Rag wakes sanskar with a half cup of coffee…

san:o my wifey face is glowing brightly today..wat happen
Rag:smiles and turns to leave
San:pulled her,making her fall on him..
As soon as she hits on his chest, blushes …
San:(goes close towards her) huskily in her ear I didn’t get answer still yet
Rag:shivers when his hot breath touches on her ear lobe.. San sans sanskar….
San:smiles and tightens his grip on her waist
Rag:widens and blushes madly when his cold hand touches her bare waist
San:pecked on her nose. ..Answer me na(huskily)
Rag:breaths heavily (in stammering voice) go and get ready ,u promised me to meet swara with me
San:pouts so reason for ur happiness is swara not me
Rag:nods(to tease him)
San:(fakely sad) takes his hand from her waist and turns his face…
Rag:laughs by his cute annoying face
San:(dramatically) I’m feeling bad but c my wifey… She didn’t even care for me
Rag:immediately encircled her hands around his neck…so u r angry on me
Rag:k let me try the thing which u told yesterday to lighten ur anger
San:(understands) and closed his eyes and pouts his lips indicating for a kiss ?
Rag:who looks at him, smiles and pecked his cheek and pulled him and rushes to the Door end
San:opened her eyes and stares her fake angrily.. This is not fair Ragini
Rag:shows her tongue… Go and get ready hubby… V have to leave by saying she went
San pouts…..

@laksh room
San:laksh v r going to (he stops)
San:vo v r going to outing.. Will u join with us
Laksh:(laughs) u r unromantic sanskar.. I’m feeling bad for my ragu
San:glares him
Lak:then Wat u people should go alone and spend some private time but instead of that
San:(cuts him) it’s cousins outing.. U stupid
Lak:but then also I will be alone
San:dont wry I called mahi..she is coming
Lak nods happily….

@ragsan room
Rag:sanskar I’m scared.. Is laksh forgive her? Y u called him, without knowing his condition.. He might b angry on seeing her
San:dont wry he will understand and more over mahi is there na.. I told everything to her, she will handle laksh
Rag nods

@swara’s home
As soon as car stops over there…..
Lak:y v came here sanskar???
San:come inside u will cum to know
Lak:no sanskar, I will wait here if u have any wrk der, u people go
San:i know swara did a mistake but Wat abt uncle and aunt
San:(strictly) v r leaving..v won’t force you
Lak:nods but hesitates to enter
Mahi holds Lak’s hand and both looked into each other.. She assures him….

As soon as Janaki saw them, hugs them and cries
Sanlak:aunty..wat happen (worries)
Janaki :(break the hug) I always thought u people as my sons but u people… I’m just ur aunty na
San:its not like that
Jan:wat mistake I have done? Y u people ignore me (cries)
Rag :ma
Jan:u Cam to know I’m alive na… Plz u people don’t talk to me
(guys after hospital incident they stopped going there)
San:oh my janu. R u angry on us.. V accept v did mistake.. I’m sorry and I know u can’t live without speaking to us especially to me(he pouts)
After a small melodrama they all joined

After few minutes
San:uncle where is swara?
Jan:v dnt know, she went somewhere…
At the swara enters,, …she hears her mom’s statement and feels bad
After seeing everyone in a hall… She has mixed emotions but without giving glance to them she went to her room

After few minutes
Door knock at swara room
San:smiles and enters into the room.. Without talking to your favorite cousin, u came up.. This is not fair
Swa:sanskar(her eyes become moist)
San:hugs her (friendly hug) let’s forget everything
Swa:cries no sanskar.. Plz don’t forgive me easily, I need big punishment for my doings… How much rudely I behaved with u all? How much I stopped low?
San:past is past… Even I hate that swara.. I want to slap that swara hardly.. But I know that idiotic swara was dead.. Now who is presenting in front of me is my favorite cousin who I use to like her during my childhood
Swara:hugs him and cries
Everyone has tears by seeing this scene…

Rag:so enough of crying.. Hereafter v should b happy
Swara hugs her and nods
Swara saw mahi and laksh towards the door end…
Swa:holds mahi hand.. I’m Sry, I hurted u alot
Mahi:cuts her leave it swara, everything ended in good way.. Im happy to see u changed
Swa:nods and hugs her

Swa turns towards laksh who is bending his head not even looking at her

Swa :in cracking voice u not even want to see my face na, I won’t ask Sry to u laksh because I know I hurted u alot and I gave a hope of loving you too.. I know how much pain u will be? I just wanna tell you I’m ready to accept whatever punishment u give

Lak:looks at her and immediately hugs her by seeing her teary eyes….i hate u swara for making me like this.. I hate you
Both cries….
(yup all forgived swara expect janaki… All tried but no use)

Ragini stayed there itself in order to spend some time with their family.. Mahi went to her home and sanlak went to office……

Swara’s room
Rag:mom will talk to u
Swa:hope so Ragini but today my heart is happy that u people forgived me And at the same time I’m feeling guilty ragini
Rag looks on
Swa:how much cheaply I behaved?seriously I don’t know how I
Rag :plz swara v can’t change anything… Let’s forget everything
Swa nods and hugs her
Both slept together in Swara’s room itself

Sanskar missed Ragini badly…. He immediately went to Ragini’s house and entered into her room but doesn’t saw her (he missed his phone in his home itself) …started searching her slowly in all the room ….and finally saw her sleeping in swara’s room beside her…..
San in mind c her…. my girl???here at midnight Im searching her like a ghost but she (huffs)
Episode ends with Ragini sleeping face and sanskar pout face

Hope u like It
Guys I will drag it as much as possible .
Do you want swalak as pair or mahilak

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