Shivin wakes up and rubbs his eyes… He was in unbuttoned white shirt and white pyjamas.

Anaika was doing light makeup standing near the wall mirror !

Anaika : Good morning baby.

He hugged her through waist.

Shivin : Good morning Mrs Raichand !

Anaika : Aww… Say Anaika Mehra Raichand ! I told you before that after marriage i will use both the surnames.

Shivin : But for me you’re only anaika nothing else… You know right i dont judge people by their surnames !! Hmm…

Anaika smiles and applies sindoor on her forehead !

Shivin was staring at her and suddenly he reminsced something…

“Surname kya hai… Naam khoon khaandan kya tumhara !!!”…

He held his forehead and muttered “Muhh !..Aaah !!”..

Anaika : Shivin… Shivin what happened are you ok !

He cried in pain : Anaika !!… Where’s my medicine ?

Anaika : Yaa lemme just (she rushed towards the table and picked up the tablet and a glass of water)… Have it…

She gave him the medicinal water which he drank and got relaxed !

Anaika : Feeling better !

Shivin : Hmm…

Anaika : You wont how much i got scared !… Mujhe laga thaa jaise jo mere hota hai vo tumhare saath bhi hota hain !!…

Shivin : What happens with you !

Anaika : You know what shivin… Since birth i am getting these flashes… A girl laughing, using weird languages, shouting at a guy, hugging that guy !!…

Shivin : Huh… Infact in my dreams… I see a couple romancing… A man hugging two other men as if like they are brothers and…

Anaika : I dont know but shivin i feel like there’s a connection between us !

Shivin smiles : Ofcourse there is yaar… I love you and you’re my wife !

Anaika : Can i ask you a question ?

Shivin : Ofcourse baby !

Anaika : Shivin… Do… Do you believe in REINCARNATION !!!

Shivin : Do you believe ?

Anaika : Maybe or not !… But i dont know whenever i watch those bollywood movies and serials i say that there’s nothing called reincarnation but after sometime when i get those flashes i say vice versa !

Shivin : Anaika…

Anaika : I dont understand shivin… Whats happening… Are we CONNECTING DOTS !!!… Is their anything in us that connects these dots !

Shivin : Its ok…Its ok relax !… Gimme a hug first !…C’mon…

She hugged him and later they geared up for an unconditional liplock which turned steamy !

On the other hand, Krish and Meera were shameless observing their liplock !

Meera : You naughty boy.. Called me for this aanh !… Dont you have shame you called me for watching this !!…

Krish : Baby but you called me right !…

Shivika broke their liplock and caressed each other’s face !

Meera & Krish knocked the door and entered !

Meera : Good morning beautiful couple !

Shivika : Good morning !

Shivin : Di… Whats this !..

Meera : Shivy its only for my sister in law !… So Anaika this is the outfit that you’re going to wear on tonight’s reception !

Anaika : Di… I mean reception !

Shivin : Thats fantastic !

Krish : Everyone are glad since you two got married !… Now you both deserve a stunning reception so its happening…

Meera : Dont worry we all will help you in getting ready for it !

Shivika smiled looking at each other !



Raichand house is completely decorated and beautifully and star studded-ly donned in white color decor. All the two familes mehras and raichand’s are dressed in white outfits !

Everything was quite ravishing and pretty !

Shivika came downstairs in a winsome reception outfit !… They both were complementing each other’s look !

Shreya : Di & Jijs… Both of you are looking amazing !!

Ayaan : Indeed !

Shivika : Thankyou guyz but where is Ruhaan ?

Ayaan : Actually he left for dubai for some important work ! He will come back soon he said and congratulated you both on this occasional eve !…

Anaika : Okay !

Sanaya : Anaika… Come i want to introduce you with some of my close friends !!…

Anaika : Sure Mumma !…🙂

Sanaya : What did you said ! 😗

Anaika : Mumma !!…😄

Sanaya smiled : Come… 😊

They left to meet the guest.

Some time passed, Shreya & Ayaan were having a quality time together !

Shreya : Your were looking totally superb today !

Ayaan : Seriously !!! You too !…

Shreya : I know…. Umm lets have some thing i am hungry !…

Ayaan : Come…

Aisha noticed them together and smiled ! She came to Gautam !…

Aisha : Honey !… One second !

Gautam : Yaa…

Aisha : Listen naa… Actually i was thinking about shreya and ayaan !!

Gautam : You’re right both looks really cute together !!… It will be a pleasure to have two successful business women as Raichand family’s daughter in laws !

Aisha : But yaa… before moving forward we should consult with mom and ayaan too… After all its his life !…

Gautam nodded yes !


Later… Mr Amit Pathak & her daughter arrives at the venue..

Abhay : Welcome ! Welcome Mr Daughter !

Amit : Meet my daughter Ivaara !

Ivara [TEJASWI PRAKASH WAYANGAKAR] gets introduced… She was in a shinning prom dress and hairs were semi curled !!…

Ivara : Hi Uncle !

Abhay : Hi beta !!… Mr Pathak pls come…

Ivara : Dad i must say the house is so rich and modern just like me choice !…

Abhay : Thankyou so much beta !!… Shivin !!…Anaikaa !!…

Shivin comes to abhay !…

Shivin : Yes dad !

Abhay : Mr Pathak and her daughter Ivara !

Shivin : Oh… Hello Mr Pathak !… Hello…

Ivara : Hi…

Shivin : Anaika !!…

Ivara looked on !..Anaika arrived and she got surprised seeing anaika !

Abhay : My daughter in law…Anaika !

Anaika : Hello everyone…Hi !!!…

She greeted Ivara but stared at her !!..

Ivara smiles : Anaikaa !! 😍

Anaika : Omggg !!… Ivi !!!… 😍

They hugged each other ! ❤️❤️

Ivara : I cant believe this… We are meeting after 10 years !…

Anaika : I was guessing like i saw pathak uncle before !!…

Amit : Oh wow !… How are you Anaika ?…

Anaika : I am all good !…

Abhay : Mr Pathak you both know anaika ?

Amit : Indeed ! Anaika & Ivara were school friends !!… Later i seperated them !… 😅

Shivin : Huh 😗

Ivara : Actually dad wanted me to study in paris for fashion studies and later i got shifted there !!… Me & Anaika were in contact for 5 long years but later due to workload life seperated us !

Anaika : But hum phir milgaye… I am so happy ! Come lets meet shreya she will go crazy !!…

Ivara : Omg Shreya !!… Lets go and meet her !!…

Anaika : Yaa yaa come with me !!…

Shivin : An…Anaika !…

Abhay : Shivin come with me !.

Shivin got a pale smile !!….🙂


Shivin : I forgot to tell you our honeymoon tickets are arranged !! 😙
Anaika was talking to Ivara : Oh wow…Fantastic… You know ivara our honeymoon tickets are arranged !..😍
Shivin : Your & Ivara’s honeymoon !! 😱


Shivin : Anaika lets go for a movie !
Anaika : Sorry shivin… Really sorry but ivara, me, shreya and aanya had plan a girl outing so !!!… 😅
Shivin : 😶

Thankyou so much everyone and pls do share your likes/dislikes and comments…

I will be back with a fresh update till then take care and lots of love



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