Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 50

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…




‘’Annika….shall we go ‘’ Shivaay called making Annika look at him

‘’Yeah…I am also tired and dearly want to rest’’ she replied and came to Shivaay

They both left towards their Stay. All the while during travel Shivaay didn’t feel like talking much. One he wasn’t sure of how to tell Annika the truth, second he was not happy seeing Nikhil and Annika’s closeness, third and most important he realised she said her name to be ‘’ANNIKA HARSHVARDHAN TRIVEDI’’ to Nikhil while he asked her who she was.

His thoughts travelled to his conversation with Nikhil sometime before……..

‘’ ‘’Sure…when should I meet you’’

‘’after a week, I will give you a call though’’

‘’yeah sure thanks’’

Saying that Nikhil left and Shivaay waited for Annika to arrive. While Shivaay was waiting for Annika he got reminded of the fact that Annika introduced herself as Annika Harshavaradhan Trivedi….his eyes widened of ignoring the fact then and he immediately rushed towards Nikhil’s cabin. The midwife stopped owing that there was an other patient. But Shivaay requested that it was urgent.

Hearing the noise outside Nikhil came out of his cabin and asked what was happening. He looked at Shivaay and asked the midwife to let him in.

Nikhil sent the existing patient outside and turned towards shivaay

‘’Mr.Oberoi what happened?’’

‘’Dr.Nikhil….i just overlooked the fact that Annika had introduced herself as Annika Harshavaradhan Trivedi instead of Annika chaturvedi….does that mean she remembers ‘’

‘’Mr.Shivaay calm down’’

‘’But how can I …I am sure you also know her as Annika Chaturvedi not Trivedi’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi Annika used to introduce herself sometimes as Annika Harshavaradhan Trivedi while she was studying with me….i used to be surprised then and now i am no more  surprised because I know these sort of things happen owing to her Amnesia problems…’’

‘’I didn’t understand’’

‘’let me explain you….she has lost only a part of memory and the other part has just faded away….every now and then she might be doing or saying few things that were known particularly well to her , such as her name, her habits, her words…this might just come in an instant and then she will never realise why she said so….did you never realise this?’’

‘’I do…’’


‘’I used to smell espresso while I was a child and she instantly said the same making me startled one day, she used to call me Khadoos and she called me with the same name one fine day, she speaks weird language and she does so even now, she feels she saw Saumya’s mother somewhere and she said the same to her….’’

‘’perfect…this is the same thing , somewhere deep sown she remembers her name to be Annika Harshavaradhan Trivedi and she said today without even realising….and in a way you must be happy’’

‘’for what?’’

‘’because in these cases when patient automatically or instinctively remembers something then there are more chances to make them normal. So relax Mr.Oberoi….just remember everything that’s happening is for our good.’’

‘’thank you doctor’’

Nikhil smiled and Shivaay left from there…..


‘’Shivaay…are you alright?’’ Annika’s voice brought him back to normal


‘’I mean you didn’t utter a word during the whole travel, so asked you’’

‘’it’s okay…you said you are tired so didn’t want to disturb you’’

‘’Something sure is wrong Shivaay. Did something happen?’’

‘’no Annika…everything is fine…go and have some rest, while I prepare something to eat’’


‘’Annika …what’s your full name’’

‘’Annika Chaturvedi’’

‘’But you said to Nikhil that you are ‘’Annika Harshavardhan Trivedi’’

‘’what rubbish? Why will I say so?’’

‘’Yeah may be I heard wrong’’

‘’You too need rest Shivaay’’

Annika left from there and Shivaay went to change his clothes . Annika soon drifted to sleep without changing and Shivaay prepared food . when he was done cooking , he went towards Annika’s room which thankfully she kept open and saw her sleeping peacefully. He closed the room so as to not disturb and sat in the living room and started working…time passed by and Annika got up and came to Shivaay

‘’You got up? Come have some food’’

‘’I am feeling so hungry and that’s exact reason why I got up…by the way what did you make. ‘’

‘’Dal, Rotii’’

‘’ufff…I thought Aloo Poori’’

‘’Come On Annika , not again…’’

‘’ok fine’’

Annika ate so fast and Shivaay was startled to look at her…a smile came on his lips.

