Chandragupta Maurya 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Frees Himself From Chanakya’s Slavery

Chandragupta Maurya 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mura meets Chanakya and confronts him that he wanted to make Chandragupta a future king and she had to see Veerbhadra being sacrificed for that and saw a mother losing her son, why did he send Chandragupta back to palace, he hates his mother. Chandragupta sharpening sword says he knew Chandragupta hates his mother, so he sent him to palace to divert his attention from his mother to cruel Dhananand, let him see that Dhananand is uncapable of ruling this kingdom. A son who hates his mother cannot love his mother land; he will make Chandragupta distingish between wrong and right. He continues his speech when Chandragupta knocks door and asks him to open door. Chanakya asks Bhairav to take Devi Mura out via back door and once they leave opens door. Chandragupta throws money bag on him and

says Chanakya paid 2000 coins and bought him, Dhananand paid 4000 coins and bought him, now he is Dhananand’s slave.

Dhananand orders Mahamartya to find out who attacked his sister Durdhara. A hawk drops dead python in front of Dhananand. Mahamartya asks why did hawk killed python. Dhananand says because python eats hawk’s eggs. Mahamartya says it is not about eggs, phyton hates hawk, so it attacks its most dear thing, similarly someone who hates Dhananand attacked Durdhara. Dhananand walks to Mura and says she attacked Durdhara as he killed her son. Mura says she would attack him directly if she can and not his dear ones, she is happy that someone else alsoh ates him in disguise. Dhananand walks away reminiscing Selukus’ words until their thinking match, they are friends, else their ways are different.

Chandragupta with his friends looks at palace map and says there are around 500 rooms in palace, it may take him 1.5 years to search his mother, he has to find some other way. Chanakya enters and throws his money back in front of him and says seller decides price, he may need more, but bought him from Lubdak to get his important work done and not in greed of money. Chandragupta says he will inform Dhananand about his hideout. Chanakya stands silently while Chandragupta leaves.

Bhadrasaal informs Dhananand that Selukus accepted his gifts and sent him a gift in return. Dhananand sees his and Selukus’ hand’s painting as a token of friendship and burns it. Mahamartya says he waged war against Selukus by burning his gift. Dhananand asks if he cannot see Selukus’ betrayal, he attacked Durdhara in guise of friendship.

Chandragupta walks thinking he has to inform Dhananand about Chanakya’s hideout. He finds Chanakya in front of him and says he should select another king to rule Bharath and spare him, else he will inform his hideout to Dhananand. Chanakya says he will accompany to Dhananand and inform Chandragupta’s motto, he knows Dhananand gave him 1 year’s salary for becoming Durdhara’s bodyguard; he will inform Dhananand why he went to palace. Chandragupta says Dhananand’s soldiers will kill Chanakya. Chanakya says if his motto is not reached, anyways his life will be waste; even if he goes, there are people to inform Dhananand about Chandragupta’s secret. Chandragupta asks who are they. Chandragupta’s friends walk in. Chandragupta asks his friends not to believe fool brahmin, he is tricking them. Chanakya says they are right path, now Chandragupta has to return to palace and inform him each moment there and even do a task daily.

Precap: Chandragupta tells Chanakya that he tricked even Dhananand. Chanakya thinks he will train Chandragupta to be a future king of united Bharath.

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  2. Normal episode. NO scene of Durdhara shown, waiting for next episode.

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