colors of love (episode 1)

A girl from a rich cultured family is seen sad dressing up in Indian attire. Her mom comes and says ur eldest girl of the family and ur dad had given words to them. Amd this is appropriate marriage age . Ishani says how can dad throw his decisions on me. Her dad comes there and says no princess I’m not forcing u to marry him but atleast meet him who knows if ull liked each other. His family is fond of you I asked for ur other sisters too disha gauri but they liked u so much. It this alliance happens that u will get lot of love from that family. Ishani hugs him and says okay. What’s his name, Harshad says Milan. Ishani says more about his family. There is his elder brother Ranveer and sister n she is married n have a 4 years son. His parents are there n few cousins That’s it.

Ishani asks why not his elder brother Ranveer? Harshad replies very professional man not interested in marriage . Ishani says ohk.

At Waghela mansion
Amba gives a suit to Milan n says wear this n come don’t rely on ur informal shirts n jeans doesn’t look nice. Milan says why are u forcing me. First Ranveer’s chance should come. Ranveer in his 3p suits comes n says I don’t have time for this joke btw I’m getting late for office all the best. Milan says thanks bro.
Here Ranveer and Milan don’t look the same

Milan secretly calls his girlfriend Aniya and says I will definitely try to stop this marriage. Milan is a flirting type boy n changes his girlfriends very soon is very immature.

Ishani tells her family to go she will arrive there soon. Later Ishaani sits in her car n drives the car n sees a boy crying . She parks the car at the middle of the road and approached towards him. She asks him what happened child. He says I’m lost. She asks what’s ur name he replies Krish. She asks about his family but he doesn’t remember the address or contact no. She hugs him n says not to worry. Ranveer too drives the car n arrived at the same spot. Ishani’s car was parked at middle of the road and he honks but she didn’t listen. He angrily gets down n sees her from back. She was busy consoling the child. Krish runs to Ranveer n says thank god mamu u came I got lost. Ishani sighs in relief and leaves. Ranveer stops her. Ishani turns back n sees him. Both got lost in each other. Something for first time was happening. He timidly says thank you, she says no worries now bye n rushes into the car. She felt restless n something happened to her same with Ranveer. He hates all the concepts of dating marriage n stays away from girls.

But he got attracted towards her but he ignored.
She entered Waghela mansion. They welcomed her. She introduces herself to Milan . Milan thinks how beautiful is she! Ishani was lost in that person she saw. Kailash asks Milan to go n personally talk to each other. They goes to the terrace n but get involvedin casual conversation. Milan loves Ranveer a lot n he keeps talking about him. Ishani thinks Ranveer is so boring but she didn’t know who exactly he was. Ishani asks him about his ex. He replies I don’t lie but I have dated 12 girls in my whole life. Ishani got shocked but says it’s okay n smiles. Milan asks about his ex. She says no I have not dated anyone. Milan says are u kidding? I mean look at u how pretty how cool ur. Ishani says I wasn’t interested in dating n all. Milan sits on his knees n holds her hands and proposes her. She says yes. He gets happy n says let’s inform our family. Milan then realized about Aniya. He says I will see later. The family gets glad hearing the news. Baa was more interested in Ranveer than in Milan but she didn’t say about it. Ranveer enters there with Krish.

They both get shocked seeing each other. But later they cleared the confusion. He says to them how she saved Krish . So she gained more respect for their family. Ranveer shakes hands with Ishaani n says hello I’m Rv. Amba says u will be Rv in ur office here he is Ranveer. Ishani secretly laughs n shakes hands with him. They again felt something n their heart skipped a beat. The pandit asked them to give their kundlis. Amba n baa gave it. The priest was shocked seeing it n claims that they are highly compatible. They get glad. Ranveer to showed that he is happy for his younger brother Milan

Precap:- milan triple dates his girlfriends, Ranveer to feel bad for Ishani

Guys basically in this ff there will be late realization of love

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    Woow its veeyyyyyy nice..and iam reallyy missed ishveer veryyy much……thanku for coming up with this ff..annddd plzz continuee it…iamwaiting for next one..?

  2. Nandana

    The beginning itself is very very very interesting dear and update the next when u get time as i know u will be busy with ur studies dear . Any way it was been very nice dear….

  3. It was amazing dear I am glad that you started a new ff eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  4. Very interesting dr. Do continue soon.
    Waiting for next.
    Keep smiling and take care.

  5. Its Awesome dr.. I liked d storyline very much…Cant wait for the next… ?

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