‘’I am really hungry shivaay…’’

‘’that’s okay’’ he forwarded a glass of water

Soon she completed her eating …she turned to Shivaay and said

‘’I want to go for shopping. Will you accompany me Shivaay?’’

‘’Yeah sure, but I am sorry the shops are open only till 18:00 hrs and by the time you get ready, the shops will be closed a=, so may be we should go for shopping tomorrow’’

‘’sounds good…but what will we do now?’’

‘’Let’s watch some movie’’


‘’Fine let me wrap the work, eat my dal-roti , by then you select any movie you want to see.’’

‘’whaat? You didn’t eat till now?’’

‘’No..how would I eat without you eating anything?’’

‘’I am sorry Shivaay…’’ Annika almost had tears

‘’it’s okay Annika…you weren’t aware ‘’

‘’but I should have asked you…how stupid I am of not thinking about you’’

‘’Ohh…it’s fine I said…now go and freshen up’’

‘’I am really sorry Shivaay…’’

‘’goooooooo’’ he almost screamed and she ran away

He did all the works he specified and returned when he saw Annika in her pink and white night wear and he smiled as she looked adorable . she was looking into her mobile curiously

‘’Annika…what’s so interesting?’’

‘’Mmmm…Shivaay…I am just trying to know what are best gifts for men’’

‘’ohh …you need not buy me any gifts Annika’’ he replied

‘’very funny…it’s not for you’’


‘’for Nikkuu…obviously….tomorrow we ae going to meet him right, so I thought why go empty handed , instead take some good gift’’

‘’Tomorrow WE are going? What does that mean’’

‘’ohh shoot I forgot to tell you again…Actually, Nikkuu asked both of us to join him in his house tomorrow afternoon. I said YES’’


‘’what Ohh…you are also coming along Shivaay’’

‘’I am sorry Annika…you go…I have some work..’’ he said getting up from Sofa and moving towards his room making Annika confused

‘’We will talk about this later, but let’s watch movie now as planned’’

‘’Annika I am tired, you watch and then sleep not before having something..i made and kept everything ready on dining table. For now Good night’’ saying that he closed his room door.

Annika TAM ‘’now what happened to him. I didn’t do anything wrong, then why is he behaving weird? May be he is tired. I can’t watch movie alone, so let me also do some work and sleep

——Shivaay’s Room

Shivaay TAM ‘’How can she go to meet his family? ‘’ was all he thought and continued thinking

Shivaay TAM ‘’She doesn’t remember anything about us, but she remembers everything about him. She forgot what I was to her, but remembers what he is to her..she forgot I am her KHADOOS but she remembers he is her NIKKUUU. She forgot the relation we shared but she remembers he gave her a box of chocolates and a card….and now she remembered he called her but she forgot that he invited me too…’’ he felt sad and was hurt

These thoughts continued and he slipped into sleep.

The next morning arrived and Annika was excited, she got ready even before Shivaay got ready and was preparing Aloo-Poori when Shivaay came to the kitchen

‘’Good Morning Shivaay’’

‘’Good Morning Annika’’

‘’Had a good sleep?’’

‘’hmm..yess…what about you’’


‘’I can see you are ready early and are looking very happy’’

‘’Yeah…I am happy for various reasons’’

‘’And what are they?’’

