her very much.but I don’t want this bahu.I will seperate them.vasu goes from there angrily.

dhruv calls for shraddha.he talks to her.she convinces her for their marriage.shraddha says to him,OK dhruv I will speak to my parents but I am so worry about Sankara.bihaan is cheated her.dhruv says to her,yes I know but please thinks about our marriage.shraddha nodes at him.she ends the call.

thapki comes to room.bihaan did excercise.she goes near to him.bihaan sees thapki standing in front of him.bihaan continues his workout.thapki goes from him.she gets sad.suddenly she gets stucks.she sees bihaan holds her hands.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan leave my hands.
bihaan:then why did you come to me and goes very sad.
thapki:no.. I am not sad..
bihaan:don’t lie to me.I know you thinks to do romance.
thapki:n… n…no don’t talk like this.I am not like you.
bihaan:its a difference between you and me.I am telling this to you frankly.but you are hiding your feelings.
thapki:no.. I don’t wa.. wa.. want anything.she takes his hands from her.she tries to go from there.bihaan blocks her ways and he holds her saree pallu.
thapki:bi… bihaan I have to go.
bihaan:no I won’t leave you.
bihaan slowly folds her saree from pallu then he comes near to her.he hugs thapki.he lifts her in his arms.he makes her to stands in floor.thapki smiles at him.bihaan comes near to her face.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…..)


Sankara sees bihaan feeds food for thapki.thapki sits in bihaan’s lap.they laughs at each other.Sankara gets angry and goes from there.

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  1. Thahaan romance ??? …. So awesome and fab story …. Can’t describe in words …. And the precap is Superb … Fab … Lovely …. Awesome …??? Plz continue ?? Love it so much

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      hai naitan thanks my dear…

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    Wow vino year u again nailed it awsome part ….precap is also nice ….advance Merry Christmas ….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai reshal darl… thank you my dear… advance happy Christmas for you and your family.

  3. Manish ki deewani

    Wow vino yar u again nailed it awsome part ….precap is also nice ….advance Merry Christmas ….


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      hai pooja dear…thanks you so much.advance happy Christmas for you and your family.

  5. Amazing dear, waiting for next part.I Really like it

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    Fantabulous episode… Thahaan romance was superb dear… awesome… anticipating for nxt part dear… love you tc…

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  7. Nice part
    Eagrly waiting for next part
    Keep rocking
    LU good night

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  8. waooo….superb….thahaan romance was marvellous…..the love marks….it was a very outstanding and funny line too…..keep it up….

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