Hey guys its tess again.. Thought of writing another one shot. Hope u liked the previous one.. Happy reading#spread love

I am a from a family where love is considered a crime. I always hated those love pairs who used to sit on park benches and romance.Let me first introduce myself. Im Pragya Arora. Im gonna enter my first year of college. I wasnt excited like those other girls who eagerly waited for handsome guys. I was actually not interested in those things. I know u r thinking me as a boring person. Yes i am. I love to read books. Books r my actual friends. Because they can never lie. I went to the first day of my college. I saw a guy there. Oops dont mistake me. He was my school mate but we never talked to each other in school. We didnt even exchange a smile. He is Abhishek Mehra. We used to see each other but never talked. One year was almost over. I had a friend named tanu. Shes also my school mate. She also joined the same college. One fine day she invited our school mates to the canteen. We were like 5 of them who r from the same school nd same college but different departments. He also came there. It was quite a surprise that we had so much fun that day. We all talked laughed and ate. And at the end we exchanged our phone numbers. It came to the end of first year. I and abhi became close during the semester holidays. We chat daily. We were very formal at first like we chat to those whom we hardly knew. But later we never gave respect to each other.And unlike the first year i was so much excited for the second year. The only reason was him. During second year we had so much fun. We started meeting often. He was weak in studies and good in sports. So i helped him in studying. We met each other without the knowledge of tanu because we both kinda hated her as she has many boyfrnds and she always cheat on them. We met giving some lame excuses but we both know we just wanted to see each other. Tanu once told me to stay away from him because she thought i was falling for him. I strongly disagreed with her. He told me about his previous love.Although it did not last for a month i felt little bit bad when he said about his previous love.I never knew why i cried when he said about his ex love. They broke up but still i felt bad. I suddenly thought why should i feel bad. As i told you i had never loved someone i never knew wat is love. So i just let it go. And we talked in phone a few times. We always prefered chats coz we both never had balance in our phone. One day i told him about suresh, my school friend. I dont know wat happened he didnt reply anythinf to my text. I was so confused and made a call to him. He didnt pick up. I got a msg from him that ‘U CAN BETTER TALK TO THAT SURESH’. I dont know why he was angry on me. I never knew his anger was due to jealousy. But i kinda enjoyed that. And at last i somehow convinced him. But we had small small fights whenever he took his ex love’s name and i took suresh’s name. I should be given nobel prize for convincing him. Theres no other job in this world which is so difficult as convincing him. Days passed. His friends started teasing us both. We never minded them. We talked as always. We have had sleepless nights too due to over chatting. I never know i was falling for him. But i noticed a change in his behaviour. He started caring for me a lot. He wanted me to tell everything i do. I prayed to God that he should not fall in love for me. I even prayed that even if he loved me he should not propose. I think God heard me wrongly. It was middle of third year. He asked me to meet at the same place where we always meet. I reached that place. He was so tensed. I asked him wat happenend. He said idk. I asked him wat? He suddenly said im sorry! I think i have fallen for u. I was hell shocked not because he had fallen for me but because he proposed me. My hands started to shiver.I was totally speechless.

I then reached my hostel and closed my room door and sat on my bed. Tears started flowing from my eyes. I cried a lot. I couldnt control myself.I felt so ashamed of me. I realised i was such a coward who couldnt accept her love! Yes! I told him that i never thought of him in that way. I said im sorry i never loved you! Yes those harsh nd heart tearing words came out from my mouth. I said those words only for my mom. She will not like it if her daughter has fallen in love. I did it just for my mom. Did i do wrong? I asked myself. But deep in my heart i knew i loved him and i did wrong. i always regretted my decision. I had stopped talking to him and we avoided eye sights. Its almost end of our college. He came to me the last day and talked. He said i know u lied. But u know wat i will wait for u to accept the truth! He said those words and went.

I was helpless at both the moments. I am still wishing that our destiny will make us join together some day. Like him one day i wanted to accept the truth but that day i want my mom to understand and support me. Because she is the one who brought me up with lots of dreams and i cannot kill those in the blink of an eye. So fingers crossed for whatever happens.

Sorry ppl if it was boring…. Plz share ur views freely.

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  1. RiyaDcruz

    Awwwssssoooommmeee yaar…………

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      Thank you… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Superbbb yarrr…….. Complete it

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      Thank you… Its just a one shot yar.

  3. Superbbb yarrrrr………….plz continue it

  4. awesome plz cntnu dear

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      Thank you.. Its a one shot.. The destiny will decide

  5. Awesome yaar…Too good… plz continue dear

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      Thank you but its just a one shot

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  7. superb yaar…..

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  8. Awesome yaar bt y I felt so lk tat it’s a real incident coz I saw tz in my clg bt she s not my frd she s my classmate so wats her feeling I mean pragya POV don’t know bt same scenario yaar…

    1. Tess

      Thanks… Oh thats should be really difficult if its a real scenario… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. the story was amazing. but can i know y u kept ur name as tess.sorry if i asked something wrong. iam just curious. because tess or tessa is my favourite novel female protoganist.

    1. Tess

      Thank you.. I kinda like that name and thats y i chose it nd nothin more… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Nice one yaar!

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    You just rocked it dear really loved it

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  12. That was wonderful. I really wish it was more than a one shot, but still amazing. Love it a lot.

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