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Bhateri Village, Rajasthan, 1995:
A man (Balraam) rushes inside police station. Blood is coming out of his head. Inspector Chauhan asks him what happened. He says that Harpaal’s sons beat him a lot. Kamla adds that they raped her too.

Flashback shows Kamla fighting bravely with the thieves when they overtake her and rape her.

Kamla tells the names of all the 5 people who raped her. Inspector Chuahan gets a call from Thakur Harpaal Singh. He asks Inspector Chauhan if Kamla and her husband are there. Inspector Chauhan answers in yes. Thakur Harpaal asks him to send them away somehow. Inspector Chauhan agrees. Kamla threatens to approach D.I.G. if he wont register his complaint. Inspector Chauhan relents. He wants Kamla to leave her dress as a proof. Kamla changes

her clothes and gives the old one to him. She writes her statement. All the 5 sons of Thakur have raped me. She makes him sign and attest on the paper. She takes the statement with her.

Law is for people but when people like Chuahan turn against justice then what can be done. Kamla was not the one to keep quiet. She knew how to fight for her rights and get them. She has been brave since childhood and fought against injustice.

10 years ago, 1985:
17 year old Kamla is teaching some kids maths. Kamla has a dream of joining police so she can help people and eradicate all the wrongs in the society. Kamla’s father announces that the day is off. He asks Kamla to get ready. Guests are coming.

Balraam likes Kamla in the first look. The alliance gets fixed.

Later, Kamla requests her father to let her study more. I don’t want to get married yet. Her parents don’t listen to her.

2 months later:
Kamla and Balraam get married. Balraam feels blessed to have her as his wife.

Kamla makes pots out of mud. She manages her household really well. One day, she meets Jhumki (a neighbour). They get talking. Jhumki shares that she got married when she was 10 years old. I had 2-3 kids by the time I turned 17. Kamla eyes the well but Jhumki points out that only Thakurs take water from there. Kamla follows Jhumki. A man talks lewd to Jhumki on their way. Kamla gives a fitting reply to him. Jhumki tells Kamla not to mess with the rich brats. Kamla has complained before the Sarpanch about the guy. Jhumki lies to Sarpanch that the men dint tease her. Kamla is taken aback. Sarpanch asks Balraam to make sure his wife accuses no one falsely. Balraam walks out of there angrily.

Balraam’s parents started torturing Kamla daily. Her life was limited to her house. They died after a while and Kamla got all the responsibilities.

Kamla heads back home after giving lunch to Balraam. On her way back, she finds Thakurayin unconscious. She runs towards the well to bring some water for her. She forgets her basket there in rush. Thakurayin had all blanked out. She blesses Kamla for helping her. Kamla offers to drop her home but she leaves on her own. Kamla goes back to pick her basket when a man notices her there. How dare you touch our well? I will teach you a lesson.

Before the Sarpanch, Kamla reasons that whatever she did, she did to save someone’s life. Sarpach is about to give her punishment when Thakur Harpaal Singh asks him to let her go. She took water to save my Mother’s life. Sarpanch now gives her money as prize. Kamla questions his style of justice. The water of your well dint get impure when I saved someone’s life who is rich like you! I don’t need your money. Harpaal Singh rudely tells her off.

A lady (Sandhya, from some NGO) announces in the village about what all they want to do for this village. Kamla is intrigued. She gets details from Sandhya.

Balraam is not so convinced about Kamla working. You couldn’t give me a baby. What will you do for other kids? She folds her hands before him to make him agree for it. He allows her to do what she likes.

Sandhya makes a few interested ladies put their thumb impressions / sign on a paper. We will send it to Minister after which we will make an Aanganwadi here.

Master ji refuses to turn up to teach the kids. Kamla proposes to teach them but many of the parents of the kids don’t want their kids to study from her. Kamla teaches all the kids who are still there.

Kamla was a brave woman. She fought every situation bravely. But life takes test first and then teaches a lesson. One test was still left in her life.

Kamla hears someone crying for help. She runs inside to save the lady. One of the guys attacks her on her head. Kamla goes unconscious. The men rape the lady and then walk away. Kamla wakes up. She takes the lady on a wheel cart to hospital all by herself.

Inspector Chauhan asks Kamla to put thumb impression on the statement but she instead signs them. She recognizes the men. She stops Kailash (the husband of the victim) tries to attack on them but she reasons that law will take care of it. Thakur Harpaal Singh is also present there.

Kamla became the favourite of everyone. All the kids started going to school, including the kids of Thakurs. Kamla thought that the rich poor difference will go away but she had no idea that it wasn’t going to last.

A few people are waiting anxiously for Balraam to return home. One of the guys is the father of the men who got arrested because of Kamla. I warn you to keep her in control or he wont spare her.

Balraam tells Kamla that he doesn’t want to lose her. She gave in and took her complaint back. She thought that she will explain the reason to people and they will understand it but it created a bad feeling amongst Thakurs and other people. The kids of Thakurs stopped coming to school. They got banned from the society as a result but she still dint give up.

Thakur Harpaal Singh’s House:
The house is well decorated. Kamla is shocked to know that today is the wedding of a one year old girl. Kamla and Sandhya bring police to Thakur’s house to stop the wedding. This angers Thakur Harpaal Singh. He asks his sons to teach a lesson to Kamla!

Balraam advises Kamla to stay away from Harpaal Singh. He isn’t a good man. She reasons that someone will have to raise their voice against such people. Harpaal’s men attack Balraam. Kamla tries to fight them bravely but they overpower her. They rape her next.

The first scene is shown.

Kamla wants to go at night to get herself medically checked. Inspector Chauhan’s call had reached there first. Kamla wasn’t allowed to get her tests done there so she went to Jaipur.

On her way back home, Harpaal’s men meet Kamla. They try to threaten her and then notice some paper in her hands. It is her statement which was signed by Inspector. One of the guys eats it up.

Magistrate Sharma is listening to the case. Inspector Chauhan calls Kamla a liar. She had put a similar blame on someone in past but then took her complain back. Kamla answers in affirmative. They had blackmailed my husband. Sarpanch calls her a liar but she stays firm. I don’t lie ever. Thakur Harpaal was marrying his one year old daughter. I informed the police who stopped the wedding. This angered Harpaal Thakur and so he sent his sons to my house to rape me. Thakur Harpaal Singh says we Thakurs don’t even take water from people like her. How will we even touch her? Magistrate Sharma asks her if she had registered a complaint in the police station. She affirms. Inspector Chauhan denies registering any complaint. Balraam asks him to be fear God atleast. We came to police station and registered one. Magistrate Sharma asks for the report that she had registered. Kamla says these people tore the complaint but they don’t know that I have a photocopy of the same. Everyone is taken aback. She gives it to Magistrate Sharma. He looks at the Thakurs and Inspector.

Special court registered a case against Thakur and his men. Kamla approached many people for her fight. After 15 long years of wait, Jaipur court announced punishment for the culprits. The day was announced as a special day for women. Kamla became an example for other women. Many women raised their voices then against the crimes done against women.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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