Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 5

Continuation from Episode 4:

Anika and Shivaay have reached downstairs along with OM members.They are going Delhi in Shivaay’s private jet plane.Rudra and Prinku have brought gifts for Anika.Dadi does aarti and gives her blessing to Anika.Anika hugs Dadi and Prinku.Almost everyone looks somewhat sad on Anika’s departure except Pinky.She is looking relaxed and tension free.Anika and Shivaay take everyone’s leave.Rudra and Prinku get upset.Dadi tries to cheer them up.

The private jet plane of Shivaay landed on a helipad in Delhi.A car is already waiting for them with some officials of OE of Delhi branch.They greet Shivaay and welcome him.Shivaay and Anika leave for Anika’s home.Shivaay is driving and Anika is sitting silent-

Shivaay:Are you alright?
Shivaay:What happened?I see,you are nervous right?
Anika:Should not I?You have told me I am unwell,a patient of Dissociative Amnesia.How you got me I know but not anything before that.I had forgotten every single thing.I am going to meet my family don’t know after how many days.Now you tell me,how should I feel.
Shivaay:Sorry I did not mean anything wrong.I was just trying to know your state of your mind.
Anika:My state of mind!I am living an oblivious life,know only five days of happening that’s it.I am unable to decide what actually would be my state of mind!Very sorry to disappoint you!
Shivaay stops the car watching Anika going into different tangent-
Shivaay:If you are angry with me for anything then you can tell.I am all ear to you.But plz,don’t talk like that!
Anika closes her eyes for few seconds then says-
Anika:Don’t know why I reacted like that on a simple yet valid question.You have done so much for me,still doing when I am totally a stranger to you.I am going to meet my family because of you but I am not feeling happy on that and this is really surprising.Anika looks away.
Shivaay gets stunned.He moves on to hold Anika’s hand but stops-

Shivaay:If I were you,I would have been happy,would have been felt like on top of the world on meeting my family,my closed ones.Not someone who is sulking like a little baby without any reason!He says with a fake complaining tone.Smile appears on Anika;s lips.
Shivaay:Thank God you smiled.Keep smiling like that.It suits you like anything.Um,one minute.Shivaay notices something and unties his seat belt.
Anika:Sivaay,where are you going?
Shivaay:I will be back soon.Don’t worry.He leaves.Few minutes later he returns with a box and a rose in his hand.Getting into the car,he gives those to Anika.
Anika:What’s in the box Shivaay?
Shivaay:Open and see yourself.
Anika opens and sees a box full of different flavour’s ice cream.With a chirping voice she says-
Anika:How did you know that I was craving for ice cream?
Shivaay:Really?I thought you are losing temper so it was an simple attempt to cool and calm you down!
Anika:Very funny!I am not sharing my ice cream with you,I am telling you!Anika picks one up from the box and starts eating.Shivaay is enjoying her happy,innocent childish side.
Shivaay:So,you are okay with me or what?
Anika:Will tell later.Let me finish my ice cream first.
Shivaay:Will be waiting.Can I have your permission to start off the car?
Anika:Permission granted.
Shivaay:Thank you so much Your Highness!
Car moves on again.Scene shifts to Mumbai,in OM.Omkara’s room,he is busy making painting.Rudra is busy with his mobile.He says all off a sudden-

Rudra:O,don’t you think our home has become silent suddenly?Shivaay bhaiya and Anika di have left.With Anika di around,those five days were real fun.I am already missing Anika di so much.Only she is the one who understands my intelligent talks.Not like you and bhaiya who never care.
Omkara:So you are missing her because your only supporter in the home is left?
Rudra:She will never come back O and this is making me sad.Idea!We can go and meet her.I this way we will have a trip to enjoy too.Give me five.Rudra raises his hand.
Omkara:Are you crazy?Anika was a guest in our home.She is not our relative that you are thinking to pay a visit to her every now and then.
Rudra:How I wish this could be true O!She is nothing to us but felt like one among us,our closed one.But did you observe Shivaay bhaiya in those five days?
Omkara:I was thinking the same.
Rudra:Bhaiya never misses any business meeting,phone calls,office calls but in these days,he was away from everything.He postponed all his meetings and appointments.Just took care Anika di and her necessities.Visiting doctors to foods,medicine,her sleeping,bhaiya managed every single thing.Looked like only Anika di was her priority,nothing else.
Omkara:I think you are right.Even me too observed that.I know Shivaay very well.But got surprised watching his this side.
Rudra:Get ready O.Don’t know what else bhaiya is going to make us see.
Omkara:Rudra,what happened to you?You are talking like Choti Ma.OMM!!!He laughs.
Rudra:Laugh as much you can.I am going.Rudra leaves.Omkara stops laughing as soon as Rudra goes out of his sight.He puts down his brush and takes up his phone……..

Precap:Shivaay’s car stops coming at the huge gate of Trivedi Villa.He tells Anika-
Shivaay:Your destination.Welcome home Anika!

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  1. Hi Luthfa dear,
    GM. The episode was good dear. I’m liking this version of shivaye. Always saw shivay love care to his family only. Now his love care for anika. At the 1st look only. Lovely. Waiting for next episode Dear. Lots of love. Tc

    1. Luthfa

      Good Evening Jeevi dear,
      Thank you soooooo….very much for your love dear.I am very happy that you are liking my presentation of Shivaay’s character.Thank you once again.Lots of love😊😊😊

  2. Nice update waiting for the next 😊

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooo…much for the compliment dear.Lots of love😊😊😊

  3. Nikita_jai29

    Rudra comment is good….

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooo…much dear😊😊😊

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