‘’first we will be going to shopping then we will go to Nikkuu’s house too…I mean today is such a happy day’’

‘’Not We Annika…only You’’

‘’what do you mean onky Me? I mean you said you will come for shopping right and then Nikkuu’s house ‘’

‘’Annika I am really sorry…I have lots of work to do…so just take the car and I have arranged for the driver…he will take you to all the places…shop as much as you want. But I can’t come along’’ he spoke calm hiding his pain

‘’You are such a …forget it…I thought you would help me in buying something for my friend, but you are busy…yeah I forgot you are THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. Fine forget it…but what are you not coming to Nikku’s house? I mean what’s his fault’’

‘’Annika I already said I am busy…I came here ALSO to make some business deals. And had he really wanted to invite me he should have called me personally too…’’

‘’ohh so you mean, he invited you through me so you are denying me’’

‘’don’t take me wrong Annika…I didn’t mean so…’’

‘’no need to give explanations Shivaay…I understood everything…fine, you don’t want to come , don’t come…I will not request you further…and now I am leaving’’ she shut the door behind and walked away in anger picking her purse

Shivaay held his head and got up, to take his Americano.

Annika did shop many things and came back to her apartment. She left in anger but she felt too bad to be angry on Shivaay, who is doing so much for Sahil and her. She thought of Apologising and ringed the bell. None opened , so she took the spare key and opened it to find Shivaay no where. She sat in sofa waiting for Shivaay when her mobile beeped indicationg a message arrived which read as

‘’Annika carry on with your friend and enjoy your day. Just let me know if he would drop you back or not,  else I would send driver to pick you up. Don’t forget to send me his address in case you need driver to pick up. Bye’’

Anika TAM ‘’he is not coming. I thought he would join me. I thought these days when we are here we both will spend good time. If I can meet his friends and be comfortable with them, why can’t he do the same? He didn’t even for once say where he is going. As if he doesn’t care about me. And here I say everything what I am doing where I am going? Fine if he is so adamant then I am no less. I will also not care about him. Let me get ready, Nikkuu might be on his way to pick me’’

Breaking her thoughts she went ahead to get ready and sorted the things that she bought for Nikhil’s family and kept aside and rest of the things she placed being very sad in her suitcase.

The door bell rang and she wiped her tears and set her face to open the door.

‘’Finally you came Shivaay’’ she spoke while opening the door and there stood Nikhil .

‘’oops sorry, I thought you were expecting me Jhalli’’

‘’ohh sorry I thought of taking your name and then took Shivaay’s name’’

‘’never mind it happens…but where is Shivaay’’

‘’He isn’t at home.’’

‘’I think we should wait for him then’’

‘’No, he is not joining us…if you are ready then let’s go’’

‘’After you’’

Annika picked up the gifts and walked forward, while Nikhil closed the door behind (Don’t worry , it’s autolock system)

Anika left still searching for Shivaay. The moment Annika left Shivaay came out from the opposite apartment and entered his apartment. He looked at the car and Annika from behind the curtains and sat back sad .

Shivaay TAM ‘’She really left with him. I mean it doesn’t matter, If I join her or not. All these years that I have waited are seeming annoying for me. But shouldn’t I be happy in her happiness, why am I jealous. Well I don’t want to think about all this and I should concentrate on my work rather. I have spoken to the ministry of industry and employment here and have to prepare for this meeting. I have to be back to that heartless mode else I will lose my sanity’’

Time passed by and it was almost 10 PM and Shivaay looked at the watch…

‘’This Girl hasn’t yet arrived. Did she really forget that there is a person who will be waiting for her at her stay. Ohh yaa how will she remember , she is with her friend and I am none’’ Shivaay spoke to himself  sighing.

He looked through the window and saw Annika smiling and seeing off Nikhil only after giving him a hug. She was looking happy and this made Shivaay’s condition even worse.

He closed the curtains and went into the kitchen to warm the food. The bell rang and he opened it.

Annika smiled ‘’Finally I got to see you after morning. Thank God I thought you wouldn’t be at home even now’’

‘’what does that mean?’’

