Complicated life (Episode 21)


All of them turns and sees Anoop standing there,he says “Aunty,actually I came to get Gauri’s sign,She need to sign “Gauri says “Please come in Anoop”and goes in to take something.Anoop sees Gang standing with anger and says”What are out trying to do ?”.Gauri comes and gives a box and some letters .Anoop asks her “what us all this ?”.She says “You just take it and give it to Mumm ,sorry aunty “.He gets it with hesitation and notes Gauri not talking to him properly. he gives some paper to Gauri and leaves.

Gauri goes in and gets a call from Dev.she says “Hello, Dev?”.he says”when will you come to office, I need to get some details from you please “.She says “ok I will come ” and goesby keeping the paper in her bag,she runs and starts her car ,leaves to office.Ganga sees all this and think “Gauri usually won’t lie for anything,does it mean she is in love with him “.Anoop drives the car,she thinks what dies she give and stops the car to see it.

Gauri reaches office and comes in,she sees Dev sitting in his cabin with a file on his hand.She comes in and greets him,he sees the watch and says “Now the time us 11 am ,I need to go to hotel Ss to meet some suppliers ,I want you to come with me,will you “.She bids yes and goes to her seat,ink falls on her dupatta, she leaves her bag and goes to wash the ink strain.Dev sees her going,he passes by her sear,and sees some paper from her bag,he takes the paper and read that 30% shares of company are in name of Gauri.he smriks and says “Now let’s see who wins”.he goes by keeping the paper.

Gauri comes and sits in her table,she sees Dev working and smiles at him.She sees the time and goes to remind Dev.Dev sees the time and opens the door,Gauri misses her grip and hold Dev’s hand .he hepls her to stand stably.She says “Sorry”.he says “Its fine “.they leaves to the hotel.on the way,Gauri asks him sorry one again.he says the same reply.she tells that I am telling sorry for hiding the news.He doesn’t reply .

Anoop sees mangalsutra in the box,he searches further and sees some box,he opens it and finds the golden jewellery ,he remembers gifting her on her birthday due to dadaji’s insistence.He finds the signed divorce paper and cannot give any reaction,at last she finds a golden bracket,he takes the bracket and remembers some incident,his thought goes before 10 years.

Dev and Gauri reaches the hotel,they sits in the booked table,she sees the arrangement and gets confused.Dev says “enjoy yourself Gauri”.she sees him puzzled,he says “this is the biggest meeting that I mentioned “.she smiles and asks “what is the matter?”.he says “Today is your wedding anniversary”. her happiness changes and she turns her face.Dev says “OK let us celebrate your divorce ,won’t you “.she says”your wish” goes to wash her hands.

Dev thinks “yesterday,everything was totally changed,actually I planned to propose to you but “,he takes the chain in his hand and says “things changed “. Anoop remembers meeting Gauri in school and they become friends.he years horn sound and moves the car.Dadaji waits in the hall and sees the entrance eagerly.Anoop comes with the bag and calls Yashoda. She comes and sees Anoop and the bag .

Gauri comes and sees Dev hiding something in his hand,she sees him with questions and sits,She says “and this is for you “,gives a watch to him.He asks “what’s this ?”and likes the design.she says “because I am celebrating my “.he asks “what are you ?”she says “our relationship” and gives a letter.he finds it written in Marathi and says “but I don’t know Marathi ,”.she says “there is dome news for you ,learn it “.she smiles and sips the apple juice.

Anoop tells about the words he heard to Dadaji and Yashoda,She says “I am really happy,but why are you dull”.he says about” her giving all the gift that I have given to her from beginning,she has ended all the ties with me “.Dadaji says”leave it,I even think that they are nice yo be together”.Chandra thinks about the words of Gauri and tells that “that wasn’t the words just came to stop the situation,I feel she loves him “.she thinks to talk to Dev.

precap:Dev sees Anoop standing in the road and stops his car near him.

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  1. Dev is trying to hurt guari or sone thing else

  2. Plzzz plzzzz plzzzz don’t make dev as villain I want him to be gauri’s hero but a hate to love story will be awesome update soon will be waiting

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