San:(cries)im sry …i love u (hugs her as much as possible)
Rag:hugs him it true???r u forgiven me?(in cracking voice)(not able to understand)
San:i was angry on u becaz i was happy when u were in pain…(both cries)but again im giving u only PAIN…im sry..
Rag:(smiles with teary eyes)break the hug and cups his face…im sry sanskar…(cries)i didnt did anything intentionally
San:hugs her again…i know
Rag:(in cracking voice)im not using any chance to go away frm u(she finds difficult to complete)
San:breaks the hug …both had a painful eyelock..
Rag:im a fool…always choosing a wrong path but it doesnt mean..
San:placed his lips on her …..tears were flowing from their both eyes..
After few minutes…
Both were shown ..lying in the bed ,hugging each other…
San:suddenly placed her hand on his head
San:dont forget im here to share not only happiness /love with u but also pain /hurt..u shouldnt hide anything from u..watever it is/watever consequense may happen,u should tell me..v should face it together…promise on me
Rag:nods with moist eyes…
After few minutes
Ragsan were shown..ragini is placing her head on his chest and sanskar is playing with her hair strand…
San:sleep ragini
Rag:nods…(when sanskar senses that she is not sleeping)
San:(goes little down to reach her and cupped her face)now wat happen…its late night..sleep
Rag:nods by tighting her grip on his waist
San:(who senses something fishy)carcasses her head…dont u want to sleep??
Rag:(in low voice)im scared to sleep
Rag:scared u will leave me when i close my eyes
San:(heart pains)do u really think so??do u think i can live without u
Rag:nods as no
San:then wat??
San:kissed on her forehead lovingly..have u noticed our baby,..his eyes are same like you..
Rag:nods smilingly and touched his nose..but his nose is like father like son
San:laughs..but his ears
Rag:and his mouth is same like u
both laughs….(suddenly they hear a crying sound of baby)
San goes towards the toddler and took the baby..
San:(by patting him)crying section is over its happy section says by looking at ragini..
Baby smiles
San:see he is smiling for my joke
Rag:wat to do?only he can smiles to ur bad joke..(laughs)
San:pouts by seeing rag and baby smile…..

Mahi:im happy ..u both has become lik b4
San:how do u
Mahi:i senses by seeing ur face…
San nods

@ragsan room
Door knock.
As soon as ragini opened the door..laksh hugged her happily…
Lak:im very happy
Lak:mahi told me that sanskar and u
Rag:nods blushingly
Lak:OMG my bhabhi knows blushing tooo (teases her)
Rag:laksh (hits him)
suddenly they hear a sanskar voice
San:wat r u doing here??mahi is searching for u
Lak:kk i will cum later by saying he went…
As soon as laksh went…
Sanskar drags her into the room and closed the room.
Rag:(without understanding)sanskar wat r u ???
Her sentence left in middle…when sanskar wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closely…rag breathes heavily…..
San:(huskily)in her ear i love u
Rag:hugs him tightly
Both were shown hugging eachother

Hope u like it….im going to end this ff in two episodes..sry guys i dont know how to proceed it furthur

Do comments becaz nowadays comments r less…

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