‘’simple…it means I thought you would avoid me’’

‘’Really…you felt so’’


‘’Fine then I don’t want to change your thinking Annika’’

Nodding she left to her room to change. He wanted have a bite and rest to his room but his heart wouldn’t agree, he waited for her to come. She came and sat in sofa.

‘’Shall we have dinner Annika’’

‘’I am full Shivaay, But I  …’’

‘’its okay Annika…good night’’ he left without even listening to her further and with a thud came the door sound

Anika TAM ‘’whats wrong with him? why is he acting weird. From the time we met Nikhil in hospital, he is acting weird. If he has any issues then doesn’t he need to talk to me. what way I expected to spend with him and what’s actually turning out. This isn’t right, not at all right’’

She knocked the door of Shivaay’s room , and he being awake gave no answer.

‘’Shivaay I know you aren’t asleep. I know you can’t sleep without having food. If you are angry with me then be so, but why avoid food’’ she spoke and waited , but no reply came from him

‘’Fine Shivaay ..if you have decided not to talk, then I wouldn’t request you anymore. Do whatever you want. ‘’

She left from there and went to her room.

The day ended and the next morning arrived….Shivaay left to attend the meeting with the minister leaving a note for Annika that he is leaving on for an important work. Having nothing to do Annika left to Nikhil’s house again.

They both reached the home almost at the same time and Annika was appalled to see Shivaay talking to a lady who obviously wasn’t an Indian . The lady shook hands with Shivaay and was about to peck when Annika turned to leave and Shivaay smiled at the lady being uncomfortable.

The lady left from there bidding bye while Annika took the lift in anger and Shivaay took another lift.

Seeing Annika having issues to open the main door, ‘’let me open it’’ he spoke

‘’no need I can’’ she turned the key this time right and stepped in

‘’Annika are you okay? ‘’

‘’yes, and you..’’ she looked at him ‘’you need not to worry so much about me’’

‘’okay. Annika I am sorry but I had to rush for my work’’

‘’I understand very well what work you had…I am sure you had fun’’

‘’Offcourse everything was just perfect as I expected.’’

‘’why wouldn’t it be. After all you are THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI whom no one can deny’’

‘’isn’t it the truth’’ he smiled not knowing what she meant.

She had tears in her eyes.

‘’By the way where were you and what did you do?’’ he asked loosening his tie

‘’I went to Nikkuu’s home. I don’t know anyone here so just went. Thank God today he had an off and we had the best of time’’

Listening to that his face went pale and he felt hurt again.

‘’great…I can understand you had a blast. ‘’ he spoke rather being sarcastic

‘’yeah. Shouldn’t I have the privilege of having an blast after all I am Khidkitodh ‘’ she waited for him to complete the sentence unknowingly

But he left from there in distress.

Few minutes rather , he came out and so did she

‘’I think you must have had your dinner there , I mean in your friends house. So I better order something for myself then’’

Listening to him she felt a strange pain and she smiled pale and answered ‘’yeah..you are right , I am tummy full’’

He looked at her, she turned her face away….he placed the order and switched on the TV …she started looking at the Eiffel tower with tears strolling her eyes.

‘’So what’s your plan tomorrow?’’

‘’Nothing’’ she wiped her tears and spoke not looking at him.

‘’like really…I thought ‘’

‘’I am sleepy Shivaay…good night’’ she left to her room

Shivaay TAM ‘’Why am I feeling that she is sad. Her voice was very low. Was she crying? I hate to see her tears, but …wait a minute…her voice goes pale and low when she is hungry… did she really had dinner. No worries anyways I have ordered food for her too…how can I eat without her. Let the food come, I will feed her’’

The food arrived just then

‘’Annika come here, we shall have dinner. I am waiting and am really hungry’’

‘’no you said right I already had then you eat, I am not coming’’

‘’how will I when you wouldn’t. I have no energy left to argue, please come ‘’

‘’I said right I wouldn’t. you have your dinner’’

‘’I am waiting Annika’’

‘’Shivaay even I don’t have energy to argue. You eat and sleep, I am not in a mood’’

‘’Fine then let me sleep and I have lost interest to eat’’

He threw his phone in anger and went hit the chair . the sounds coming from the living room alarmed Annika and she rushed out to the living room to see broken mobile and chair.

