Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jayshree asking Jhanvi about the boy, whom she saw meeting her. Jhanvi says he was nothing. Jayshree raises her hand to slap her, but Banwari stops her and says we don’t raise hand on daughters. Sadhna tries to calm down Jayshree. Jayshree misbehaves with her and says she won’t listen to her. Sadhna says I permitted her to go as she said you gave her permission. Jayshree asks her not to say and says I saw your kids’ behavior. She says we all know about your son’s history. She says you would have felt the pain, if have any daughter. Sadhna says what do you mean? Is Jhanvi not my daughter? Jayshree says no. She announces that Jhanvi is her daughter and she will get her married soon. Banwari asks her to stop and says he will talk to Jhanvi. Jayshree asks him to talk to her and says if anything wrong happens then she won’t let anyone. Govind asks are you at peace now. He asks Sadhna not to intervenes in Banwari’s family matters. Jhanvi cries. Sadhna consoles her. Banwari takes Jhanvi to her room. Jayshree talks to someone about Jhanvi’s alliance. She says she wants rich son in law, who shall be businessman, shall have 25-30 cars, and must have a haveli.

Abhishek’s parents come for Jhanvi’s alliance. Jayshree is surprised. Sadhna greets them. Abhishek’s mum says we knew so much about you. Govind comes and greets them. Sadhna asks them to sit. Govind asks Sadhna not to interfere in Jhanvi’s matter. Sadhna says she is also our daughter. Govind says she is our daughter, but…He leaves for some work. Radha greets them. Jayshree asks what is happening here? Abhishek’s dad says our son Abhishek likes your daughter Jhanvi. Jayshree calls them shameless people and asks why did you come here? Banwari comes and says he called them. Jayshree says Jhanvi is a kid and asks him why did they call them. Banwari says he called them as it is Jhanvi’s wish. Jayshree says she has some questions. She asks Abhishek’s dad about his job. He says I am retired serviceman. He says Abhishek is a MBA.

Jayshree asks them to call Abhishek and says he must be sitting in the car. His dad says he didn’t come with us and we don’t have the car. Jayshree insults them and asks them to leave in the bus. She says she don’t want to get her daughter married in a down market family. Abhishek’s parents are shocked. Sadhna asks what is the way to talk to them. Banwari asks her to apologize. Abhishek’s parents say that they didn’t come to get insulted. Banwari and Sadhna apologize to them. Abhishek’s mum says we can’t get more insulted and goes. Jhanvi cries. Jayshree goes to her and asks her to get up. Banwari asks her to stop it. Jayshree says she is my daughter too. She says so this is your group study. You were blackening your face on the pretext of studies and slaps her. LD says you shall not slap her again. Radha asks her to listen to Jhanvi once. Jayshree says I saw the result of love marriage. LD asks Jayshree to give one chance to Jhanvi. Sadhna interferes and is insulted by Jayshree. Radha tries to say.

Jayshree asks her not to interfere in house matters. Radha says she will as she is the owner of the house. Jayshree says you owned this house and don’t owned the people staying here. She is taking Jhanvi to room forcibly. Banwari stops her and says we can’t behave with her this way. LD asks her not to be strict. Jayshree taunts Banwari and locks Jhanvi in the room. She warns Banwari not to open the door. Kabir is angry as Radha is not picking his call. Kabir messages her. Radha sees his message and calls him. Kabir says my time is special and you are ignoring me. You are taking advantage of me. He asks her to come to his Delhi office and they are adding new clauses in the contract. Radha says she will come after 2-3 days as she has some important work. Kabir asks what is going on there? Tell me. LD comes and says you shall go there and I will take you. Radha says I will come there. She smiles looking at LD. Kabir then calls lawyer and says they will get Radha sign the contract today itself. He smiles.

Precap will be added later.

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    You have selected such a beautiful actress and a fine actress needs to be projected in much better way . She needs better handling Pranali requires better handling and you must make her a strong person who understands who is who what are their plan and she should be able to correct it . You must project her better.

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