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Welton School, Dehradun, 2015:
Three boys come to a prohibited area (Red House). They come inside a room. There is something written on the wall – Die Red House. A girl’s spirit appears and all the guys die one way or the other.

Kids / professors / people have heard about the incident at Red House. This has been closed down since years. No one talks about it.

Welton School is a very exemplary school. The kids of the school are divided in four groups – red, blue, green and yellow. No one is allowed to come in the red house building. Whoever has gone in this building is left helpless. The kid can neither say nor relate anything.

11 years ago:
There is a relay race in the school. The red team is leading. One of the guys slip in the relay race yet the team wins. The boys

come to their room. One of the boy spray paints – Long Live Red House. They are kind of smart dudes, bullies. They talk about a maths championship. This way the trophy will come be ours. One of the boys wants to participate but he wants a partner. The guy doesn’t want the red house to lose. Matron comes there. She too tells them that she has always seen the Red House people winning since last 25 years. I am sure you will maintain this history. The same guy respects her but the other 3 find her old (with old mindset).

One of the guys apologizes to his girlfriend Rakhi but she knows about his real intentions so she is in no mood to forgive him.

The guys are watching some film at night. The same studious guy wants to discuss about the maths paper but they want to watch the film first. The matron comes there with her granddaughter, Hazel. She is going out for some property related work so Hazel will take care of her work in the meantime. She also tells Hazel to tell these boys in case she has any problems.

The guys are smitten by Hazel. They resume their film but the lights go out.

Next morning, Hazel comes to the boy’s room to set the bed. Two of the boys eye her with bad intentions. One of them (Deepak) collides with her by mistake. Hazel sits down to check the paper when they leave. Later, when the guys return after their classes, they find the paper all solved. The studious guy has not been able to do it but it is solved now. I couldn’t do a few questions but its all solved now. He wonders if Hazel has done it. They all decide to wait for the result to see if the answers are right.

1 month later:
Two boys from the group get selected for championship. They think of taking Hazel’s help. They intentionally talk about a few questions that they have been unable to crack. They go away to check in the digest. Hazel sits down to do it when they surprise her. She requests them not to share it with anyone. Maths is her favourite subject. I used to teach my cousins maths back at Mussorie too. The selected guy (Deepak) requests her to teach him so she agrees.

Hazel is teaching maths to Deepak and to the studious guy. Deepak’s friends bring some parcel for him. he gets upset after reading it. Hazel goes to talk to him. He shares that his mother is getting married for the third time. She has no time for me. She has never even hugged me. She too talks about her dream of becoming chartered accountant but seeing something in her family, she changed her mind. But her love for maths never went away. He suggests her to fall in love with him then. She reminds him that she is elder than him. Plus he should focus on his maths championship first. He is pretty confident that he will win it. She has faith in him for the same.

Hazel wishes Deepak and his friend luck as it is their big day. Deepak calls Hazel’s grandmother. She too wishes them loads of luck. They win the championship. There is a party afterwards. Hazel is also there. All the kids are drinking too. Rakhi calls his boyfriend (Shlok). Hazel gives soft drinks to the studious guy. Shlok has patched up with his girlfriend but he wants to meet Rakhi right away. Another guy wants to come along so he can meet Nazia too. They plan to take Hazel along with them or they wont be able to cross security. Hazel is reluctant but gives in.

All five of them come dressed to the girl’s hostel in burqa’s. Only Hazel shows her face to the guard. They all enter inside and head up to Nazia and Rakhi’s room. Shlok is all drunk. He wants to kiss her. ANohter guy is after Nazia. Hazel asks Deepak why he is getting involved in all this. Deepak replies that all the friends do everything together. Rakhi calls for help so Nazia comes inside with all the other guys. Rakhi slaps Shlok and pushes all of them away.

1 week later:
The studious guy is leaving for some work but they make him stay saying it is vacations and none of them is going home. Deepak is again irked with her mother’s call. His friends suggest him to take out his frustration tomorrow. I will start and then you both can take over. I don’t love her. I did acting to make her fall in my trap so I can take revenge. Deepak agrees.

At night, Rakhi and Nazia come to the guys’ room for party. Hazel too joins them. She has brought something for Deepak too. She has told her grandmother before coming here. Deepak hangs the gift on the wall.

Rakhi and Nazia are drunk. Deepak asks Hazel for dance. He again asks her if she likes him. Shlok tries to get close to Rakhi but she is feeling pukish. Nazia says I think we should take her to the hostel. Deepak stops Hazel from going to check inside. He is full drunk and trying to get close to Hazel. She tries to move away but he instead tears her suit. He forces himself on her. the studious guy returns. One of the guys hold him all the while and makes him keep quiet. They also force him to hurt Hazel the same way. He continuously keeps crying and apologizing to her. the other guys warn Hazel to keep quiet or she wont be spared. We will kill you. we can do anything with money. You can come to our room if you enjoyed it. Hazel cries badly.

Hazel is on the terrace. She thinks of how much her grandmother was proud of these 4 guys; how close they had come after their bonding over all these weeks; the lies by Deepak and finally all of them raping her. She jumps off from the terrace and dies.

Hazel was cheated by her friends. They cheated Hazel’s grandmother too. Hazel couldn’t take it. she thought who will listen to her when these boys had so much money.

The matron and the Inspector are in the Principal room along with the 4 boys. Principal tells the matron that maybe Hazel was depressed. How can we blame these 4 boys for Hazel’s condition? Hazel’s grandmother knows about the party. She was raped. Inspector too talks about the rape. We have enquired with the girls at the hostel too. They too said that Hazel was last seen with these boys only. Principal tells Inspector that these boys are from very influential families. Maybe you should do background check of that girl. Inspector kind of nods back at him. Matron curses the principal, his school and these 4 kids. You are insulting my granddaughter before me! Jesus wont forgive you. You wont be spared. The studious guy is feeling guilty.

The boys decide to go home even though they have been told against going anywhere by the Inspector. The studious guy wants to tell the truth but they tell him against it. They come to their room.

At night, the lights of the room start blinking suddenly. The studious guy notices something on the wall. The light breaks. All the guys start dying one by one. Hazel’s spirit is shown there. Deepak and the studious guy are on the terrace. The studious guy apologizes to Hazel. She gets inside Deepak and he starts heading towards the edge. He jumps off in the end. The studious guy cries out for his friend. He cries.

People should tell their kids about the limits to be followed in boarding school. The other two boys were paralysed under their waist. They are alive yet they wish for death every day. The studious guy confessed his crime. He was jailed for 12 years but is still guilty. Many kids felt very weird things in The Red House Building. The Red House building was closed down after all those incidents yet people can still hear a girl’s screams coming out from that building till date.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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