‘’have you gone mad Shivaay?’’ Annika screamed in anger

‘’yes’’ he shouted back.

Precap : Something you all have expected and unexpected …to know more stay tuned !!!!

This is the Fiftieth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Hello akka.. Hyderabad vachanu so traveling walla last episode lo comment cheyle.. Read both the parts ee phase chala tough ga vundhi akka.. Iddaru upset ga vundatam assalu nachale.. I knw slow slow ga anni sardhukuntai.. But endhuko teliyadu i feel like crying seeing them I mean reading about them like that ??.. Maybe I am so into this story that I feel like every thing is real.. Or maybe my nowadays life away from mumma papa is making me a bit more emotional.. IDK what it is.. I am confused…. Overall an amazing epi.. Precap is interesting.. So next part thwara thwaraga post chesay.. Can’t wait for it.. Take care.. Bye??? for now.. Keep smiling ???.. Love you loads ❤❤❤❤..

    1. ItsmePrabha

      I am seriously such an idiot ?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀.. How can I just forgot to wish us a golden Jubilee??.. Anyways happy golden jubilee akka.. ????

    2. VHM

      Hey Prabha….chelli emayyindi ? nuvvu bagane unnava? edaina problem unte neeku telusu kada nuvvu eppudaina nannu contact cheyacchu, hangy lo kani insta lo kani…avasaram anipisthe naa number adugu nenu neeku Dm chesthanu….

      thank you so much talli…thanks a lot…neeku kuda GOLDEN JUBILEE ki congratulations….lots of love and best wishes to you dear….keep smiling and take care.

  2. Congrats dear for completing 50th episode ?.

    Awesome episode. jealously, pain and have feelings for each another. 1 is aware another 1 is not sure. hope they resolve their differences.

    Waiting for her to get her memory back.

    Take care.

    1. VHM

      Hey Jeeta…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TOO dear….she will get back her memory pretty soon otherwise the story will not proceed….awee lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  3. Naku e ff Chala istam andhi

    1. VHM

      Hey Indhu…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee that’s so sweet of you…naaku mee opinion chala nacchindandi….ilane opinion post chesthundandi….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka.
    Congrats akka for the jubilee akka nd happy jubilee akka????…. Sry yesterday I forgot to wish akka belated MERRY CHRISTMAS AKKA. Akka I don’t know wt to say how I feel abt the episode akka. Seeing our shivika like tht feeling bad akka….. Bt the episode was super akka. Waiting for next episode akka. Even me missed u akka….. Lots of love to u nd Akki. Tc

    1. VHM

      Hey Jeevitha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…congratulations to you too dear….Belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too dear…don’t feel bad, the next episode will make you feel really happy….lots of love and best wishes to you …keep smiling and take care…

      i gave your love to Akki who is sitting right beside me…she asked me to give you two kisses on either cheeks…precisely two okay….

  5. Niriha

    Hi di..Congrats for silver jubilee di.
    Sry for the late comment?epi was Superb ?
    Love you ?? Take care

  6. Aniriya

    Sorry i was busy so i could not read and comment. First of all conrats for jubliee seriously even i am surprised we have spend so many epi together this is really a big thing. Epi was as usual khidkithod hari everytime you show outstanding update and makes my mood happy and energetic.
    Since tomorrow is last day of the year i wish all your sorrows go in trash and new year bring all happiness success in your life. I wish this new year bring more interesting stories by your side and our bond becomes stronger
    Bye love you loads

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is little bit painful update… Our shivika is not on a happy note… Happy new year dii

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