Chandrashekhar 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra misses to meet Gandhi ji

Chandrashekhar 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a Jatin asking the jailer to change the damaged food. Genda asks the man to forcibly feed Jatin. They put Jatin in the cell and forcibly feed him. A man comes to save Jatin. Bhagat rushes to stop the fight and save his people. Chandra meets Ganesh. He says if you think you should go alone, then go alone, make my message reach Bhagat, I will free him from jail, he will do what I want, I don’t care what he wants, I will go and meet Gandhi ji. Ganesh asks why will he help you. Chandra says he will listen to me, our thinking is different but our motive is same. Ganesh asks him to think again. Chandra says Bhagat is behind bars, hopes and courage break behind the bars, I don’t want their courage to break.

Chandra asks what, is Jatin there too, I can’t bear to lose so

many men. He says I have to win. Bhagat says if you don’t give us good food, we will complain about you, none of us will have this food. The man says we will just feed this. Bhagat says we are political prisoners, its out right to get good food, clothes, newspapers, books and living, you have to fulfill our demands, else it won’t be good for you all. He asks them to fulfill their demands at any cost. Genda threatens him. Bhagat stares at him. Genda sends them to the small cell. Bhagat takes Sukhdev and asks why did you leave Chandra alone. Sukhdev says I got shot, else they would have not caught me. Bhagat says we will have a talk there.

John says its a special thing, its small victory, we did it, we did two arrests, we have no problem now. They eat sweets. John says our fight will go on till we get Azad. Tikaram says we will soon catch him. Jai comes to them and says Azad wants to meet Gandhi ji. John says what are they planning together. Jai says I don’t know. John says fine, go and meet Azad, lets make a move to Anand bhavan. Tikaram says Gandhi ji likes non violence. They reach Anand Bhavan. Chandra is in disguise. He sees John. He hears that Gandhi ji isn’t coming. He goes to those men and asks is Bapu not coming, I have come from far. Tasduk says we didn’t see Azad yet.

John says Jai would be here if Azad was here. Tasduk says Azad is a master of disguise. Tikaram says yes, he is so smart, maybe he changed his program knowing Bapu isn’t coming. Chandra leaves from there. Bhagwati and a guy decide to have some plan to discuss with Chandra. They see the news and smile. They make a plan to attack a britisher during the journey. They laugh and think its tough to convince Azad. Genda tries to scare Bhagat and others. He hangs them by ropes and tortures. Bhagat says we didn’t kill anyone, treat us well. Genda says prisoner is just a prisoner and he is punished. He asks the man to beat them. They don’t care of torture and stay adamant. Bhagat says you are prisoners, not us. Jatin says we are indians, we don’t break or bend. Genda punches his face. They get tortured. Desh mere…..plays….

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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