Nach Baliye 7 20th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 20th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yesterday you have seen how the baliye fall in trouble, thinking their baliye is not intelligent. Rithvik says he would like to call Parag and Shefali’s choreographer. He welcomes everyone to see the love meter. He says most of the couples get three hearts each. Shefali- Parag, Karishma – Upen, Rashmi- Nandish, and congratulates them. He asks everyone to keep heart on their love meter. He says dinner set goes to Rashmi and Nandish. He says this week, some what big but…………He says when you left your home, what did you miss? Nandish says phone and TV are not here. Rithvik says there was no communication here, and when you came here did you were communicated that you will not have any contact with anyone. He calls Majid bhai and shows Shefali’s bag. Shefali says she didn’t have any communication from outside world. He says yesterday I thought to talk to Karishma as she felt something bad. He says they are fair to everyone, and asks Shefali and parag about two phones in her bag.

Shefali says it is hers, and says she didn’t break any rule. Parag tells that their choreographer needed their photo, and that’s why they sent their photo to their choreographer. She says Ajisha is the proof for this. Ajisha confirms the same. Shefali says you can check outgoing and incoming calls. Rithvik says we had this situation before too. Rithvik calls Shefali and Parag’s choreographer. Choreographer Sonali tells that mistake is hers and she needed their photo. She apologizes to Shefali and Parag. Shefali says it is okay. Rithvik thanks Sonali and she leaves. Rithvik says they are giving benefit of doubt. He says he doesn’t want any couple to break the rules and that’s why it needed to clear the matter. Shefali says she is relaxed to get the matter resolved.

Rithvik says love meter and love power. Three couples, Rashmi – Nandish, Karishma – Upen and Parag – Shefali are contenders to love power. He says others 4 couples have almost 2 hearts each. Himanshu comes and says he will share his heart with Rashmi and Nandish. Rohit says he wants to give heart to Rashmi and Nandish, but Aishwarya says she wanted to give heart to Parag and Shefali. She asks him to give Rashmi and Shefali as he committed to them. Sana and Dipesh give heart to Parag and Shefali. Mayuresh tells that he wants to give heart to Shefali and Parag. Karishma say that they didn’t get love power this week.

Rithvik says love challenge have ended and clear cut winner is Rashmi and Nandish. He says their Nach’s journey will not end and asks them to continue their performance. He asks them to do their rehearsals as Nach is too much. Shefali says she is showing her journey when Parag came in her life. Mayuresh tells that he is going to act 7 different characters. Karishma says their act is 7 assence of life. Upen says this would be first time on Nach’s stage. Aishwarya says they are attempting dance which no one did it before. Shefali says they will perform best. Mayuresh says hope they will get 30 this week. Rohit says they were reahearsals till 6 am, and Aishwarya got pain. They rushed her to hospital and will take a call after seeing the report. Rithvik asks the viewers to see Nach, and know about the eliminated jodi.

Dance performances of the jodis is shown and Judges’ comments. Preity Zinta gives a surprise performance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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