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2 February 2015, Varsova
A couple stops their car. The girl (Tina) tries to run to pick up the baby but her husband (Sudhir) tells her against it. People keep the kids in the middle of the road to loot people.

Varsova Police Station, Mumbai:
Kabir is talking to the lady Inspector. She tells him about the case. A couple find a baby boy (3-4 months old) in the middle of the road. The baby looks pretty well off. It doesn’t seem kidnapping. The baby was wearing good clothes and was in a basket. Kidnappers wont do it. She takes him inside. The police officers are playing with the baby. His colleague tells her that he had contacted all the police stations but couldn’t find any report. She tells him to contact all the orphanages. They cannot keep a baby with them for long. We have to

hand it over to the orphanage eventually. She goes out to talk to a constable. Kabir plays with the baby. He wonders why someone would leave such a little kid. The baby will be sent to an orphanage. He decides to look for the parents of the baby and find out why they gave up their baby. Maybe there is some bitter truth behind it which the society should be aware of. I should dig deep.

Kabir checks the basket. The finger prints have been taken already. Kabir checks it thoroughly. He finds a bar code. Lady Inspector reasons that there will be many shops in the city. He replies that the bar code is different always. We can track it down. She appreciates him for his idea. She tells her junior to find out info regarding the same.

Police tracks down the shop. They also have a CCTV footage and the payment was done through CC. They track down that person.

The uncle (Anand Tiwari) is in Police Station. He accepts that he had bought it for his grandson. He recognizes his grandson (Munna). My daughter lives in Meera road. I have been trying to contact her but she is not picking her phone. Lady Inspector asks about the baby’s father. The man gets emotional. It dates back to 1 year. My daughter had come here for Modelling.

9 September 2013, Hinjewadi, Pune:
The girl is leaving for Mumbai. Her father is not so comfortable with the idea of modelling. You have done MBA. You can find a good job. Get married. She is not interested in wedding. I don’t want the population to increase. He gives her a credit card. You can use it whenever you want something. She gives it back to him. You have given me such good upbringing, education. I will stand on my own feet now. He hugs her. He next clicks the photos of the driver and the taxi in which she will be going to Mumbai. She leaves.

Ad agency:
Neetu greets Ankit. He is a photographer and she has come to him for a portfolio shoot. She has come with her friend. They hit it off instantly. Ankit does her photo shoot. He keeps on guiding her about how she can strike a pose. He keeps on touching her on and off in a friendly manner or keeping a hand on her shoulders. One day, they come close. The lady at the P G Accommodation scolds Neetu for coming late. The other girls will follow suit if I let you come in this late. She throws Neetu’s bags out of the house. Neetu requests her but in vain.

Ankit gives a solution to Neetu. Come with me in Live-in. There can be many benefits. We can share the rent, flexible timings, and different rooms. She is worried about her papa’s reaction. I cannot lie to him. Ankit tells her to hide the truth. This is called Live-in.

Present: Kabir asks Neetu’s father if he knew about it. He denies. she only said that she is living with her friend. I found out about it on her birthday.

19 December 2013, Suhas Society, Meera Road, Mumbai:
Neetu is upset with her father for coming in unannounced. He father notices Ankit’s clothes in the room. You said you have shifted with your friend. A guy and a girl cannot be together before marriage. She calls his mindset old. This is why I hid it from you. how can I manage it without money? He reminds her of his pension and the credit card. She gets irked when he suggests her to get married to Ankit if she loves him. She lies that they only like each other. He tells her that such relations only create problems. Anything can happen if a guy and a girl stay together. She talks in favour of live-in.

It becomes tougher when the kids go out of control. Neetu dint listen to me. She continued to stay with Ankit in Live-in. Neetu returns home and the dinner is already kept there for her. She smiles seeing the note and the dinner.

Ankit and Neetu manage it together really well. One day, Neetu switches off the tv when Ankit and his friends are watching match late at night. They get in a fight. He tells her to close the door and sleep. She reminds him that she is not his wife. He pays lesser amount every month which irks Ankit. The happy moments soon turn into fight. Neetu comes home. She hears some noise. She heads towards Ankit’s room and finds him in a compromising position with someone else. He is shocked to see her. The girl leaves hastily. Ankit keeps on giving excuses to Neetu. I am not your husband, just like you are not my wife. We don’t share any personal connection. We are just in a live-in relation. She confesses that she loves him. I am loyal to him. He too accepts it that he loves her (fake). Neetu dint realise when she fell hard for Ankit.

Doc tells Neetu is 4 months pregnant. Neetu tells her that she is not ready for a child. Doc says it can be avoided but you are already 4 months pregnant. Neetu waits outside for her reports. Neetu decides to go for an abortion. I cannot keep this baby. I am not married yet. Plus what will Ankit say! A little boy walks up to her. She is in tears. The baby’s mother tells Neetu that kids are very adorable. You will understand when you will have your own. Neetu has decided to give birth to the baby. Ankit tells Neetu against bearing this baby. We were in live in relation because we wanted freedom. I will come with you. get this baby aborted. She wants this baby. He asks her if she has thought what will happen to her modelling career then. She doesn’t mind it. I have done MBA. I will go for a job and we can share our expenses. He calls it her emotional drama. She says I will never do it. we have been living together since so long and love each other. Let’s get married. What will the society say? He is not at all ready for this. She requests him to do it for her. I love this baby. He agrees.

Next morning, Neetu wakes up but doesn’t find Ankit anywhere in the house. She calls his number but he had suddenly disappeared. He even left his job. There was no address or contact detail about him. she was completely broken. She came home one day. Neetu hugs her father and apologizes to him. you were right. She told me everything. She still stood by her decision. She gave birth to her son but the problems were only going to increase. People start asking Neetu about her husband. The secretary of the society asks for her marriage certificate. People start talking about the illegitimate child. Her friend shows her that Ankit is living with his ex girlfriend in Delhi these days. Neetu was shattered. I was in Pune for some work and then you called me here. Junior Inspector comes to tells them that they have some info from Bandra Police Station. Anand ji gets worried.

City Hospital Morgue:
Neetu has committed suicide from Worli Sea link. Her father breaks down after seeing her dead body. The little baby cries too. Everyone gets sad.

Anand ji says all this happened because of this live inr elationship. She would have been alive today otherwise. A suicide note was found in Neetu’s room. She had apologized to her father for her mistake. She was fed up of life. She wanted to kill herself and her son but couldn’t hurt him. She says sorry to him as she leaves him in the middle of the road. She reaches jumps off in the sea.

Police tracked down Ankit and brought him to Delhi. Ankit refuses that this is not his son. The lady inspector slaps him. neetu came in that relationship with her will. I dint want to get married or have any responsibility. Kabir talks about the relationship. You can do anything that you like but you aren’t ready to shoulder the responsibility of a marriage. Ankit calls wedding a burden. I love my freedom. Kabir says every person is every religion accepts this relation and you don’t like it. Parents give their best to their children and you left your own child.

As per Supreme Court’s order, Ankit was told to give monthly allowance for his son’s upbringing. A charge sheet was filed against Ankit for what he had done.

If weddings don’t happen then the society will be directionless. Live-in relations are not bad or illegal but our court also calls it a wedding after some years. Teach your kids right. Live in relations don’t mean that one can do anything that they want to.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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